The Helheim Bazaar

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Because of the unpredictable nature of SCP-XXX, at least three (3) D-class personnel are to be sent in even if an experiment has not been organized in order to give a guide as to the next location of SCP-XXX. Any neighboring, towns, or villages are to be quarantined, under the guise of a [REDACTED]. In the event of civilian breech, said individual will be brought in for questioning before applying a Class A amnesiac, and reopening tissue to replicate recent damage then [DATA EXPUNGED] leaving the civilian in reach of a local hospital.

Easy to move electric fencing is to be placed around SCP-XXX, only to be opened at the order of LEVEL 3 or above, or after the eventual move of SCP-XXX. At least 7 guards are to circle the area at all times.

Description: Subject-XXX is a Bazaar, of roughly a 3.355 kilometer radius, first observed by Agent █████ and Agent ██████ at latitude of ██ (2█° █' █ N) and a longitude of 45 (4█° █' █ E). Since then, it has been observed at various points across Asia, Europe and Africa, all corresponding to company's last listed on traded items.

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