Theft Amethyst
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SCP-1142 slowly rolling into an area exposed to light

Item #: SCP-1142

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1142 is to be kept in a small box (70x70x70cm) in a small chamber (2x2x2m), with a sufficient amount of light. Walls must be iron and at least 20cm thick.

One armed guard must be present outside of the box at all times and ready to contain SCP-1142 if need be. Guards must be informed of the slightest error in the lighting system or movement of SCP-1142

Description: SCP-1142 is a small, spherical amethyst of around 7cm in diameter. There are no unusual properties surrounding the appearance of the object. SCP-1142, if placed in a dark area will roll slowly to a place with more exposure to light. If it cannot find light in the area it is currently placed in, it will try to escape the space by any means possible. SCP-1142 has once been reported to have charged against a thin wall and made a hole, remarkably precise to its shape and size, to escape said room.

Testing with class-D personnel has shown that any subject who sees SCP-XXXX in a well-lit space will discreetly pick up SCP-1142, as if they have an intent to steal it. If there is no visible path to SCP-1142, the subject will effectively have a mental break-down. The seriousness of these break-downs is seemingly random, however Dr ███████ has theorized that the subjects emotional state contributes to the seriousness of the break-down. Testing has revealed that a generally happy subject will suffer a much worse break-down than a subject that is usually unhappy.

Incident Report-A:

Incident SCP-1142-A
SCP involved: SCP-1142

Personnel involved: D-34769, Dr Stephenson

Date: ██/██/20██
Location: █████████

Description: D-34769 was exposed to SCP-1142 under ultra-violet light. Subject >showed normal symptoms at first. Approximately 3 minutes into the break-down, D->34769 stood up and repeatedly rammed himself into the wall. It is unknown whether >this


No further testing it authorized on SCP-1142

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