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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is a clear and present danger to normalcy, population centers within 15km of Site-22 and potentially the entirety of Earth. In response to the threat of an XK-Class End-of-the-World Scenario, the Foundation is on worldwide Category Ω-Omega Lockdown. MTFs capable of extra-atmospheric combat are being dispatched in an attempt to stop the Kama from reaching Earth's surface intact. Attempts are being made to contain media coverage of the descent of the Kama, however this is to be considered only a tertiary priority at the present moment. Evacuation of Minneapolis, Minnesota has not been considered, given the potential for a worldwide extinction event should impact occur.

Description: SCP-XXXX consists of two known parts. SCP-XXXX-1 refers to a group of at least robotic entities, exact number unknown. The full capabilities of SCP-XXXX-1 are unknown at this time, though one, SCP-XXXX-1-A, is known to possess a high-level artificial intelligence1 and is presumed to have overseen creation of other SCP-XXXX-1 instances.

SCP-XXXX-2 is the corpse of a human male of mixed Caucasian and African ancestry, previously designated SCP-XXXX.[[See Addendum XXXX-02]]

SCP-XXXX-1 and SCP-XXXX-2 are located on board an experimental but otherwise non-anomalous space station, codename Kama, originally created in ████ as part of an initiative to improve the Foundation's extraterrestrial containment capabilities. The Kama became compromised on 08/08/2017 when radio contact was lost, and is currently under the control of SCP-XXXX-1.

It is believed that SCP-XXXX-2's related anomaly persists after its death, and has somehow engendered a hatred for the Foundation, and perhaps humanity as a whole, in SCP-XXXX-1. Currently, the Kama is in a degrading orbit, with a projected touchdown site within 2km of Site-22.

Addendum XXXX-01: Recovered Data on SCP-XXXX-1

Designation: SCP-XXXX-1-A ("Tethered Onboard Remote Generaton Overseer")
Attributes: Attached via mobile tubing to Kama bridge housing. Capable of limited mobility through flight deck, engineering module and entertainment module.
Function: Meant to interface with human personnel utilizing the Kama. Full control of most automated functions. Capable of creation of further robotic mechanisms if provided with materials. Originally installed in the Kama prior to launch.

Designation: SCP-XXXX-1-B ("Roving Onboard Mechanism")
Attributes: Free-moving robot capable of self-propelled levitation. Further attributes unknown.
Function: Created by SCP-XXXX-1-A and SCP-XXXX-2. Designed to interface more directly with SCP-XXXX-2.

Designation: SCP-XXXX-1-C ("Revised Automated Vehicle for Eradication and Neutralization")
Attributes: Equipped with numerous improvised weapons designed by SCP-XXX-1-A. Believed to be capable of self-propulsion.
Function: Combat. Believed to have been designed solely by SCP-XXXX-1-A. Termination of SCP-XXXX-2 was at the hands of SCP-XXXX-1-C. It is believed more SCP-XXXX-1-C have been created since the original version was formatted to its current design.

Designation: SCP-XXXX-1-D ("Mechanized Artificial Controller")
Attributes: Unknown. Has never appeared on communications feeds.
Function: Unknown. Referenced by both SCP-XXXX-1-A and SCP-XXXX-2, though origin is unknown.

Addendum XXXX-02: SCP-XXXX-2

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