Three Evils
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Item #: SCP-1653

SCP-1653 and SCP-1653-1 unsheathed.
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1653 is to be kept inside a locked metal case unsheathed in Reliquary Storage Sector-23. SCP-1653-1 is to be kept in a separate case to avoid SCP-1653 from being sheathed. Under no circumstances is SCP-1653 to be placed in SCP-1653-1 and removed. Daily inspections should be conducted by first checking to see if the lock on SCP-1653's metal case is in good condition, the lock is in good condition, and that SCP-1653 is held within, same should be carried out for SCP-1653-1. If SCP-1653 and SCP-1653-1 are together, continue inspection as if they aren't.

Description: SCP-1653 is a one-handed blade of Nordic origin dating back to ███ A.D. Its handle is 17 cm long and made of pure, solid 24K gold1. Its blade is a 74 cm long and 5 cm wide iron blade, though the sheen of the blade denotes any metal other than iron. All together, SCP-1653 is 7 cm wide, 90 cm long, and weighs 2 kg. The intricate design and overall quality of the blade does not apply to any known bladesmith of the time or in any historical records. The scabbard is referred to as SCP-1653-1 and its size is relative to that of SCP-1653. SCP-1653-1, however, does not factor into SCP-1653's effects as any sheath will work in triggering SCP-1653's anomalous properties (see Test 1653-DE-4); it is designated SCP-1653-1 based on its relation to SCP-1653. SCP-1653-1 does match the craftsmanship of █████ the █████████, revealing SCP-1653-1 was made separately of SCP-1653. There is an inscription on SCP-1653-1 in Swedish Short-Twig runes translating to "Tyrfing", the name of a sword in Viking legend.

SCP-1653-1 Inscription

SCP-1653 is in remarkable quality for a sword of its age. Usual Viking forged armor and weapons have degraded beyond practical use while SCP-1653 is in pristine condition. Close inspection has shown that SCP-1653 has no trace of rust or refurbishing. Durability Testing has revealed that SCP-1653 is incapable of rusting and being unbreakable. Another anomalous quality of SCP-1653's material is a glow emitting from the blade that is similar to the glow of an open flame. This effect is caused by SCP-1653's blade taking light and reflecting it back at 150% the amount it received. This effect can be seen even in pitch darkness. It has also shown the capabilities to shear any known material with relative ease (see 1653-CE Tests).

Testing of SCP-1653's effects has shown that those unsheathing SCP-1653 kill someone or the wielder himself by mistake or purposefully and are unable to sheathe the weapon without a human dying by SCP-1653 (see Test 1653-DE-1 - -4). Regardless the distance, how many targets there are, or anything to hinder its way to the target, SCP-1653 will strike where its wielder wills it to (see 1653-WE Tests). However, killing a human when unsheathed takes precedence over the will of its owner and kills them (see Test 1653-DE-3 and -5). Any wound made by SCP-1653 will end in blood loss or organ failure if the wound is severe enough (see Test 1653-DE-5). Tests have concluded that SCP-1653 is not sentient in any way.

Acquisition: SCP-1653 was originally discovered by two grave robbers scavenging in the grave of King ██████ ███████████ at █████ Abbey in Sweden on 5/31/19██. One was subsequently killed by SCP-1653 and the other was caught by local law enforcement (see Interview 1653-GR2 Transcript), Foundation operatives within reported nothing abnormal at that time. Upon retrieval of SCP-1653, police deemed it of historical significance and delivered it to the ██████████ Museum. Foundation personnel did not retrieve SCP-1653 until the curator of stated museum was found dead the following morning of receiving SCP-1653. Class-B Amnesiacs were administered to all non-Foundation persons involved and Class-A given to grave robber after interview with false memories implanted.

Incident 1653-ARKAD 6/1/19██: Agent R███ and Agent D████ were tasked to retrieve SCP-1653. After arriving and handling SCP-1653, Agent R███ placed SCP-1653 into SCP-1653-1 and removed it. Agent R███ [REDACTED], beheading Agent D████. Agent R███ was demoted to D-class and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum 1653-1 - 6/4/19██: Testing approved by O5-Command.

Addendum 1653-2 6/11/19██: Further testing is to be carried out without SCP-1653 in SCP-1653-1 or any scabbard of any kind.

Addendum 1653-3 6/15/19██: Based on testing, SCP-1653 has been approved by O5-Command for weaponization so long as it isn't sheathed.

Incident 1653-1345DS75 6/15/19██: D-1345, who wielded SCP-1653 during testing, attempted to escape termination at the end of the month by using SCP-1653 at the end of the 1653-WE Tests. D-1345 threw SCP-1653 with the intent to kill everyone within the facility. SCP-1653 pierced through the testing enclosure and proceeded to rebound and deflect off various places within the facility, wounding several personnel in its path and damaging multiple essential systems and devices. All facility doors malfunctioned and locked personnel within the facility. Containment Breach alarm triggered. All personnel outside the facility were evacuated to a safe distance. SCP-1653 managed to detonate Site 75's on-site warhead, destroying multiple SCPs and killing all personnel within the blast radius, including D-1345. SCP-1653 was found later embedded into a rock 56 km from Site 75's ruins completely intact. A precise replica of SCP-1653-1 was produced and contained with SCP-1653 in Site 68's Reliquary Storage Sector-23.

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