The Jugglers
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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of the entirety of SCP-XXX is at present unnecessary and not cost effective, and instead, members are to be brought into custody only when opportune. To date, the majority of SCP-XXX are unidentified, however, the foundation is in control of numerous samples of SCP-XXX; including Forty (40) D-class personnel; of whom 8 are neutralized; [REDACTED] (||) Foundation agents; and One (1) Foundation researcher. Foundation agents and researcher are not to be restricted in their regular duties, save for routine checks applicable to all SCP-XXX. D-class SCP-XXX are to be contained as normal, having no known extraordinary offensive capabilities. If Neutralization of SCP-XXX is required, however, it is to be done with melee implements, or preferably, with single shots fired by a long distance marksman, in case an offensive use for the family's ability manifests.

Description: SCP-XXX are the members of and extended family, all blood descendants of the |||| clan of [REDACTED], who all share one singular unusual trait. Aside from this particular ability and shared heritage, there are no defining characteristics common to members of SCP-XXX, nor do any of them show any peculiarity beyond normal human extremes.

The members of SCP-XXX have the unusual property of being able to safely juggling any number of objects, regardless of the danger those objects present normally, when thrown at them. They are then compelled to juggle these items for an apparently random amount of time, though increasing the number of items has shown a correlation with shorter times members of SCP-XXX must remain in their juggling trance.


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