The previously captured bandit revealed the existence of an upcoming ambush, and a few members of the party scouted ahead in the dense fog, capturing another scout! This terrified bandit revealed that the bandit Wolf Rider was ahead with some Drow - not a people known for hanging out above ground. They were preparing an ambush across a bridge, but the situation was not clear beyond that.

Meliodis, the child sorcerer, insisted on being among the first into the bandit camp, and casting an illusory exploding pegasus from his magic hat. This served to distract the bandits enough for the party to cross the bridge without too much incident, although Meliodis was among the first to be wounded when the battle began in earnest.

The bandits quickly became overwhelmed when the party crossed their broken bridge, and three - including a pair of extra sneaky looking bandits - have died to close air support from Horus - who is now being chased by a Drow Mage. Their forces quickly became disordered, with little support for one another.

Alan is holding off the scout we missed in the forest, while Arlo, Phil, and Rian are engaging the centre of the camp. Iggy and Heidi are attacking the Bandit Captain, presumably Wolf Rider, to great effect. Virak is dueling a veteran bandit while Loh charged into combat to relieve some pressure from Arlo, only to be tripped and then almost shot by a Drow Warrior. Ellie attempted a spell before running to the side.

The party has acquired: battle wounds (various, mostly light), an additional scout (1 piece, terrified)

Will our intrepid adventurers succeed in defeating Wolf Rider and his band of veteran bandits? Why is he dealing with the Drow?? What's the deal with the wolf??? Whose fort is this anyway???? Tune in next time to find out on Crazy Caravan Capers: Broken Bridge Battle!

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