Item #: SCP-TOL1

Object Class: Meme

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-TOL1 has to be monitored by one person at all times with CCTV and sensors to make sure the object is never out of sight. Lights must always be on and so should CCTV and sensors. Failure to maintain perfect administration will prompt SCP-TOL1 to appear in the most odd of places and emit what can only be called as it's war cry.

Description: SCP-TOL1 is a rouge computer with a monitor and wheels. No explanation has appeared as to why it can move without momentum/force or live without a constant flow of electricity. It is, however, a subject with dangerous properties. When subjects enter the chamber, they hear an echo of someone saying "troll", over and over. When a subject encounters SCP-TOL1, they are advised to ignore it as much as possible and evacuate the chamber or else they will be inflicted with an unknown element dubbed "the troll virus" and contact will be terminated inside the chamber.

Addendum: After one week, a subject came out with what workers could only describe as a "troll face" and could not say anything else other than "troll", often in a singing manner such as "trololololololo". Workers can soon become annoyed with this and the subject will try to annoy them in anyway possible. If a problem occurs with a specific piece of equipment, the subject will appear and say "you mad". Workers have found that terminating the subject will allow them to continue work.

Addendum 2: Many attempts of removing SCP-TOL1 have failed due to the lack of will power to keep a worker from going insane.

Addendum 3: Workers Grade 5 and up are more suitable for administration of SCP-TOL

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