The Hypnotizer

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Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently contained in a 15m by 10m chamber. All personnel entering its containers are to wear glasses of any form and are to be equipped with a 1A electric baton. No cameras or audio-recording devices are permitted inside its container.

Description: SCP-XXXX was found in -—, Ohio. SCP-XXXX is a gray-skinned humanoid, and lacks a mouth or nose (though it does have nostrils). SCP-XXXX can manipulate electric signals, such as sound or sight, and alter what an animal see's or hear's. SCP-XXXX has shown this ability to work on humans; the item does this by making eye contact, and will only attack as long as its manipulation is successful. SCP-XXXX's eyes attract animals due to their brightness. All personnel are advised to not stare into its eyes. Subjects report that it can change its appearence in their minds by using their memories or nerve inflarements; it is unknown how it is able to do this. SCP-XXXX also has shwon that it can use this ability through cameras, photos, and audio-recording devices.

Subjects also report that despite its lacking of a mouth, it can speak by thought to people who are in a range of 1-2ms of its being, and can also tempt an animal to look into its eyes. SCP-XXXX does not appear to show any need to eat or consume in any way. The object also appears to sense when people are looking at it (examination has shown it has a high amount of sensory nerves).

Addendum XXXX-A: Transcript of interview with Dr. Metaro.

Dr. Metaro: What are you, exactly.

SCP-XXXX: A servant to the world.

Dr. Metaro: Okay……Why did you kill those children?

SCP-XXXX: Because they're insolent beings, and the best way to kill something you hate is to destroy it psychologically.

Dr. Metaro: Uhm, what? Okay, uh, next question. Why do you hate us?

SCP-XXXX: Because you're a dirty, file race that consumes something until its gone for good, and kills other life solely for your 'buisnesses'. You're disgusting and futile.

Dr. Metaro suddenly brings his head up to his temples and immediately vacates the room. He later reported its voice became shattering and hostile, and caused an extreme migrain. No further interviews have been partaken.

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