Tuomey (goddamn) Tombstone
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Item #: SCP-X

Object Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X-1 is to be stored in a high risk humanoid containment cell and treated as hostile at all times. In the event of escape, SCP-X-1 will likely attempt to access SCP-X-2 immediately. SCP-X-2 is to be kept from public knowledge and access via standard countermeasures. SCP-X-3 is uncontained at this time.

Description: SCP-X-1 is a female humanoid in its early twenties, with dark hair and grey eyes. The extent of its abilities are unknown but it was captured while creating SCP-X-2, and thus may attempt to use similar anomalous abilities. SCP-X-1 has shown no anomalous combat abilities thus far but is extremely hostile and will attack if there is an apparent escape route or if it perceives someone as insulting SCP-X-3.

SCP-X-3 is a female humanoid of unclear age with light hair and fair skin. Possibly due to the distortion caused by SCP-X-2, its features appear to be slightly elongated. SCP-X-3 is known to cause a spatial/gravitational anomaly, but may simply be using SCP-X-2 somehow. No successful communication with SCP-X-3 has been achieved.

SCP-X-2 is a spatial anomaly, located near Castle Roche, Dundalk, in the Republic of Ireland. SCP-X-2 occurs among a circle of trees on a hill in the "fairy fort" style, generally thought to be indicative of a Celtic ringfort. When a human enters the perimeter of SCP-X-2 between the two eastmost trees, the area beyond the two westmost trees will appear to be shimmering to the point that it is too unclear to describe accurately. As one moves forward, the area beyond resolves to appear to be a stepping stone path, surrounded by trees and bushes. At one quarter of the way across, the trees and bushes beyond can be identified as varieties of Hawthorn, and the stepping stones will protrude into SCP-X-2. Stepping off the stepping stones will result in the anomaly ceasing immediately, and a temporary sensation of falling and disorientation.

At the halfway, SCP-X-3 will appear between the two westmost trees. At or beyond this point, the spatial anomaly may stop unexpectedly. As one moves closer, SCP-X-3 will step forward slowly. When within one metre of SCP-X-3 it will push the relevant human backwards with one hand, typically yelling "Arais leat" (Irish for, literally, "back with you"). At this point the human attempting to walk "through" SCP-X-2's spatial anomaly will "fall" backwards out of it. This may result in injury.

After Action Report - Capture of SCP-X-1 on 21-Dec-20XX

Personnel in charge: Agent McEneany
Other personnel: Agent Byrne, Agent Moore, Foundation cleanup team under command of Captain Ryan.

Following a lead we were passed from a Foundation asset in the Serpent's Hand, we moved into the AO shortly before 4pm. Mostly farmland, hilly but not impassably so. Given the season and cold, it was a bit weird for three men to be exploring the heritage sites but it's legal to do so, so we had no problems with the locals. Byrne, Moore, and I all had pistols and stun guns.

One in the field with the relevant ringfort we fanned out, Byrne to my left and Moore to my right. I was approaching roughly from the east, Byrne from roughly the south-east and Moore from roughly the north-east. Coming up to the fort, I saw a woman, couldn't have been more than twenty five, dark hair. Civilian clothing. She was doing something with books and branches, waving them, I couldn't see what exactly. I signalled Byrne and Moore, and we moved in, me heading directly for her and the other two from the sides.

Once I got within maybe 20 metres, she snapped around and looked directly at me as if she knew I was there suddenly. We started running, as she quickly waved some more with the branch and the books, then threw something between the trees. We were almost at her as she threw the branch down and all her things were somehow on fire - and then she shot Moore twice in the chest. Byrne then tackled her but she rolled with him, throwing him off and fired in my direction, only just missing me as I dropped prone. She fired at Byrne but missed. He got her with the stungun and she went down, but she was still holding the gun. It looked like she got him in the leg somehow and he dropped the stungun, but then I was close enough to hit her with mine and she dropped her gun. After a full 30 seconds I thought she was unconscious but then she tried to throw some kind of dirt at me. I squeezed on the stungun's trigger again, and she missed, only setting some grass on fire for a second. Byrne was up again and managed to get some cuffs on her, then I let go. She was bleeding from the mouth, presumably from the induced seizing, while he was bleeding from slightly from the leg. She sat up and tried to bite him, but he stepped back easily enough. She stretched for a back pocket but I stepped on her arms and he pulled out a detonator of some kind. He secured it then put additional restraints on the her, before I stepped off and ran to help Moore. As I did so, the woman tried to roll towards the ringfort, thrashing and screaming, but made no progress. Moore was breathing OK as I called in the cleanup team and medical support, having taken both shots in the vest.

Overall, no casualties, two minor injuries. Intelligence significantly underestimated the danger presented by this anomalous individual; cleanup team found a lot of nearby underground explosives. Had I been a half second slower that detonator would've killed both us and her. This was in preparation for longer than we thought.

- Agent McEneany.

Addendum 01: Following an escape attempt in which SCP-X-1 killed a D-Class and one security guard before being subdued, SCP-X-1 was heard to say "Tá brón orm, mo chroi. Ni fhéidir liom éalú agus ní fhéidir leat tar trasna. Tá tú i gcónaí i mo chroi, is tú amhain mo ghrá, mo ghrian, mo réaltaí." Translation: "I am sorry, my heart. I can't escape and you can't come across. You always in my heart, you alone are my love, my sun, my stars."

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~ ##701|Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X is to be stored in a secure containment locker. Any individual coming into contact with SCP-X-1 during testing must first undergo a medical assessment.

Description: SCP-X-1 is a longsword, composed of an unremarkable steel alloy, with a gold-effect hilt and a green jewel set in the crossguard. SCP-X-2 is a small paperback book with the title "Sword Manual" containing instructions and drills for several kinds of swordsmanship.

