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SCP-1508 during initial containment.

Objeto #: SCP-1508

Clase del Objeto: Seguro Neutralizado

Procedimientos de Contención Especial: SCP-1508 debe ser mantenido dentro de su cámara de contención localizada en el Sitio 77. Debe ser retenido y der observado constantemente. En el evento de que SCP-1508 asista en el mantenimiento de la camara de contención o intente interferir con el personal de mantenimiento, debe ser movido temporalmente a otro cuarto.

Description: SCP-1508 es una entidad humanoide compuesta de cartón, papel y plastico. SCP-1508 es completamente autonomo y se mueve a apso humano. Las palabras "Dr. Wondertainment©2003" han sido impresas en la espalda del cuerpo de SCP-1508' en tinta negra. Durante la contención inicial, fueron encontrados documentos que se cree corresponden a SCP-1508:


Hacer las teareas es un total obstaculo?

Tu mama te esta gritando tanto para que arregles tu habitación que la llamaste bruja?

Bien mis amigos, ahora viene el nuevo amigo de DOCTOR WONDERTAINMENT©! Su nombre es Mikey, el Compañero de Quehaceres©! El puede hacer lo que sea que Mama y Papa quieran, y así tu puedes volver y divertirte con tus amigos!

And while you're out there, check out the new 2003 WONDER-TASTIC CATA-TAINMENT-LOGUE©! Featuring our brand new toys, it's the best way to use up the free time you get from chores!

Batteries not included. If your Mikey, the Chore Buddy© begins to act out, refuse to work, writing funny things, or just plain gets a bad attitude, send him back to us for a refurbishment! Just pay shipping and handling.

When unrestrained, SCP-1508 will attempt to assist the nearest human subject with any chores or menial activities being performed. SCP-1508 appears to prefer working with younger subjects, although it does not work with them exclusively. Due to the composition of its body and the limited range of movements that it can perform, SCP-1508 may spend up to three days attempting to perform the same task. Although SCP-1508 does not appear to require any form of nourishment, analysis of its movements during this period indicate that it can still experience symptoms of exhaustion, dehydration, and movements consistent with human subjects who have broken limbs or pulled muscles.

If the subject is performing a menial non-physical activity, i.e homework, SCP-1508 may sit with them, drawing or writing with crayon. Art and writings produced by SCP-1508 are usually crude and simplistic. When writing, SCP-1508 may suddenly seize and be unable to move, lasting for a period of three days. Analysis has shown that directly before these incidents, SCP-1508's writing had become dramatically more clear and drawings more recognizable, although no significant communications have been recorded.

Examples of writing created by SCP-1508

I just wa

Im veryti


Doctor sto

When assisting with physical tasks, SCP-1508 has been known to alter the composition and size of its body. For example, when tested to mow a portion of Site-77's grounds, SCP-1508 extended its legs by 2 meters and manifested rubberized grips on its hands to grasp the lawnmower. When tasked with washing a set of dishes, it grew a plastic sheet over its hands to waterproof itself. During testing to repair a ventilation system, SCP-1508 extended its arms for over 20 meters to locate and solve the issue. When adjusting its body, SCP-1508's movements become much more stiff and clumsy. During all of these tasks, SCP-1508's simple facial expression altered to one of extreme stress, fear, or anxiety. Once SCP-1508 has been assigned a task, it appears to be unable to cease performing it until given a new order or until three days have passed, at which point it returns to its "default" state.

SCP-1508 was discovered on 09/18/2003, from a suburban home in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. A child had obtained SCP-1508 through unknown means, and the parents had contacted the authorities. Foundation personnel intercepted SCP-1508 and suppressed reports of its effect. The child was unable to explain where he had obtained SCP-1508, and was administered a Class-C amnestic with the other witnesses. As of 11/23/2005, SCP-1508 has been classified as Safe.

Addendum: Incident 1508-A

On 2/17/2006, SCP-1508 was noted to begin imitating maintenance personnel who had entered its containment chamber. Over the course of two hours, it swept the floors, washed the walls, then polished the security door interior. Security personnel restrained SCP-1508, and containment procedures have been modified to reflect this development.

Addendum: Incident 1508-B

On 5/25/2006, personnel noted that SCP-1508 had not moved in over 128 hours. When a researcher was dispatched to investigate, she found several notations written in crayon around SCP-1508, with the object itself being non-responsive. After testing confirmed the cessation of anomalous properties, SCP-1508 was reclassified as Neutralized on 07/18/2006.

Notation found on SCP-1508

Thanke you. Showed me I dont need to be a slave to the doctor. I dont have to do their work anymore. I am free as I will ever be. So long for now

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