TL333s' sandbox

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All entrances to SCP-XXXX are to remain secured outside testing. Currently, testing is approved for Entryway 4. Only D-Class personnel are permitted to enter SCP-XXXX-1, and must be furnished with food, water and a tether. Light surveillance is necessary to prevent unwanted intrusion into SCP-XXXX-1.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an abandoned factory located at 145 Wilson Street, Kentland, Indiana, United States.1 SCP-XXXX-1 is an extradimensional space accessible by all 12 entryways of SCP-XXXX. Though it is currently not understood how entryways relate to one another inside SCP-XXXX-1, each opens at a fixed location2, and it is believed all exist within the same space. SCP-XXXX-1 is not visible through any of SCP-XXXX's windows or doors before entry is made.

SCP-XXXX-1 is a seemingly infinite painted desert plain. Features including cacti, animal skulls3, rocks and tumbleweeds are occasionally present. Thunderstorms, typically severe, have been witnessed in SCP-XXXX-1, and testing has shown that all entryways experience the same atmospheric phenomena concurrently. Night has yet to be witnessed in SCP-XXXX-1, and temperatures remain relatively stable around 36°C, with major variances occurring after a storm has passed. For a list of further phenomena related to SCP-XXXX-1, see Addendum XXXX-A.

Addendum XXXX-A: Notable Excerpts from SCP-XXXX-1 Exploration Logs

Test Number: 1
Date: ██/██/████
Entryway: 1 (Front door)
Duration: 12 minutes
Notes: Baseline test to determine properties of SCP-XXXX-1. Test subject notes entryway is not visible from within SCP-XXXX-1, save for the tether emerging from it. Two Carnegeia gigantea, approximately 10 m tall, are observed 3 m behind the entrance point. Subject notes hole consistent with bird nest in one cactus, but no birds or nesting materials are seen.

Test Number: 4
Date: ██/██/████
Entryway: 2 (East side personnel access)
Duration: 35 minutes
Notes: Human footprints observed in sand. Subject follows prints back to their source for 20 minutes, ending at a dry creek bed. Prints do not extend across.

Test Number: 5
Date: ██/██/████
Entryway: 12 (Skylight)
Duration: 3 minutes
Notes: Attempt to determine relationship between entryways. Entrance point is horizontal external to SCP-XXXX and vertical within SCP-XXXX-1, making both ingress and egress difficult. Test aborted after tether becomes lodged in entryway.

Test Number: 7
Date: ██/██/████
Entryway: 2, 3 (East side garage door)
Duration: 1 hour, 26 minutes
Notes: Attempt to determine relationship between entryways. Subjects entering Entryway 2 and Entryway 3 are unable to make visual or audio contact with one another. Subject who entered Entryway 3 finds a book4 nearby a water bottle left during Test 5. Test is halted five minutes later and subjects recalled. Pages of book have been torn out seemingly at random; object otherwise displays wear consistent with being in an arid climate for an extended period of time. On the inside of the front cover is written:

To D.
Love allways

On the inside of the back cover is written:

Saint Ade protect us

The rest of the writing is smeared. Object is housed in Non-Anomalous Storage Site 45.

Test Number: 8
Date: ██/██/████
Entryway: 4 (Eastmost rear window)
Duration: 1 hour, 13 minutes
Notes: First observation of features on the horizon. Subject instructed to travel toward apparent mountain range, but reports inability to make progress. Notes considerable numbers of bovine skulls while retracing steps to entryway, not observed during outset. Instructed to collect sample. Analysis of sample reveals non-anomalous Bison bison cranium, weathered consistent with exposure to arid climate for an extended period of time. Housed in Non-Anomalous Storage Site 45.

Test Number: 10
Date: ██/██/████
Entryway: 4
Duration: 15 minutes
Notes: See Addendum XXXX-03.

Test Number: 15
Date: ██/██/████
Entryway: 4
Duration: 3 days, 9 hours, 21 minutes
Notes: Attempt to reach mountains in distance. Testing team is provided extra water rations and hot-weather gear. On second day, storm is encountered, hampering progress. Team instructed to make camp. On third day, team reports shift in surroundings, and is instructed to return via tether. Team halts retrieval upon sighting a small cabin.5 Exploration reveals advanced state of decay consistent with abandonment in a desert climate. Items retrieved include three empty tin cans6, a plastic prescription pill container without label7, an empty oil lantern and a leather-bound journal8. Team recalled fully; human footprints noted along path of tether, not observed during outset. Items are housed in Non-Anomalous Storage Site 45.

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