The Living Shadow

Item #: SCP-[The Living Shadow]

SCP-[The Living Shadow] prior to containment

Item Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a dimly lit room, similar in size to normal Foundation living quarters. No mirrors or reflective surfaces of any kind are to be placed or brought within the room at any point in time, excluding tests, unless otherwise authorized by two (2) O5 Administrators. Subject is to be monitored at all times by no fewer than two (2) Level 2 guards. Guard shifts are to be rotated no less than every two (2) hours, twelve (12) hours maximum. Subject may request items to be added to it's room, so long as these items conform to standard Foundation protocols, and have the written approval of four (4) Level 3 Class personnel, or three (3) Level 4 Class personnel. Current requests have included;

- Access to Site-19 library. (DENIED)
- Books chosen from a Foundation approved list (APPROVED)
- Media playing device with Subject selected music (DENIED)
- iPod with Foundation approved music (APPROVED)

Description: SCP-XXXX is the shadow of a human child, approximately sixteen (16) years of age. Subject claims to be called 'Trip', and displays normal human needs and wants for it's age group.

Subject is docile, and does not appear to actively be seeking to harm Foundation employees or the Foundation itself. (NOTE: See Addendum: SCP-XXXX Psychological Profile for more information.)

Subject has displayed the ability to interact with the shadows around it, and with effort has been able to move a book with weight of approximately 5kg. Subject also appears to have a self-teleportation ability when in the presence of any mirror or reflective surface.

Further research into the extent of SCP-XXXX's abilities is currently pending approval.

Addendum: Psychological profiling of SCP-XXXX has indicated that Subject is mentally unstable, indicated by signs of extended mental torture, and as such, Subject classification has been upgraded to Euclid as a precautionary measure.

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