Interviewed: SCP-XXX/419

Interviewer: Dr. J████ M████████

Foreword: 419 was the only long-term survivor of SCP-XXX's effects. His brain shows no abnormalities on fMRI apart from the anomalous network of connections characteristic of SCP-XXX.

<Begin Log>

Interviewer: So, 419. Please state your name for the record!

C. S.: Carter Slade.

Interviewer: Right. You said you survived exposure to XXX because of the training given to you by an Indian fakir, is that right?

C. S.: Yes, basically. I was thinking of becoming a circus performer after finishing my training. You know, the usual fakir-stuff, bed of nails, hot coals, regulating heartbeat, and all that.

Interviewer: Yes, I know. Can you describe the effects to us?

C. S.: I don't think so… It's … hard to say what it did. I just know that I feel in touch with my body. I see you brought me the ECG as I asked. Watch!

[Subject closes his eyes, and his pulse rate begins to climb rapidly, peaking at 324 bpm. Subject the opens his eyes.]

C. S.: See, doctor? By all rights, I should be dead now, yet here I am, talking to you, while my heart beats four times a second. I don't know how I do that, I just know that I can.

[Subject's heart rate abruptly drops back to 63 bpm]

Interviewer: I note that you haven't slept since your detainment.

C. S.: Yes, you're right. Truth be told, I'm not okay with sleeping.

Interviewer: It's been eight weeks.

C. S.: I know. [Subject appears agitated, heart rate remains at 63 bpm] I know. This is kinda getting on my nerves.

Interviewer: Explain.

C. S.: I said I feel more in touch with my body. I meant it. It takes every ounce of my will to keep it together. If I went to sleep …

Interviewer: We can have a life-support unit provide an artificial pulse and respiration.

C. S.: Can you provide artificial digestion too?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Research is under way to sustain Subject's life, despite his apparent lack of autonomic functions.

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