The Hypnotic wolf

item #: SCP-1622

Object class: Safe/Euclid/Keter (Safe)

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be kept in a room of 300 sq ft. Subject is required food, water, clothing, and some luxury items. If subject doesn't comply with personnel, tranquilizers must be administered. Subject is allowed to roam freely during the day as long as he is accompanied by a guard. Subject is locked down during the night at his request. Subject is privileged Confectionery treats occasionally, given good behavior.

Description: SCP-1622 appears to be a male anthropomorphic wolf (Canis Lupus). SCP-1622 is bipedal and is 5.9 standing up. SCP-1622 is capable of speech, and is quite intelligent having an IQ of 110. SCP-1622 prefers to go by the name "Justin" and all personal are required to call it this. SCP-1622 can run an average speed 6-10 mph. SCP-1622 posses an object (which will be referred to as SCP-1622-2) that appears to be a normal voice recorder. Anytime SCP-1622-2 is played by SCP-1622 its anomalous effects manifest. SCP-1622-2 is capable of hypnosis through a three step process;

  1. Phase one: begins when SCP-1622-2 is played by SCP-1622, any beings capable of conscious thought and hearing, in range, is put in a trance like state
  2. Phase two: begins when a command is recorded by SCP-1622 and then played to the subject.
  3. Phase three: is the final phase, and all who have heard a recorded command will follow through with it.

The actions can be stopped if SCP-1622-2 is turned off, but all affected by it won't recollect what happened.

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