Unlucky Strikes
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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Standard storage locker. SCP-XXX is to be contained in a locked storage locker at all times. One key will be held by one level 3 researcher and the remaining key copies are to be held by Director ███████.

Excess smoke from test must be immediately vented to the outside of the facility.
Excess smoke particles must be fully ventilated into a closed system, and all excess smoke particles are to be incinerated.

Description: SCP-XXX is a dark green pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes circa 1942 with the slogan “Lucky Strikes Green has gone to war”. It is of note that the dark green package was discontinued in 1942 to be replaced by the white pack. SCP-XXX internal structure has a unique pattern consistent with, [REDACTED]. This would account for it's resistance to damage, though, at this time, all samples taken must be approved by at least two (2) level 3 researchers.

SCP-XXX in itself shows no abnormal properties. However cigarettes removed from SCP-XXX (henceforth SCP-XXX-A) produce abnormal effects. If SCP-XXX-A is smoked by a species with lungs (henceforth referred to as 'subject'), after exactly seven [7] minutes, sounds of battle will begin to manifest around the subject for approximately twenty [20] seconds. The subject then suffers a wound consistent during WW2. It is possible to delay the manifestation for another seven [7] minutes if the subject consumes another instance of SCP-XXX-A before the manifestation. Delaying the effect in this way intensifies the resulting event. See Document XXX-A3 for further clarification.

New instances of SCP-XXX-A can be created by placing any cigarette of any make and manufacturer inside SCP-XXX and closing the lid for any amount of time.

Addendum XXX-1: After incident ███-█ all excess smoke particles are to be contained in a vacuum sealed container. Seals will be checked on bimonthly bases and container will be replaced every quarter.

Addendum XXX-2: All testing regarding consumption of seven or more cigarettes are to be held on external sites due to the damage caused by test XXX-14.


I don't see how I'm getting blamed for this. How was I supposed to know seven was the magic number for [Redacted] - Dr. ███

Addendum XXX-4: SCP-XXX transfer to Site-45 for weaponization. APPROVED.



The megaton yield is roughly equivalent with ████████. As an added bonus there was no recorded radiation! I suspect I could design a forced air feeder to hook up to a small dog or something. We could create clean inconspicuous nukes in a few weeks. - Dr. ███

Excerpts from document XXX-A3:

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