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Item #: SCP-1426

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Any subject found infected with is to be given a classification as the next sequential subject (SCP-1426-02, 03, 04, etc.) and moved to a cell Sector 19 prepared for any such infection. Cells are to be standard 4 x 4 meter rooms furnished with a simple bed and a desk containing a desk lamp atop. Other simple furnishings may be made available on request, to an extent.

Each subject is to be allowed four (4) hours each week in a courtyard designated to cater to subjects of SCP-1426. This courtyard is to be an area covered in grass very similar to a park that might be found in a city or a rural town, with several trees scattered around. The subjects are to schedule their time in this courtyard, with an Agent supervising the schedule so that no more than three (3) subjects are in the courtyard at the same time.

Subjects act in an entirely human manner, so the odds of containment breach are not high. In case of a containment breach however, lethal force is permitted and encouraged.

Description: SCP-1426 is a virus of unknown origins. Those infected with the virus acquire the ability to resist death. It was brought to the attention of the Foundation in 19██ when SCP-1426-01 was featured on a news program for being the oldest resident of ████████, England. Investigation by locally stationed Agent ██████ revealed that the SCP-1426-01 was at least 1██, older than any known human.

SCP-1426-01 is a female with a height of 1.4 meters. Its age is difficult to ascertain precisely. Due to its seniority, SCP-1426-01 is not to be used for any experiment that may result in permanent scarring.

Other examples of SCP-1426 which have been recovered since SCP-1426-01 are much the same; They also appear to be entirely human, though they are incapable of death. They have a wide variety of human characteristics and it seems unlikely that SCP-1426 targets any specific features. Experiments on subjects other than SCP-1426-01 have been authorized.

Interviewed: SCP-1426-01

Interviewer: Doctor █████████

Foreword: An initial interview with SCP-1426-01 regarding their unusual condition.

<Begin Log>

Doctor █████████: How old are you?

Person: Now, you should know it is never polite to ask a lady her age!

Doctor █████████: Very well, then simply provide us with a rough estimate to work with.
SCP-1426-01: Well I assure you that I am much older than you, sonny boy.
Doctor █████████: How long have you been aware of your unique circumstances?
SCP-1426-01: Well, when I was in my early 20s, I was in a terrible car crash. The majority of my family died, but I somehow survived. The hospital reported that I should have died, and they said it was a miracle that I survived. Now, I don't believe in miracles; They should be left to Our Lord and Jesus Christ, so I thought there must be something else at work.
Doctor █████████: Now I am rather intrigued; Would you not call what has happened to you a miracle?
SCP-1426-01 is seen to laugh at this point.
SCP-1426-01: Boy, do you think I want to be here right now? This is a curse, and I want to be in the ground just as much as any old lady. I can still feel pain, and my arthritis is killing me, so to speak. I don't want to be here right now, living on this Earth. I want to be buried in the ground. Now, is there anything else?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Following this interview, SCP-1426-01 was taken into Foundation custody and moved to the newly renovated holding cells.

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