Item #: SCP-1834

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1834 is to be contained a soundproofed room with Kevlar matting upon all surfaces at site -342. Access to SCP-1834 is to be restricted to Level 2 Personnel or higher. The enclosure is to be cooled to -23 degrees Fahrenheit continuously. Only a single stainless steel door 20cm thick with dimensions 4m by 2m is to connect site 342 to SCP-1834's enclosure. All research personnel are required to wear standard grade bio suits.

Decription: SCP-1834 is a size 12 patchwork jacket of unknown material. Material is known to be at least 20% cotton with 5% silk inlay. It is made of a number of colors, ranging from black to bright pink. SCP-1834 was recovered from abandoned suburb housing In Illinois. upon retrieval of SCP- 1834, the team found a large dilapidated house in a seemingly lively neighborhood, when questioned the neighbors seeming to find no disturbance from the site. Within the site, an obese woman of unknown age attacked Cpt. E with a steam iron, and was quickly terminated. Subject 232-A, upon inspection was found to be almost naked, wearing only the remains of a white Siamese male cat. The Cat was later found to be named "Pinky".

SCP-1834 was found in a small rotting cupboard along with a number of other garments, all without anomalous properties. Upon donning the garment, subjects were found to exhibit a number of strange symptoms, ranging from:

learning a new language instantly, and forgetting the one or ones they were fluent in. Subjects are almost always found to be unable to recognize this fact.

Immediately exploding into a spasmodic seizure of laughter and/or extreme pain. These subjects when SCP-1834 is removed, immediately faint and suffer extreme amnesia of the past 24 hours. No other effects have been observed.

Some subjects may crystallize , and become a strange quartz like mineral. Upon removal of SCP-1834, subjects do not recover; rather either they will explode, their remains becoming bullet like projectiles with excessive strength, or, subject may simply disappear, no remains to be found.

One other effect may occur:

Stage I: Subject (now SCP-1834-1) will begin to scream incoherently, begin to cry, and in some cases void bowels. During this, Subjects skin will turn a strange green color, their previously smooth skin becoming a strange amalgamation of rough scales and feather-like growths.

Stage II: Subject will stop screaming, and become extremely docile. Researchers may approach SCP-1834-1, but this is not suggested. During this stage, the feather like growths will evolve into wings, similar to those of the Primolius couloni or Green macaw parrot. They are similar, as stated, but of stronger construction and larger mass. It does not matter if SCP-1834 is removed by this stage, no effect will take place.

Stage III: In this stage, all bone and muscle mass will begin to change form, becoming much more akin to the physical formations of the Green Macaw. Subject will exhibit no form of pain or discomfort, but will seem to shift its form. Viewing discretion advised. All stages up till now seem to take between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Facial features are also mutated into a beak and two herbivorous eyes, together with all appendages, which will transaform into wings and/or claws.

Stage IV: SCP-1834-1 will exhibit behavioral aspects common to all forms of Macaw Parrot. SCP-1834-1 will exhibit similar IQ levels to Macaw parrots, as well as feeding habits, living environment and social communication. (SCP1834-1 will only interact docilely with other subjects and other humans. Any contact to common Macaws will end with blood lust and hostility on both sides.)

SCP-1834-1 is not a "curable" state. No panacea or treatment will retard this behavior or physical form. Dr. E has requested using SCP-Panacea to undo these effects. Request accepted.

SCP-1834-1 will exhibit symptoms of depression if not exposed to other SCP-1834-1 subjects, or trained researchers. SCP-1834-1 has so far shown no hostility towards personnel of any disposition, but will react violently if threatened excessively. SCP-1834-1 will attack with sharp claws on feet, but will not do so consistently, when offender shows signs of defeat or fear, SCP-1834-1 will stop and retreat.

Addendum 835-02:

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