Traffic Accident

**Item #: SCP-XXX

**Object Class: Euclid

**Special Containment Procedures: SPC-XXX is to be kept in a standard issue quarters with adequate sleeping and washing facilities for an average human. A Level 1 guard to be posted on the door at all times. SPC-XXX may only leave his cell when accompanied by a Level 2 escort. All escorts are to be briefed on which locations in site ████ are accessible to SPC-XXX. Under no circumstances must SPC-XXX be allowed in exterior areas of the site, or within the warehouses and loading bays.

If an escape attempt is made by SPC-XXX, escort is to broadcast a code-████ across all channels. All personnel operating any form of vehicle must immediately disembark and await notification. Guards authorised to incapacitate subject if ████ event imminent before code████ issued. SPC-XXX will then be returned to confinement to await ressurection.

Description: ██ SPC-XXX is a middle aged caucasian man of ██████ origin. Subject is heavy set and balding. The subject has displayed advanced regenerative abilities, and is able to recover from major bone fractures, laceration, and fatal organ damage over a period of ██ to ██ hours.

SPC-XXX will passively cause any persons operating a vehicle within a range of 20m to deliberatly change course and drive straight for him. Drivers will often accelerate when doing so, crashing into SPC-XXX and his surroundings with considerable force. Persons within range will continue to do so until SPC-XXX has been rendered unconcious and/or deceased by the impacts, often leading to multiple car pile-ups. Once the effect has ceased, SPC-XXX will begin regenerating. The subject has been pronounced dead on ██ seperate occasions, before ressurecting, usually in hospital morgues. The "crashing" effect does not appear to reactivate until SPC-XXX regains consciousness.

Interviews conducted by Dr. ██████ have revealed that although SPC-XXX has had regenerative abilities his whole life, the "crashing" effect has only been occuring for the past few months prior to ██/17/████. Fatalities directly attributable to SPC-XXX currently stand at ██, not counting statistics including the subject's temporary death. The relatively low number of deaths can be attributed to SPC-XXX's conscientious decision to remain indoors for long periods at a time, venturing outdoors only when vitally necessary.

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