The Rolodex of Disturbing Truths

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SCP-XXX in it's non-active state.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXX is to be stored in Secure Locker ██-3 at Site ██ when not being used for experimentation. Access to SCP-XXX is granted to researchers of Level 3 and above with the approval of Dr. F███. Any test subjects above D-Class should be of sound psychological state, and should submit to a full psychological exam before activating SCP-XXX.

SCP-XXX appears to be a standard Rolodex brand rotating filing device. The only anomaly visible is the manufacturer being listed on the underside as ████ ███████, followed by a stamp proclaiming 'Made in France'. ████ ███████ is not a company that ever manufactured the Rolodex, nor were they ever manufactured in France. ████ ███████ ceased to exist before the Second World War and was headquartered in ███████.

When the Rolodex is spun less then three (3) times it functions normally. SCP-XXX contains 520 cards, only about 40% contain contact information for companies and persons, the rest are blank. When SCP-XXX is spun exactly three (3) times and a card is selected it will show a hand written message that reveals to the subject a previously unknown fact. This fact will be psychologically damaging to the subject and often leaves them feeling depressed or worse, suicidal.

Experimentation has demonstrated that the type of information presented to the user will vary depending on what section (A through Z) the user selects from, and that it will always be factually correct even when deal with information about the future (see Addendum E-XXX-1).

Addendum O-XXX-1: Recovery
SCP-XXX was discovered in the office of Dr. ██████, DDS by Agent ███. The Agent was in for a routine dental visit on [DATA EXPUNGED] when Dr. ██████'s 6 year old daughter entered the room in tears. She claimed that the Rolodex on her fathers desk had told her, quote, 'There is no Santa Claus'. After coaxing the young girl to show him what happened Agent ███ observed the girl spin the device three times and select another card, this one stating 'There is no Easter Bunny' which again caused the girl to cry. Agent ███ took SCP-XXX into custody and [DATA EXPUNGED] the office staff.

Addendum E-XXX: Experiment Log

Log: E-XXX-1
Subject: D-1232, age 32, African-American. Incarcerated March, 21, 19██ for possession with intent to sell.
Test Log: Subject was seated at a table with SPC-XXX and told to spin it three times then flip to any card he desired. Subject did as instructed and selected a card from section 'D'. The card read: 'You will die in 3 days.' Subject was left feeling nervous and distrustful of Foundation employees even though he was unaware of scheduled termination set for the day predicted by the card. Approval granted to reschedule termination of D-1232. Subject killed on predicted date when he attempted to escape Site ██ after rendering a guard unconscious in the D-Class barracks.

Log: E-XXX-2
Subject: D-2283, age 44, Caucasian. Incarcerated June, ██, 20██ for grand larceny and wire fraud related to confidence scams.
Test Log: Subject was seated at a table with SCP-XXX and instructed in it's use, being told to pull a card from section 'D'. Subject did as instructed and was presented with a card that read: 'Three of them killed themselves after you did it, the others died penniless and alone before their time.' Subject was visibly shaken by the text on the card and refused post test interviews. Subject attempted suicide the day before scheduled termination and was allowed to expire after scrawling 'I'm sorry' on his cell wall in blood.
Testing would indicate that the section you choose from influences the type of fact you are given. This is the second 'D' section entry dealing with death, albeit in different ways. - Dr. F███

Log: E-XXX-3
Subject: Dr. █████, Foundation researcher primarilly in charge of SCP-███ and SCP-███.
Test Log: The rolodex was brought to Dr. █████ by Dr. F███ and he was instructed in it's use. Dr. █████ selected a card in section 'X' that was found to read: '[DATA EXPUNGED] will end the world.' Dr. █████ stated 'Get this [REDACTED] thing off my desk!' then stormed out of his office. Security on [DATA EXPUNGED] has been increased.

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