The Size Machine

Item #: SCP-[Size machine]

SCP-[Size Machine]

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Object is to be kept locked and sealed within it's wooden packing crate in Storage Locker ██ at Site-19 when not undergoing tests. Personnel wishing to access to Storage Locker ██ must present proof of approved access from three (3) Level 4 Clearance Agents and/or staff, and must be accompanied by Dr. █████, who will accompany Personnel for the duration of their access to Subject.

During tests, all personnel involved are to be regularly reminded to watch where they step, to avoid a repeat of Incident █/█/██.

Description: Object appears to be a to-scale replica of Jules Vernes' Time Machine from the novel of the same name. Subject is made of various materials, all of which can be attained legally at nearly any hobby store. Materials include low grade sheet steel, sheet copper, a variety of novelty lights, most colored red, blue, green or yellow, and large battery powered motor. Samples taken from seams between parts in Subject have been identified as model glue, though no company currently makes glue of this type or strength.

Subject features a large, decorative control switch, which defaults to the precise middle of the switch when not in use, and produces no effect until a subject take a seat on SCP-XXXX and secures themselves. When this condition is met and the switch is pushed forward, Subject emits a loud keening whine, and depending on how far forward the switch is pushed, Subject will begin to grow. Maximum size has yet to be reached as no secure test chamber has proven large enough to contain Subject.

When pulled back, again with the aforementioned conditions met, Subject emits a loud keening whine, and begins to shrink. Minimum size has yet to be reached as concerns regarding the possibility of Subject reaching sub-atomic size have been raised.

Once switch is released, it will move back to it's default position, and after ten (10) minutes of inactivity, Subject will begin to return to it's default size. Moving the switch in either direction has been observed to reset this count down.

Addendum (Incident Log for █/█/██): During inspection of SCP-XXXX on █/█/██, Dr. ██████ lost balance while seated in the control seat of Subject. While attempting to regain his balance, Dr. ██████'s left leg connected with the control lever for SCP-XXXX, resulting in the discovery of Subjects ability as Dr. ██████ and SCP-XXXX quickly shrank to a size of approximately one-one thousandth of a meter. After initial panic by nearby personnel subsided, Dr. ██████ was very nearly crushed when concerned personnel began to search the room before he was able to reverse the effect.

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