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Item #:scp-1365

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:Since scp-1365 is only in a liquid form,it must then be stored into a vial in a 2x2 fridge,the password of the fridge must be changed every 3 days.Specimens of scp-1365-1 must be contained in a 6x6 aquarium,they must be fed in order to produce scp-1365 (max: 500 g every 2 days). Any unauthorized personell who use scp-1365 must be killed and his corpse burned.

Description:Scp-1365 was found by doctor Joseph Suchong near the coast of [REDACTED] 21/4/████ with 2 specimens of scp-1365-1 laying on the sand.

Scp-1365 is an raw genetic substance capable of destroying native cells and replacing them with
the unstable stem cell version of it (see addendum 1365-01 for more info).Scp-1365 must be harvested by a type of ˝sea-land parasite worm˝ (designated as scp-1365-1).Scp-1365 can be only in liquid form and it is cold on touch (see addendum 1365-02).Since scp-1365 is raw it must be refined
(see addendum 1365-03) to be used.Injecting or ingesting scp-1365 in its raw form will lead to
[REDACTED].It is theorized that isn´t only the blood of scp-1365-1 but they do not
come from Earth.To much consuming the substance will lead to permanent cosmetic and mental damage.Injecting scp-1365 in its refined form for the first time will make the following sickness into the subject:stomachache,headhache,nausea,5 minute coma or blindness,diarrhea,nerve damage or even [REDACTED] (see addendum 1365-04),also
scp-1365 is extremley addictive (which will lead the subject to take more and more).

Scp-1365-1 is a type of parasitic worm capable of living on the land and in the sea.The average life is about 100 years.It have grey skin and it can grow to 20 cm.It have only
mouth full of sharp teeth (like piranha) and doesn´t have a bone structure.It have purple bubbles on the back (only place where scp-1365/his blood can be harvested).It is omnivore and most of the times will remain in a docile state,however when ˝active˝
it will try to move (on the land is slow but in the water can reach the speed of 10 km/h).

Addendum 1365 01:scp-1365 not only can destroy and replace the cells.It will also:
repair (or damage) any kind of cells,copy the propreties of the cells and could act like a virus.Because of this,it can be used to make genetic upgrades or medicine.

Note:it will change the color depending on the cells.Bright blue:Physical,yellow:mind upgrade,green:instincts and skills,red:powers and abilities and purple:medicine

Addendum 1365 02:scp-1365 is vulnerable to hot temperatures (max 300),however when into a body of an subject it will survive even the most extreme temperatures.

Addendum 1365 03:to be refined scp-1365 must be ˝mixed˝ with the desired cells
(example:virus and scp-1365 plus some chemicals).Since it is capable of genetic manipulation then it must be given ˝orders˝(example:replace the virus and add something).However it will not have all the propreties of the replaced cells (due to instability). Doctor Suchong asked for this type of scp-1365 to be called ˝gene-changer˝ (or simply ˝genetical tonic˝).

Addendum 1365 04:when injected into the subject,scp-1365 will try to adapt to the
body and DNA of the subject.It can be used only on humans (animals and plants won´t
react).When done the proces is irreversible (it is impossible to harvest it from the subject body due to the fact that it will quickly spread into all body parts like blood).

Note:to much modifications with scp-1365 will lead the subject into insanity.The subject will have some ˝extra body parts˝ such as:extra fingers,hand or even head (in some cases).The subject,due to mental damage caused by scp-1365,will not be able to hold anything in the hands (there are some cases where subjects could hold weapons and being twice intelligent then a normal human).They will be extremley hostile and will alwasy search for scp-1365 (since their DNA is damaged beyond repair their are immune to death caused by raw scp-1365).

Solid atmosphere guyz

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Item #: SCP-1271

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-1271's size, a construct was built around it. The containment unit is to be monitored and cleansed once a week, to prevent build-up of minerals. Metals are to be introduced to SCP-1271 daily, to prevent magnetic accumulation. A bi-annual checkup on SCP-1271 is mandatory by any level 04 personnel, to ensure SCP-1271 is still in operation.

