The Sailors' Oath

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An image of SCP-

Item #: SCP-

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP- is to be contained within a 1 x 1 x 1 meter steel chest at Site 31, that is to remain locked at all times, aside from testing. The chest is to remain guarded by one individual, who is to alternate between another at intervals of six (6) hours. In case of containment breach, the door to SCP-'s chamber is to be sealed shut and flooded.

Description: SCP- is a Bible dating back to 187█, formerly used to "swear in" new recruits of the U.S. Navy. SCP- has a leather cover, and typical paper pages of that era. There is little visible damage, aside from circular indents in the cover and water smears on several pages. It does not show any anomalous properties and can be manipulated freely (it is not recommended to attempt to damage SCP-). Anomalous properties only arise when when a person places their hand on the front cover and recite an Oath of Enlistment pertaining to a Navy or any aquatic militia. If an Oath is completed, the subject's body will immediately transform into water and become a sentient, amorphous form, regarded as SCP- -A.

TSCP- -A is able to move freely and assume shapes, although limited by mass, and will remain in this form for three (3) hours, where the subject will then reshape and assume human form. Both transformations have been described as "unpleasant, but harmless". To date, there has been no injury sustained by the transformation into SCP- -A.

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