Adrian Sinclair
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SCP-668 before containment

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: [Paragraphs explaining the Procedures]
SCP-688 is to kept in a completely soundproof chamber, lined with Tele-kill Alloy. Four completely deaf guards fluent in sign language must be on shift at all times. Two working oscilloscopes, microphones, and SPL meters are to be in the chamber. All sounds created by SCP-688 are to be recorded and archived electronically.
Description: [Paragraphs explaining the Description]
SCP-688 is what can entirely be described as a normal grand piano. It appears to be decrepit and worn, as some keys appear to be missing and the inner workings appear to be corroded. These flaws do not appear to affect SCP-688 performance.

SCP-688 remains mostly dormant, activating only when played by a individual that matches the "talented" requirements. (SEE ADDENDUM) SCP-688 appears to have a low level mematic effect on individuals that are "talented" in playing the piano.(see Addendum.) Those affected will have the urge to play SCP-688. The player will be referred to as SCP-688-01 SCP-688-01 will play the song they are most talented at playing. They will continue playing the song until it is finished. No outside stimulus is able to affect SCP-688 or SCP-688-01 while it is being played. When the individual has finishes playing their song, the will stand up and take a bow. SCP-688-01 will then experience a fatal brain hemorrhage. Attempting to keep SCP-68-001 alive with immediate medical support has failed as it seems the brain hemorrhage occurs the second SCP-688-001 playing. The bow it takes seems to be a reflex, caused by the effect of SCP-688.

All those who are exposed to the sound of SCP-688 being played for approximately 2.5 seconds will be referred to as SCP-688-02. SCP-688-02 will suffer extreme hallucinations by exposure to the sound of SCP-688. The visions are apparently determined by their interpretation of the song being played by SCP-688-01. During the song, SCP-688-02 will be unable to use any of their outside senses. Movement of does not appear to be hindered. SCP-886-02's recognition of the outside world is apparently consumed by the song. Those hearing the song be means of electronic recording will har only the song being palyed perfectly. IF heard through means such as phone it will have the same results.

Depending on the song and length of song, the negative effects of SCP-688 are extreme migraines, loss of memory, delusions, paranoia, dementia, or death. Those who survive the hallucinations are often able to give vivid reports on what they saw, if nothing else. In all those exposed none could remember hearing the song being played.

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]
Addendum-001 SCP-688 had been recorded making sound with SCP-688-001. Sounds resembled scratching inside the inner workings. When examined [DATA EXPUNGED] was found but nothing out of the ordinary.
Addendum-002 SCP-688 had create noise without a host yet again. The inside mounted microphone had recorded two notes being played sharply approxiamtley three seconds before each other.

Addendum-002 SCP-688 was recorded making another unidentified noise. Two low key notes were played in rapid sucessen. Further investigtion to is under way.

Addendum/Possible experiemt log
D-Class personal was reverted to coma after after attempted a sample of SCP-688. D-class personal attemtped to cut tenor D-string with regulation wire cutters. Actionresults in a cacophony of noise generated by SCP-688. D-Class writhed on the floor for several movemnets before becoming motionless. Noise stopped immediately afterward.

Addendum-003 Noises have increaed in sound and frequency. Five incidents ahve all been recorded with parcial or incomplete songs. Three songs have been uidentified. So here i guess ill put sme scary ass sounding sounds or maybe an video file on garage band.

Test experiment thingy: SCP-688 will no longer be allowed contact in anyway or form with SCP…that one with the sucide song one. The broadcast caused over 14 deaths of agents and doctors. The number as more and more commit suicde. Ill put some quote by say this thing about scritizing them. and also some cryptic data expunged that the scp is known for.

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