Description: SCP-1271 is a giant electromagnet, of an unclassifiable metal, larger than any other magnet developed. How it came to reside on the planet is uncertain, however theories claim that it was the meteorite that initially caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Carbon dating places the objects age to before the planet had a solid atmosphere, signifying that the metal has a high heat-resistance that again is unlike anything identifiable on earth.

SCP-1271 was responsible for many magnetic disturbances and unlikely numbers of natural disasters in the Caribbean. A chain of islands that are now known as the Bermuda Triangle, likely formed over the object during super-cooling of the earth's surface. SCP-1271 was declared cursed subsequently navigation was seen as impossible and dangerous.

SCP-1271 was discovered in 1978 by divers during a dive session in search of sunken boats, and possible explanations for the disappearances of many vessels and aircraft in the region. The locals were [REDACTED] upon publicizing the object, and SCP teams were sent in to secure the object. SCP-1271 has been in SCP custody since then.
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Item #: SCP-348

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-348 is to be contained within a 10 m x 10 m x 10 m chamber constructed of 5 cm thick stainless steel. A tank containing 40 litres of water is to be stationed at the centre of the chamber's ceiling, and a drainage pipe in the centre of the chamber's floor. If SCP-348 shows any signs of hostility towards test subjects, becoming SCP-348-2, or breaching containment, the water is to be released into the chamber until SCP-348 has become unconscious. The water is to be then drained, decontaminated and returned to the tank. SCP-348 is not to be exposed to the water for more than three (3) minutes without permission from personnel with level 4 security clearance or higher. Only one person permitted to enter the chamber at a time. At no time should SCP-348-1 be taken away from SCP-348 without permission from personnel with level 4 clearance or higher.

Description: SCP-348 appears to be an ordinary human, however it's appearance is completely different to each person it encounters, as well as all recording devices and thermal images that capture it. It is constantly carrying SCP-348-1, which it refers to as SoulBerg. SCP-348-1 is a 2.32 m long sword constructed of an unknown material, weighing over 3 tons. SCP-348 has never been observed without SCP-348-1 nor has it ever let the it touch the ground. However, SCP-348 doesn't seem to suffer fatigue from holding such a heavy object for so long. As of now, there is no known way of separating the two for a long period of time. Upon attempting to take SCP-348-1 from SCP 348 the sword will attach itself to SCP-348's hand. SCP-348 will then become extremely hostile towards the person attempting to remove SCP-348-1. The weapon may be removed while SCP-348 is unconscious, however, when the subject awakes once more, SCP-348-1 will fly towards SCP-348 at approximately 30 km and cut through any object within its path.

When provoked or aggravated, SCP-348 will begin to enter a state of rage and will continue to transform more and more, becoming more and more hostile until it either kills whoever is causing it to rage, or it falls unconscious. SCP-348 has also been known to attack people without provocation. It is currently unknown what causes this reaction, however SCP-348 has made it very clear, during interviews, that it has motivation to do so. (See Addendum 348). Subjects targeted by SCP-348 are to be referred to as SCP-348-3. After the transformation has begun, SCP-348 is referred to as SCP-348-2. The transformation is separated into six (6) stages.

Stage 1: Retinas become neon blue.
Stage 2: A light blue aura around the subject becomes apparent.
Stage 3: Strands of hair become blue, aura thickens.
Stage 4: Hair becomes completely blue, aura becomes extremely thick.
Stage 5: Aura becomes brilliant blue fire.
Stage 6: Thick, blue, pulsating veins envelop the subject. Skin will appear to have become cracked, or worn stone.

Throughout all the stages, SCP-348 will attempt to kill SCP-348-3 with SCP-348-2. If SCP-348 achieves this, a bright, blue light will travel from the corpse of SCP-348-3 and into SCP-348. Afterwards, SCP-348 will appear to know everything about its victim. It refers to this process as “Taking their soul.” Once entering the state of rage the subject appears to acquire the positive attributes and genes of some of its victims, and continues to posses more and more of these attributes as it continues through the states. So far 267 people are known to have been killed by SCP-348 in this way and because of it, SCP-348-2 is incredibly strong, fast, resilient and intelligent. SCP-348 has been observed to be harmed by coming into contact with water. It will feel great pain and after an average of five (5) seconds, pass out. After an average of three (3) minutes, SCP-348's will become extremely weak and close to death.

