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Performance Evaluation - "Father Tony"

Subject: Father ANTHONY G. MACARIUS (MPhil, PhD.)
Affiliation: Foundation/Roman Catholic Church
Assignment: Site-17 / SCP-616
Subordinates: 1 research assistant
Security Clearance: Level 2 Restricted (see notes)
Special Authorizations: Travel between SCP-616 and Site-17
Recommendation: Retain and continue to monitor
Current status: Active duty

ANTHONY G. MACARIUS, born January 17, 19██, at Newark, New Jersey, son of [DATA EXPUNGED]. College education at █████████ (B.A. History/Classics), post-graduate work at █████████ (MPhil Archaeology, PhD. Theology and Religious Studies). Married to ██████ ██ ██████ in 19██, divorced 19██; no children. Joined priesthood shortly following completion of education in 19██. Served as parish priest in Baltimore; then as Professor of History at the ██████████ █████████ ██████████, Rome, Italy. First assigned to Foundation in 19██.

One of the priests assigned to assist the Foundation by the Vatican, Father Anthony G. Macarius – or “Father Tony” as he prefers to be called – has become one of our foremost resources in theology, archaeology and linguistic translation. Initially assigned as one of the guards of SCP-616, he eventually convinced the Foundation to grant him provisional Level 2 security access on the basis of his impressive research credentials. Since then, he has divided his time evenly between maintenance at the SCP-616 site and a research office he maintains at Site-17.

Macarius fluently speaks five languages, including Greek, Latin and Hebrew, and can translate up to twenty, including Aramaic, Akkadian, Sumerian, and Russian. A cheerful yet sometimes irascible old man, he maintains good relationships with many of the humanoid SCPs housed at Site-17, in particular SCP-073 and SCP-343.

Despite his sterling work for the organization, Father Macarius may simply not possess the right mindset for Foundation work. He has frequently clashed with other personnel regarding issues and procedures he considers immoral. He seems to bear a personal enmity for Dr. Kondraki, which – if possible – has only gotten worse since the latter was promoted to Head of Research at the facility. In addition, the Father has taken issue with fundamental Foundation policies. For instance, he has in the past insisted on better living and working conditions for the Class D personnel stationed at Site-17, acting as a spiritual counselor and adviser for said individuals in his spare time. He is not aware of the monthly termination policy; all occasions that he has been on site for have been successfully disguised as personnel reassignments (an illusion, it should be noted, which was already being maintained for the psychological stability of many on-site assets, including SCP-182 and SCP-105).

Considering the high level of Father Macarius’ past work for the Foundation, as well as the sensitivity of our relationship with the Vatican, termination is not recommended as of this time. However, it is highly advisable that a close watch be kept on him as well as the information he has access to.

Note: Father Macarius is technically an archbishop within the Roman Catholic Church, having been specially promoted by the Vatican for his work with SCP-616.

Note: Under no circumstances is Father Macarius to learn of or to be consulted on SCP-013.

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