The Grub
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Photograph of SCP-XXX taken upon retrieval

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX poses miminal threat as is, but due to its nature it is to be sealed in a guarded, 4x4m room. Personell interactions with SP-XXX are to be heavily restricted to only those studying SCP-XXX and Site Director rank and higher and those in the latter category, are to do so at the end of each month after undergoing psychological review prior to exposure. SCP-XXX is to be fed one corpse from the mourge that has died in non-anomolous circumstances on a weekly basis.

Description: SCP-XXX appears to be a larger variant of the Endoxyla leucomochla species of moth's larval stage, measuring 16.5 cm upon retrieval and it has been shown to increase and decrease in size, depending on the amount of nourishment it recieves. Retrieved in the [REDACTED] region of Australia after Agents ██████ and ████████████ reported headaches, nausea and hearing a voice requesting assistance.

SCP-XXX exhibits a level of unobstructed telepathic observation. The limits of this are as yet, unknown but it is assumed, until further testing discerns differently, that there are none. It is, however only able to interact telepathically with those within approximately 2m of it. It has been noted that the 'voice' of SCP-XXX changes, from subject to subject but it is, so far, shown to be a recognisable one to those interacting with it. Generally, it is that of a family member, but it has been observed that when a subject has few or no living relatives, SCP-XXX takes on the voice of a celebrity. Due to this, it has been theorised that SCP-XXX 'scans' the subject's mind for memorable voices and then searches out the mind of that person, in an effort to create a more realistic replication of said person's voice.
SCP-XXX appears to cause a sensation of severe nausea and to exude a stench that has been liked to that of a combination of rotting flesh, fecal matter and rancid milk o those aware of its presence, those unaware report nothing. It is unknown whether the nausea is caused by the smell or from the method that the SCP uses to interact with the subject.

It claims to have existed for a much longer period of time than any known Endoxyla Leucomochla or indeed any conventional invertebrate known to humankind. Alleging to have been worshipped by the [REDACTED] Tribe of Aboriginals for several decades until the natives were evicted from the land when it was bought by Lord ██████ █████████. Since then, SCP-XXX claims to have been living in the [REDACTED] where it had been feeding. Between the time that {REDACTED] was moved and SCP-XXX came into containment, it claims to be unsure of where it was, attributing this to the fact that it was extremely weak from being severely malnourished.

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