The threefold path

Locations containing SCP-XXX-1 should be cordoned off and guarded whenever possible, when isolating an occurrence of SCP-XXX-1 is infeasible or impossible, the location should be monitored by remote cameras, and any persons passing through or lingering in the area should be identified and tracked to determine if they have become infected with SCP-XX-2. Agents monitoring the cameras should be rotated out frequently to minimize the chance of infection.

Subjects infected with SCP-XXX-2 should be kept in a standard isolation ward, no contact or communication is allowed with infected subjects. Multiple infected subjects may be kept in the same isolation ward, as they generally pose no threat to each other. Any ward containing more than five infected subjects must be 'double isolated,' with a boundary zone of █ decameters that is to be kept clear of human occupation at all times, except when adding a new subject to the ward. All waste material from a ward containing infected subjects should be destroyed by automated incineration, this includes bodies of deceased subjects.

Instances of SCP-XXX-1 could best be described as 'zones' that appear in various locations, these zones are of varying size and shape, and the boundaries are generally not clearly defined. These zones overlap with the local geography and are at this time, not directly detectable; the only known method of determining the location of an SCP-XX-1 zone is by the number of infected subjects produced in the area.

Persons exposed to SCP-XXX-1 for a certain length of time become afflicted with SCP-XXX-2, an infectious cognitohazard that slowly degrades their mental faculties. The length of exposure for infection and the incubation period until the first symptoms vary with the subject. Many persons appear to be resistant or immune to the effects of SCP-XXX-1, although this may simply be a case of an extremely long period required for infection, or an extended incubation period.

Subjects infected with SCP-XXX-2 typically show the following symptoms in sequence:

Adding an interesting but ultimately useless piece of information about the topic at the close of a conversation.
Bringing up useless data as a way of making 'small talk'
Spotting apparent connections or similarities between unrelated items and sharing the discovery with bystanders.
Difficulty remembering important information, remembering useless data in its place.
Volunteering unimportant info at inappropriate times.
Being completely unable to provide any useful information, spewing forth useless data in a random, 'stream-of-consciousness' style, influenced by things recently seen or heard.

As the condition progresses, subjects may appear to gain knowledge about subjects they should know nothing about. Considering the uselessness and superciciality of the knowledge, it is debatable whether the subjects are tapping into some data source, or simply remembering old 'pop culture'/'common knowledge' tidbits and making connections.

Other symptoms may include use of nonstandard units of measurements, increased ability in certain skill- or memory-based party games, excessive use of bullet points in written documents, revering Alex Trebeck as an almost divine figure, and honestly considering Ben Stein to be funny.

SCP-XXX-2 spreads by currently unknown vectors, current theories include:

Microbial transmission.
Memetic infection
Prion transfer
Generation of SCP-XXX-1 zones around infected subjects

While SCP-XXX-1 zones have been discovered in and around the following locations:

Game show studios
Science Fiction conventions

It can manifest almost anywhere, from crowded to depopulated areas. It has, ironically, never been detected in any area where three roads meet.

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