Unwilling Incubus

Unwilling Incubus

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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a hermetically sealed room. It is to be provided meals, multivitamins, and necessary medications at standard intervals daily. Due to SCP-XXX's nature, all regularinteractions with SCP-XXX are to be done with heterosexual males. At no point are heterosexual females to be exposed to the scent of SCP-XXX outside of contained testing procedures. In the event of a breach of XXX's containment, all female personnel on site are to be evacuated or tranquilized until containment can be restored and the pheromones dispersed. Once per day, samples of SCP-XXX's sweat are to be taken and labeled by time, then preserved in refrigeration for testing. Such samples are labelled in aggregate as SCP-XXX-1.

Description: SCP-XXX is, █████ ██████, a seventy six year old Caucasian male of Mediterranean descent, suffering from osteoporosis and arthritis. He was brought into foundation custody in the late 1960s in San ██████████, following his incarceration for inciting a riot of ████ women, none of whom recalled their actions upon incarceration, but resumed their incoherent mania upon being put into holding within range of SCP-XXX. Investigation by Agent ████████ revealed SCP-XXX as the cause of the woman's actions, and brought him into SCP custody.
SCP-XXX has no demonstrated memetic or reality altering abilities, and to most males, he is no more a threat than any other person of his age and health. To the majority of females and certain homosexual males, the scent of SCP-XXX has a profound and dangerous effect, which has only grown more extreme as time passes. ██% of women and roughly ██% of men (thus far all homosexual or bisexual) will become either extremely aroused or extremely agitated and violent. In 10% of these cases- either arousal or violence- the exposed will pursue XXX or XXX-1 by any means until the scent is sufficiently dispersed, after which, the exposed person will calm down, and in 92% of cases, have no recollection of XXX's scent or their reaction to it. Follow up studies have shown that exposure to XXX or his byproducts has no addicting effects, even in those who retain memories of their reactions.

Upon entry, SCP-XXX was interviewed as to any knowledge of his unusual scent.

<Begin Log>

Dr. █████: When did you first notice the effects your scent has on women?


<End Log>

No known members of XXX's family, including known children and grandchildren, have yet demonstrated any abilities like those of XXX.

Log of tests with SCP-XXX and XXX-1:

Item: XXX
Subject: D

Addendum-XXX-1: Due to abuse, any personnel found to be using dilutions of SCP-XXX-1 for recreational purposes will be added to the subject roster for clinical testing of said material at ||||| Female Correctional Facility. Lest this be considered an incentive, remember that punishment includes a demotion to D-class, and research is only performed by D-class members for good reason. SCP-XXX is contained at the facility for the protection of society, not to get you laid. Additionally, there is no research into synthesizing XXX-1, nor do any modern cologne companies 'know the recipe,' especially not ███ body spray.

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