Item # SCP-961

Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-961 is to be stored in a sealed glass box filled with industrial-grade desiccant silica gel pellets. Every day at five minutes before the time of sunrise, the box and contents are to be heated to 40°C at 0% humidity. After one hour of heating, the silica gel is to be removed and replaced by employees wearing watertight gloves that extend to at least the elbows. The old silica gel pellets and the gloves are to be destroyed by incineration.

Description: SCP-961 is a smooth piece of dark blue volcanic glass weighing 2.79kg. Chemical and isotope analysis show it to be tachylite, probably from northern Turkey. The blue color is the result of magnesium and cobalt impurities. It has no markings except for two parallel grooves carved into its surface, approximately 3cm long and 1cm apart.

Every day at the local time of sunrise a thin sheen of water (hereafter designated SCP-961-1) forms on SCP-961, coating the entire surface. Approximately 6mL of water is produced daily. The SCP-961-1 has no physical or chemical abnormalities except that the hydrogen in the water molecules is 38% depleted in deuterium compared with normal water.

A person ingesting any amount of SCP-961-1 enters an altered cognitive state. The subject becomes unable to comprehend spoken communication longer than one or two words. All non-linguistic tests of intelligence return normal results, and the subject's reading and writing abilities are unimpaired. If the subject is then taken to a crowded place, in which many people are simultaneously speaking, he or she will perceive isolated words from several different conversations in rapid succession. These words will invariably form a sentence or short phrase of importance to the subject, sometimes taking the form of advice or an admonition, and frequently referring to events that have not yet occurred. Often the phrases are difficult to interpret, and their meaning does not always become apparent until after the fact. Once a communication has been received, or the subject is kept away from crowded places until the next sunrise, the subject's perceptions return to normal.

Attempting to store SCP961-1 in its potent form for more than 24 hours has proved unsuccessful, with the substance losing its cognitive effects at the following sunrise. Freezing the substance does not affect its anomalous properties. Evaporating and recondensing SCP961-1 causes it to lose them.

SCP-961 was discovered by a Russian archaeological team at the site of an 8,000 year old settlement in the Ural Mountains. Its anomalous properties were discovered when the lead researcher of the expedition placed his finger in his mouth after handling the object. A low-level Foundation operative based in Russia raised the alert and a team, led by Agent Quench, was sent to recover it. The archaeological team were given amnesiacs and provided with a replica of SCP-961, which is now located at St. Petersburg Museum. Agent Quench has been assigned to lead the testing procedures on SCP-961.


Experiment Log 961-a
Date: ██/██/████
Subject: D-1963 (38yo female)
Location: ████ Tavern, ████████
Phrase recovered: "You'll sleep better if you patch things up with your brother."
Results: Subject requested to telephone her brother, with whom she had not been on speaking terms for some years. This request was denied. Subject's brother was found dead in his bed the next day, having asphyxiated in his sleep. A leak from a badly repaired gas heater in his bedroom was determined to be the cause.
Notes: We performed the experiment at 14:30 and the coroner tells me the gas levels would not have prevented the brother from regaining consciousness until about 16:00. If we'd let D-1963 ring him he would have woken up, smelt the gas and probably would have been fine. -Agent Absalom Quench.

Experiment Log 961-b
Date: ██/██/████
Subject: D-2007 (19yo male)
Location: ████ Tavern, ████████
Phrase recovered: "A refreshing pint will cut through the day's woes."
Results: Subject requested, and received permission, to purchase a pint of alcoholic beverage. While consuming the drink a shard of glass detached from the pint glass and was swallowed by D-2007, leading to fatal internal lacerations.
Notes: Disturbing. This time following SCP-961's advice actually caused the fatality. -A.Q.

Experiment Log 961-c
Date: ██/██/████
Subject: D-2009 (46yo male)
Location: Foundation Cafeteria
Phrase recovered: "Get out of trouble with ████████."
Results: Agent Swan recognized "████████" as being the password to the scheduling database for the monthly D-Class personnel terminations. Although the password had been strengthened through the standard substitution of punctuation and numerals for letters, all terminations pending for that day were postponed and the password was immediately changed by Agent Swan. The Foundation employee who uttered the password in the cafeteria has no access to or knowledge of that database and her use of the word was deemed coincidental. The employee was temporarily demoted to archival work as a precaution, but has since been reinstated.
Notes: If D-2009 had used that password he could have disrupted the entire schedule. We obviously can't have D-class personnel cancelling their own terminations. Luckily Swannie understood the prophecy better than D-2009 did. I'm not authorizing any more tests on Foundation grounds. -A.Q.

Experiment Log 961-d
Date: ██/██/████
Subject: D-3296 (44yo male)
Location: ██████ Restaurant
Phrase recovered: "A quick chill will be hard on the higher one."
Results: This phrase defied interpretation, and was therefore not acted upon. At approximately 19:30 that evening Employee D-3297 reported feeling ill and very cold, and collapsed shortly after. He was taken to Medical where he was found to be suffering a fever of 41°C. Despite prompt and competent medical attention, D-3297's condition worsened steadily and he died at 22:14. The illness was found to be the common cold, aggravated by a severely compromised immune system.
Notes: 3296 and 3297 shared a room. 3297 had the top bunk. -A.Q.

Experiment Log 961-e
Date: ██/██/████
Subject: D-5099 (26yo male)
Location: Corner of ████████ and █████ Streets, ████████, ██
Phrase recovered: "There are many things the bad son would rather not know. He will learn them nonetheless."
Results: D-5099 was convicted of embezzling $█,███,███ from his parents' company in the year ████. Psychiatric evaluations show that he feels deeply remorseful and has a pathological aversion to all mention of his family. He avoids reading newspapers or watching television in case his parents are mentioned there. D-5099 was unaware of his father's suicide and his mother's remarriage before this experiment. All staff working on this experiment were instructed not to tell D-5099 anything. That evening he was informed of both events by another employee, D-6261, who recognized D-5099. D-5099 became violently angry and attacked D-6261, striking her head with his fist. D-6261 lost consciousness and fell, causing fatal cranial injuries when her head struck the ground. D-5099 was subdued, sedated and placed in solitary confinement until the monthly terminations.

Experiment Log 961-f
Date: ██/██/████
Subject: D-2011 (23yo female)
Location: Corner of ████████ and █████ Streets, ████████, ██
Phrase recovered: "You'll regret not [REDACTED]."
Results: [DATA EXPUNGED] and resulting in the eventual death of Agent Swan and disfiguring injuries to eight other Foundation personnel.
Notes: This is starting to really worry me. The messages still center about the test subjects, but have been becoming more and more relevant to the Foundation and its activities. Bad enough, but this pattern of self-fulfilling prophecies is the really concerning thing. I mean, we interpreted the message to mean that SCP-███ was about to break its confinement. But we got it wrong. It wasn't talking about that one at all. We diverted manpower and resources away from SCP-███ to cover what we thought was going to happen, and it broke out. That mistake cost us big time. Swannie got it bad. Right in the fucking face. Hoo boy, I never want to see anything like that again. Somehow D-2011 is still alive, but I bet she wishes she wasn't. Now SCP-███ is out on the streets again and I don't know how we're supposed to capture that fucking abomination this time. I have ordered an immediate halt to all further testing of the rock until we figure out whether it's making these things happen or just warning us about them. -Agent Absalom Quench

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