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Image of SCPY before the activation of the machine.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCPY resides in room 388 of Site 17 Hospital. The nursing staff is to wash him, feed him and clothe him as normal. The nursing staff may not remove SCPY’s harness, unless it is judged necessary to protects subject’s life. Any senior nurse has the authority to make this decision. In this case, he or she takes full responsibility for his or her actions. The nursing staff should be mindful of the possibility of skin damage caused by prolonged wearing of the harness.

Description: SCPY is a middle-aged man wearing a metallic harness that covers his torso, shoulders, neck and skull from the eyes up. The harness consists of a vest and neck piece; thick leather eye-coverings; a heavy lead-and-copper helmet; and a small machine on the neck, strapped to the neckpiece and connected to the harness by an insulated cable.

Both the helmet and the machine emit a faint hum and are warm to the touch. The eye-coverings are inscribed with an unknown symbol over the eyes. The machine has no visible features or markings except for a square screwed-in panel. On {} the panel was removed by a team of technicians under the surveillance of medical staff. Underneath the panel is a large round dial which can be set to “on” or “off”. The dial is currently set to “on”. After this observation the panel was replaced. No-one may access or turn the dial, unless it is judged necessary to protect SCPY’s life. Any senior nurse has the authority to make this decision. In this case, he or she takes full responsibility for his or her actions.

A photograph was found on SCPY during his internation which shows him, in full harness, holding open his coat towards the camera. On it SCPY is wearing two rings which he lost at some point between the taking of the photograph and his internation.

SCPY is noted to smile constantly and laugh often. Blood analysis reveals consistently elevated levels of endorphine. Staff consensus is that whatever SCPY is doing, he seems very happy about it.

Addendum A: On {} the medical staff started electroencephalographical analysis (EEG) of SCPY, to be conducted regularly as long as SCPY is with the Foundation. All results show elevated activity in the prefrontal cortex, indicating that SCPY is in a near-constant state of anger or fear.

Addendum B: On {} the Site 17 Hospital board of directors will conduct a vote to determine whether to turn off SCPY's machine in the interest of the patient, or leave it on to allow further analysis of the machine in its original state and as not to risk the patient's physical well-being.

Addendum C: The board has decided to postpone the vote until further research is completed.

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