The Town
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SCP-1903: First photo taken by Journal Author-3

Item #: SCP-1903

Object Class:Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
New Containment Procedures
Following the events described in addendum-1903-F, Site 1903 is to be armed in defense of any living entities attempting to breach protocol. As such, research invasive to the town at Armed Containment Site 1903 is strictly prohibited without justified Level 4 clearance. The 500m perimeter is to be re-established at 1km, and armed personnel are to be stationed at every entry/exit point. Guard personnel are to observe from their station the town, and its perimeter, to uphold protocol and terminate all energy sources. This would include living entities attempting to enter the town who are unable to be wavered from the action. Guard personnel are to be rotated on an hourly basis and given their hour breaks to recover from the psychological effects of observing the town. All personnel stationed at Armed Containment Site 1903 are to be rotated with new personnel every month. (See Addendum-1903-F for Guard Incident Report.)
Description: Superficially, SCP-1903 looks to be an average north country town of ██████, ████████. The town covers an area of just 25km2 and is prone to arbitrary snowstorms and thick fog. Upon closer inspection, SCP-1903 seems to encompass architecturally-styled buildings of the 1950’s and 60’s;moreover, it holds working electrical utilities, running water, and even a radio station with mostly holiday and love songs of this era. The town was believed to once be a solitary mining town; a mine was discovered, and sought by some as a refuge from the storm, those who did, are believed to be among the first to disappear. The original population of the small town is yet to be determined; and although no populace is present, the snow can be seen clad with varied footprints, and objects tend to be moved from their last position: as if put to use in their time unobserved. A presence in the town, hereafter referred to as SCP-1903-1, appears to cause persons left alone to vanish and experience variations of the town and their own psyche. These variations can be dramatic, and seem to build anxiety and turmoil within those subjected to them. Journal reports seem to indicate that days grow shorter over time; however, no such postulate has been proven: the sun seems to rise and set as normal.
Research has led to some disappearances, reappearances, and even re-disappearances. Those who managed to vanish twice, are believed to have been [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-1903-1 seems to be the cause of the frigid temperatures, the erratic weather and the “psychic-arrangement” of the town. Class-D personnel recovered from the town recall these features' prominence increasing while pursued by 1903-1. However, they have only been able to describe their pursuer in vague terms; “the darkness,” and similar. The town seems to hunger for energy: be it heat, light, etc…within its phenomenon’s range to absorb it. This assumption is based on no reports of SCP-1903-1 outside during the day—as all equipment during research was operational at this time, and slowly, was rendered useless as night approached. The range of the Phenomenon of SCP-1903-1 seems to have expanded since the guard incidents; furthermore, it would seem, the incidents in question prove to extend the psychic integration of the town to those who observe it. (See Addendum-1903-F for Guard Incident Report.) Much is not known: the times of vanishings seem to have no correlation to one-another, however, at this time no further testing is permitted.

Trek and Research 1.0 New Information
Trial #: █, 17/6/2010
Dr. █████ ████████-03, accompanied by controlled Class-D personnel, assigned to map and document the town during the day have been [DATA Expunged]. The Class-D's under Dr. █████ ████████-03's control, were to serve as both hands to gather information and subjects to gather experimental data. The disappearances were unexpected, yet unambiguously prepared for. From their survivors, information on the phenomenon of SCP-1903, the town, or rather SCP-1903-1, the cause of the phenomenon, has been excavated.
During the day, 4 of the ██ subjects exposed to the town wandered off; the subjects who wondered, have not been found. The subjects salvaged at 7:23, before sundown, all testified that they had not seen each other since the first minute of their arrival; leading to the conclusion, that each had wandered off to their own accord. Once separated, and not in sight of others by cover of snow or fog, each of their stories derail from any connection. Testimonies by subjects importuned ears to listen to their erratic, and frankly unnecessary rantings, on how the town thins the ranks of groups, by enticing individuals to wander. Each subject gave an excuse for breaking from the group similar to a personal call; such as, the call of a loved one seeking refuge from the storm. Curiously, such memories of D-class personnel should be erased.

Trek and Research 2.0 Derailed Stories
Trial #: █, 17/6/1974
The subjects all insisted on the presence of a populace within the town, yet with names and varying descriptions never overlapping. One can conclude that a distortion between the subjects perception of the town and its reality is present. All survivors returned before sundown, and had been carrying objects taken from the town between the midday-disappearances and their before-sundown arrival.

Trek and Research 3.0 Town Objects Briefly Recovered
Trial #: █, 18/6/1974
Although those originally to have wandered remain unaccounted for, it seems as though the surviving subjects from this event have all recently gone missing, an hour since they were interviewed. Moreover, it seems as though the objects recovered from the town, by the survivors, have too, gone missing. Additionally, footprints leading from their temporary storage back towards the town have been noticed, and once traced to the town, in mid track, they end.
Objects on person of the subjects recovered from the town included: 4 journals, 6 photographs, 2 flashlights; and 2 gas pocket-lighters, a box of matches, a camera, and a can of frozen sardines.

Journals and Photographs:

The journals belonged to four people, three male, one female and all between the ages of 30 and 40; two of which, were previously reported as missing persons. The dates since-missing range as early as the mid 1960's to the early 1970's, and one with the dates removed.
The journals all seemed to have contained a list of supplies; which mostly, are composed of heat and light sources. They each recounted many personal details, said to be “sewn” into the town’s world. The memories always seemed to keep their subjects on the move, and often had them philosophizing, sporadically, on nihilism and solipsism. They also contained similar phrases seeming to be survival tips, “Electrical lighting works, the void smirks.” Each gave accounts of being pursued by an entity we call SCP-1903-1; which, pursued the authors wherever they hid during the night, and absorbed all traces of energy they left behind.
Heat and light within the refuges the writers warmed and defrosted with firelight, were claimed to be snuffed out by this entity. Water that they returned to liquid state froze, and electrical technology salvaged by them for use, such as the still-working light fixtures of their temporary stakeouts, flickered during approach of 1903-1, and ceased on its arrival. Further study of the journals testify that SCP-1903-1 is the cause of the erratic weather, the cold air, the withered vegetation; and possibly, the taunting memories. Professedly, as 1903-1 draws nearer memories shaping the world become more vivid and heat and light sources are enveloped and snuffed out; living entities shrouded by darkness in its wake, apparently, freeze and flicker from sight forever. The Following image could be the pursuer, or perhaps, the pursued? Journal-3 was found with the Camera—both had fallen angled from a desk; and with that camera, photos, and a pair of eroded footprints planted in the snow, just a reaching-length from the desk.


Trek and Research 1.0 Project Manager Audio Logs

Old Containment Procedures:
An established 500m perimeter around Research Site 1903 is to be maintained at all times. The site is to be monitored and researched by those of Level 3 clearance under strict protocol of non-invasive study; or that of adhering to inorganic contact with SCP-1903. Standard procedures for Euclid class containment apply as necessary; precaution is due to breach of protocol proving imminently fatal. Guards are to be stationed on each wall of perimeter for observation and proof of clearance.


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