Tuomey Corpse1

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X must be contained in a cell with two airlock style doors. SCP-X should only be transported while dormant. SCP-X should be provided with a television or other appropriate entertainment as determined by the researcher in charge.

If SCP-X activates in form 1, it must be fought by any able bodied person who has not fought it previously. This person should use a hazel stick, a wooden shield, and no protective gear. If the person fighting it is victorious they must leave through the door they did not enter, and if they are not they must leave through the door they did enter. This process should be repeated until SCP-X becomes dormant again.

If it is not fought within approximiately an hour of activation, it will attempt to breach containment and challenge personnel to a fight with similar conditions. It should be noted that SCP-X has not been observed attempting to kill personnel except in self-defense.

If SCP-X activates in form 2, no action is necessary beyond recording its activity.

If SCP-X activates in form 3, it should be provided with damaged electronics until it becomes dormant again. Electronic equipment retrieved after this should be examined for anomalous enhancement.

Following any kind of activation, SCP-X should be examined for damage and should be repaired or treated by appropriate technical or medical staff.

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