"Where Did You Get Those Eyes"

What do you guys think of this idea of mine? I had to change it up a little, as of course, the one-winged ordeal was taken, so dammit.

Item #: SCP-1288

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1288 is to be contained inside three different subsections of a container, each being 10m by 15m chambers with reinforced Titanium walls. Personnel entering SCP-1288's container must have Level 3 clearence and upon entering must be equipped with a fully-charged 1A electric baton. Subjects entering SCP-1288's series of containers are to be trained and drilled not to look into it's eyes for any reason. Incase of containment breach, all personnel are to follow Class 5 Containment procedures. All personnel are only to enter SCP-1288's container once. Testing is disabled with SCP-1288 due to it's hostility. SCP-1288 should not interact with other SCP's unless it is to exterminate them.

Description: SCP-1288 was found in [REDACTED], Iceland, when a civillian reported it attacking her child. The child was put into a nearby insane asylum and the mother and other citizens were given a Class A amnesiac. SCP-1288 is a humanoid standing approximately 2.7 meters tall (9ft). Item takes upon many different forms, but its original form is a ashen gray-skinned being. SCP-1288's eyes are, from some sort of process, a glowing red that illuminates in the dark; there are three types of side-affects of looking into SCP-1288's eyes, and all are based upon an amount of time looking into them. The Foundation refers to them as level 1, 2, and 3.

Level 1:Staring into them for 2 seconds will cause mass hysteria and paranoia.
Level 2: Staring into them for 5 seconds will cause the viewer to become paralyzed, leaving them unable to move for 10 seconds.
Level 3: Staring into them for 10 seconds will result in an incurable psychosis.

SCP-1288 won't immediately attack; however, it will blind it's target with it's eyes to frighten them away. If this does not work, it will then impale it's target with a claw. SCP-1288's diet consists of small animals, such as birds, mice, ferrets, etc. When frightened or if feeling it is being hunted, SCP-1288 will change shape into a different being, most being distinct animals, the common mutation being a Komodo Dragon.

Addendum: Item is able to communicate in most languages by script. Object will often leave messages if a personnel is following it, either warning or enticing its pursuer.

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