The Oven

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Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: Due to the human-operated nature of SCP-XXXX, no special containment procedures are required. It is currently secured in Site-██, under the supervision of Dr. R████████.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a heavily modified “Easy Bake” oven, resembling the model built by the [REDACTED] corporation in the late 19██'s. Except for the modifications, which are detailed below, SCP-XXXX has no anomalous properties. However, when an object is baked in SCP-XXXX, the baked item exits SCP-XXXX with a rudimentary consciousness. Items baked in SCP-XXXX are hereby referred to as SCP-XXXX-01. The nature of SCP-XXX-01 was discovered when Agent W██████ attempted to consume an instance of SCP-XXXX-01, exposing the neurons within (Please see the attached test logs for more information). Furthermore, it seems that the complexity of the original item corresponds to the complexity of SCP-XXXX-01's consciousness. Any attempts to destroy SCP-XXXX have been met with failure. It is unclear as to why this is. Testing is ongoing, under Dr. R████████'s guidance.

There are two modifications to SCP-XXXX. The original cooking device, a light bulb, has been replaced with what appears to be a homemade cyclotron. A small computer control device has been attached to the rear, preloaded with several recipes and cooking times. Despite it's complexity, this device only offers guidelines to the use of SCP-XXXX. Note that SCP-XXXX does not require any additional power to operate these devices. It's power consumption is identical to that of a standard Easy Bake oven.

The cyclotron has been observed to heat any object that is inserted. However, only objects that are listed in the computer's database can become sentient/sapient. There are currently twelve (12) items listed in the database, including:

  • A loaf of standard brown bread. Brainwave patterns corresponded with those of an unidentified member of Canis lupis familiaris.
  • A bran muffin. Brainwave patterns corresponded with those of an unidentified member of Pongo pygmaeus
  • A sponge cake. Brainwave patterns correspond to those of Mr. S████. Please see interview logs below.
  • [REDACTED]. ████ appears ██ ██ █ sapient ████████████, █████ ██ currently ████████████ to ███ Foundation. █████ have ██████ ███ IQ ██ the 150 █████, but ██████ tests cannot grasp ███ nature ██ ███ consciousness. It has displayed several ██████████ and ███████████ abilities. [REDACTED] ████ ███ appear ██ ██ malevolent, ███ ██ ██████ it will ███ █████████ ██ destroy ██████████ around it. We believe that [REDACTED] is not originally from this █████████, but somehow ████████ ████ SCP-XXXX. [REDACTED] ███ ██ several occasions shown, ███████ █ ██████████ connection, it's home█████ and original ████. ████ █ gaseous ██████, ███ several lifeforms ████ ████ observed. ████ hover ███████ ███ mist ██ ███ ███ ██ organic air-sacs. [REDACTED]'s ████ ██ ████ more shocking. ██ resembles ████ ██ commonly referred ██ ██ ██ "████████ Abomination". [REDACTED] expresses amusement ████ ██████████ mention this. Mr. S████ ██ aware ██ [REDACTED] ███ does not consider ██ █ threat.

When these objects are inserted, cooking proceeds as normal until the cooking time listed in the database is reached. At this time, an intense burst of [REDACTED] radiation can be detected. This causes the matter in SCP-XXXX-01 to rearrange themselves to create fully-functioning neurons. The person operating the oven then has exactly six (6) seconds to retrieve SCP-XXXX-01, or the following events will occur:

  • SCP-XXXX-01 will burn, destroying the consciousness.
  • In the case of [REDACTED], SCP-XXXX-01 will proceed to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Due to this, it is advised that all testing with [REDACTED] be halted.

SCP-XXXX was recovered from the remains of Ms. T█████'s house by Agent W██████. The shock wave from Ms.T█████'s house could be felt as far away as █NPP, where Agent W██████ was stationed. Agent W██████ assumed that the incident was members of Chaos Insurgency attempting a raid on █NPP. Upon radioing Site-██, he determined that the incident was unrelated to █NPP. Agent W██████ was then given orders to investigate. Under the guise of a first responder, Agent W██████ managed to recover SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX is the only surviving item from Ms. T█████ house, to this date, the only part of Ms. T█████ to be recovered is her left foot. As such, we have been unable to ascertain how Ms. T█████ obtained SCP-XXXX. Interviews with family members have shed no light on this matter.
Agent W██████ has since been moved to other projects, for further interviews, please speak to Dr. R████████

It is theorized that Ms. T█████ attempted to bake a [REDACTED] and was subsequently unsuccessful. This caused a violent release of exothermic energy, which affected over three (3) square city blocks and caused some ██ deaths. Cover story Omicron Gamma is in effect, and all media has been edited to confirm the Gas leak.

Test 1
Parameters: D-XXX04 (Caucasian female, aged 32) given orders to bake a loaf of bread in SCP-XXXX
Result: D-XXXX04 did not retrieve SCP-XXXX-01 in time. D-XXXX04 displayed a surprisingly large amount of guilt about this, considering she was not aware of SCP-XXXX-01's anomalous properties, and the evaluation labeling her as sociopathic.

Test 2
Parameters: D-XXXX06 (Asian male, aged 27) given orders to consume an instance of SCP-XXXX-01.
Result: D-XXXX06 initially refused the test parameters. He agreed when threatened with early termination, albeit with extreme disgust. D-XXXX06 complained that the muffin tasted “bad” but was unable to ascertain why. He claimed that “it was too chewy". D-XXXX06 also complained about the smell of SCP-XXXX-01, specifically that it smelt of rotten pork.

Test 3
Parameters: Dr. R█████████'s experiments regarding the use of electroencephalography technology in communicating with instances of SCP-XXXX-01.
Results: Loaf of bread: There's little point in continuing down this avenue of inquiry. There is no way to communicate with a dog, even using EEG tech.
Bran muffin: More useful than the bread at least, but there's not much to be gained from interviewing a chimp
Sponge cake: Please see interview log below
[REDACTED]: I suggest that we do not try to bake [REDACTED] any more. The risks out weigh the rewards. Despite how interesting interviews with it are.

Interviewed: Sponge Cake instance of SCP-XXXX-01

Interviewer: Dr. R████████

Foreword: Upon discovering that this variant of SCP-XXXX-01 corresponded with the brainwave pattern of Homo sapiens, Dr. R████████
arranged for an interview, using experimental EEG software.
<Begin Log>

Dr. R████████: Can you speak?

SCP-XXXX-01: My god, it worked!

Dr. R████████: I'm sorry, what?

SCP-XXXX-01: It worked! The machine worked!

Dr. R████████: What is your name?

SCP-XXXX-01: My name? Why does that matter? But if you really want to know it's Mr. S████

Dr. R████████:Thank you. Now what “worked”?

SCP-XXXX-01: My immortality machine, Dr. R████████

Dr. R████████: I never told you my name.

SCP-XXXX-01: Didn't have to. I can read name tags, you know.

Dr. R████████: You can see?

SCP-XXXX-01: But of course Doctor, I can also…

*SCP-XXXX-01 is cut off in mid-speech.

Dr. R████████: SCP-XXXX-01?

Dr. R████████: Mr. S████?

*several minutes later

SCP-XXXX-01: My god, it worked!

<End Log>

Closing Statement: It appears that unlike [REDACTED], Mr. S████ is in an infinite loop. Every three minutes, he reverts back to the beginning of the interview. He cannot remember anything about the previous interview, and does not seem to be aware of the reset. We assume that Mr. S████ was the original inventor of SCP-XXXX, as he has basic knowledge of its operation, but any meaningful discussion of SCP-XXXX is cut short by the reset.

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