SCP-X-1's anomalous properties manifest when a person holds it pointing upwards. The jewel set in SCP-X-1's hilt will begin to glow. SCP-X-1 will emit a mild electric shock if the person holding it does not quickly enter a "guard" or "ready" position, or begin to follow a practice drill as set out in SCP-X-2. SCP-X-1 will also emit an electric shock if the person using SCP-X-1 performs a drill poorly. How SCP-X-1 accomplishes this is unclear.

SCP-X-2 appears to hold no anomalous properties of its own, except that the practice drills contained therein interact with SCP-X-1.

SCP-X was recovered from [REDACTED], who bought it from a person of interest in the Wanderer's Library with the understanding that it would make him a better swordsman. In exchange for giving up all information regarding POI-X-1, [REDACTED] has been allowed to remain outside Foundation custody as a monitored informant.

Interviewed: [REDACTED], former owner of SCP-X.

Interviewer: Agent Silverberg.

Foreword: Field interview of former owner of SCP-X. [REDACTED] was recovered following an expedition through a Way in which they were rescued by Foundation forces after being ambushed by [DATA EXPUNGED] and mistaken for an SCP-level anomaly. Field test revealed no inherent anomalous abilities.

<Begin Log>

Agent Silverberg: Okay, [REDACTED], we have taken custody of the sword and book. If you co-operate and tell me everything you know about them, maybe we can work something out here. My superiors will be here soon and I can talk with them on your behalf.

[REDACTED]: Right. Look. Listen. I just wanted to be able to defend myself. You know, in the Library? I'm not, like, a wizard or whatever like most of the guys in there. And the Librarians are only so fast.

Agent Silverberg: Sure, I understand. But why were you using a sword?

[REDACTED]: I had a pistol as well, but some of these guys tell me guns don't work against everything. So I commissioned this magic sword.

Agent Silverberg: Makes sense, I guess. Why does it glow? Does that do anything?

[REDACTED]: I just thought people would see this big fuck-off magic-looking badass ostentatious sword and leave me alone. And it was supposed to make me better at fighting.

Agent Silverberg: Like you'd pick it up and just be better, right?

[REDACTED]: That's it exactly. I just. I wanted to be left alone and read some weird books. And I guess there was a, uh, miscommunication. About the sword.

Agent Silverberg: What kind of miscommunication?

[REDACTED]: It doesn't, just, like, magically make someone better at fighting. Well. It does. But not like you just pick it up and be better. It trains you. And if you screw up, it shocks you or hurts you.

Agent Silverberg: I can't imagine you were very happy with this.

[REDACTED]: Listen. I was absolutely not. I barely even use it because the fucking thing kept electrocuting me. I paid for this sword to be great. I paid for it to be magic. I received a- a- a legendary piece of shit! If there was a better business bureau for magical item selling assholes I'd ram a complaint so far u-

Agent Silverburg: *Interrupting* Okay! Okay. I think I get the idea. Magic item guy is a jerk. Do you need a minute?

[REDACTED]: *Sighing and heavy breathing for approximately thirty seconds.* I'm calm. I'm calm. I just hate this guy and his fucking sword. Or her sword. Whatever. Anyway! So I was going to get a refund. But then the guy wasn't there. The whole space was gone from that part of the Library.

Agent Silverberg: So you were there for a refund when we found you. Noted. And they were gone? Sounds you got scammed pretty good.

[REDACTED]: Yeah. Yeah, that's what I thought. So I went through the nearest Way. No idea where it's going. And, long story short, I got attacked by weird monsters, passed out in front of your guys because the sword wouldn't stop shocking me.

Agent Silverberg: Why was it shocking you if you were using it to fight?

[REDACTED]: It just goes nuts if your form is off even a little. Piece of fucking shit. I can give you some more details. About this guy. And his shop. I was basically stuck with this fucking sword. And I couldn't do anything.

Agent Silverberg: Okay. I think we can work something out here, if those details check out. But you're going to have to agree to some things with my superiors. I'll note that you were very co-operative. I'm going to end the initial interview now.

[REDACTED]: Can I get it noted that magical item guy or lady is a complete and utt-

<End Log>

Closing Statement: [REDACTED] retained as Foundation informant, monitored regularly by assigned agents. The sword maker is still unknown, and it is unknown whether the seller made it or otherwise acquired it.

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Stage Symptoms Length Other notes Mortality Rate Treatability
  • Headache or migraine
  • dizziness
  • balance problems
  • short-term memory loss
  • blurry vision or temporary vision loss
7-10 days SCP-X infection takes hold in brain and optic nerve. near 0% Treatable with specialised medication
2 Total vision loss, loss or dramatic change of eye colour, often a near total relief of other symptoms, bulging eyes 3-5 days Infection gains a measure of symbiosis with its host, growths appear on optic discs, pushing eyes forward slightly. Serious infection risk from tears, other fluids, and vapors thereof. 22% Large doses of specialised medication and invasive high-risk neurosurgery with irreversible side effects required for treatment
3 Sudden expulsion of eyes from skull marks start of stage, new eyes forming, eyes/sockets leaking dark pus-like fluid. New eyes are frequently expelled at irregular intervals from hours to days and regrown repeatedly. Permanent Eyes may "pop" on expulsion, posing significant infection risk to all nearby and requiring hazmat cleanup. New eyes take several hours to form. Patients typically report increased visual acuity and appear to be able to perceive more of the electromagnetic spectrum. Complications may result from flawed regrowth. 40% in first year, while under Foundation care. Infection too entrenched, untreatable without killing patient. Removal of new eyes results in further growth of new eyes.

"afflicted with the sight"

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