TL333s' sandbox

Event Description: The PA system in a Giant Eagle supermarket sounded a tone then announced, "Attention Giant Eagle shoppers: the ritual will now commence," whereupon all individuals within the store stopped what they were doing and hummed an intricate series of notes for approximately five minutes. After another tone, the humming ceased and all affected individuals resumed their business as though nothing had occurred. The event was inadvertently recorded via cell phone and uploaded to Youtube afterward. Testimony accompanying the video suggested the individuals affected had no memory of the event occurring.
Date of Occurrence: 10/10/2014
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Video taken down; Youtube account holder tracked down and interrogated, and cell phone confiscated. Interviews with individuals identifiable from video yield little actionable information; further attempts to identify affected individuals scrapped. Investigation of supermarket reveals no obvious signs of intruder or tampering with PA system. Foundation Agents assigned to various Giant Eagle stores to monitor for future events. If not for video evidence, the event might not have otherwise come to Foundation attention.

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