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Item #: SCP-1315

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-1315 is currently housed in storage locker 93 Storage Unit 07. Removal from storage for any use except D-Class testing is forbidden. Under no circumstances is SCP-1315 to be tested on objects with a velocity greater than 3000ft/s or a mass greater than 9000lbs. Conducting tests on the same subject repeatedly is also forbidden. SCP-1315 is not to be disassembled.

Description: SCP-1315 is a digital bathroom scale, apparently manufactured by ███████. While ███████ manufactures a near-identical line of scales equipped to wirelessly connect to home networks and other devices, the model number located on the back of SCP-1315 is not found anywhere in their line of products. Investigation by Foundation personnel has determined that ███████ contractors do not have the manufacturing capacity to produce an object with SCP-1315’s effect. SCP-1315 is identical in all physical aspects to ordinary scales produced by ███████, except for a button below the digital display that activates its anomalous property. The button is in the same style as the rest of the scale, with the word “Convert” embedded beneath it. On the back of the scale is a simple toggle with “M” on one end and “I” on the other, which indicate Metric and Imperial, respectively.

When a person presses the convert button and then stands on the scale, their body composition is altered to convert the subject’s weight from the primary system of measurement selected on the back, to the opposite system of measurement, while maintaining the same numerical value. For example, when a subject weighing 200 pounds steps on the scale while “I” is selected, their body will be “converted” to weigh 200 kilograms. The conversion happens extremely quickly, only taking from 45 to 120 seconds in 82% of cases.

The mechanism that allows this conversion to take place is not understood, but the process is reported as being painless. The body composition that SCP-1315 produces in subjects upon conversion appears to be loosely based on existing body composition. Conversions from Imperial to Metric in individuals with a BMI >30 will generally have more fat by percentage of body mass upon conversion than individuals with a BMI between 18.5-25. When severely underweight individuals are converted from Imperial to Metric, they tend to experience increased bone density and – in 30% of cases – bone spurs and protrusions into organs and blood vessels. In one case this quickly resulted in the subjects’ death due to internal injury. Attempts to convert individuals back to their original weight results in either decreasing or increasing bodyweight at a geometric rate, approaching zero or infinity respectively. In ██ tests, converting an individual more than two (2) times in either direction has proven to be fatal due to CNS complications.

Following the cessation of human testing, testing on objects was approved. A #2 pencil from Site 19 Stationery Storage Unit was placed on the scale, its weight was recorded as 6 grams. The pencil was removed and Assistant Researcher ███████ pressed the convert button. The pencil was replaced on the scale and converted to a weight of six ounces. Over the next 12 seconds the pencil increased in size by a factor of 28. Testing discontinued due to limitations in the dimensions of the testing room.

Dual-energy X-Ray scanning has revealed that all internal components are identical to a typical scale of this type. The only anomalous component in SCP-1315 is the wireless card which has unidentified organic components. The sole attempt at disassembling SCP-1315 in order to examine the wireless card activated the convert function of the SCP while it was face-down on a steel examination table, resulting in the destruction of [REDACTED].

During routine analysis, unusual readings from a researcher’s interferometer caused speculation about the remote capability of SCP-1315. Dr. ████, lead researcher for SCP-1315, slowly passed his hand over the surface of the scale while the object was activated and the digital display returned a reading of 0.01 m/s. An impromptu test with a sheet of paper crumpled into a ball revealed that SCP-1315 also converts velocity in a similar manner to weight. The following day, Dr. ████ and Agent ███████ performed a test with Agent ███████’s sidearm, firing 9x19mm JHP ammunition rated at a muzzle velocity of 1240 ft/s, at a ballistic dummy. SCP-1315 was located 1.6m below the trajectory of the round set to convert Imperial to Metric. The ballistic dummy displayed damage consistent with the effects of a high-powered rifle round of a similar mass and caliber to the round fired. The round and fragments retrieved from the ballistic dummy showed no anomalous properties and maintained its original mass.

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