SCP-348 was discovered among the ruins of [EXPUNGED], unconscious, lying in a pool of water, with SCP-348-1 in its right hand.

Addendum 348: Recorded transcript of interview with SCP-348

Interviewed: SCP-348
Interviewer: Dr. Stems
Foreword: Dr. Stems was instructed to ask the subject a small list of questions regarding its abilities and actions.
<Begin log>
Dr. Stems: So, why do you carry that sword with you, everywhere you go?
SCP-348: Without her I am nothing.
Dr. Stems: How did you find it?
SCP-348: Soulberg found me. I was dying, at the hands of a barbarian. She came to me from the sky. She told me she could help me, make me the strongest person alive. I took her in my hands and slayed the monster before me. His, was the first soul I took. It gave me power. I liked power.
Dr. Stems: Why is it that you can only use these people's “souls” when you're angry, or trying to kill someone?
SCP-348: Soulberg wishes me not to be greedy. She wants me to use your power for righteousness and honour. And so I do.
Dr. Stems: Then why do you kill people without provocation? They do nothing to harm you, yet you attack them nonetheless.
SCP-348: Their souls are impure. Soulberg can smell it.
Dr. Stems: They are innocent and good people.
SCP-348: None of you are good! (The subject enters the first state of becoming SCP-348-2, however does not show signs of hostility. Dr. Stems orders security personnel to not flood the chamber, but to be prepared to do so.)
SCP-348-2: You imprison hundreds of souls within this dungeon! You have no mercy for them, so they have none for you. (The subject enters the second stage of transformation). But you can't hold them here forever. (The subject enters the third stage of transformation). One day they will all be free. (The subject enters the fourth stage of transformation). They will be angry. They will kill you all! (The subject enters the fifth stage of transformation. Dr. Stems orders security personnel to flood the chamber). And I will be among them. (The subject enters the sixth stage of transformation and uses SCP-348-1 to decapitate Dr. Stems, then loses consciousness).
<End log>

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Also, I can't get in chat because I'm 13. And shut up, I know. "Oh, that explains why your SCP is so bad." "Hahah. Go back to pre-school." I've heard 'em all and frankly I don't care. I know I'm practically disabled by immaturity, but I try to work past it. Obviously failed here though.

I am the tacti-pope

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Alright, I've locked in the autopilot. It should be smooth sailing from here out. Smooth sailing as long as our passenger back there stays unconscious. Where did you say you found him? Really? That many? Well, I'm glad he's doped up then. Ugly bastard. Not the worst I've seen. Hmmm? Oh yeah, I've been around the block. When you're the pilot of the Foundation's only close support gunship, you get a lot of shit thrown your way. Tell you what, it's gonna be a long flight. You make some coffee, and maybe I'll tell you some stories. Yes, I'd like cream.

Thanks man. Where to begin… Ah! I know. My very first call. This one actually happened before I was part of the Foundation proper. I was just a young pilot in the air national guard. Turns out my base commander had a special relationship with the Foundation. Always willing to lend a hand when needed. That's something people would be surprised about, I think. How much of their tax dollars actually go to helping the Foundation. Don't get me wrong, they'd be relieved, but surprised too. To know how much goes to an organization that officially claims no government affiliations. But I'm getting off topic, aren't I? Where was I? Ah, yes.

One day the base commander calls me and my crew into his office. Tells that we're going on a surprise training exercise, that it would, in fact, be live fire. We get to the target zone, middle of nowhere, Arizona. We're not seeing anything that looks like a target and our loiter time is getting low. Me and the crew chief exchange glances. I radio back to base for instructions, and the commander tells me to stay out there. Oh, another odd thing thing was that there was no tower. As far as I could tell, it was just the base commander giving us instructions. So I'm signing off, giving my copilot a look, and as I turn around for one more pass, I see it. What looks like the biggest lizard I've ever seen is tearin' across the Arizona desert like a bat out of hell.

Yeah, I see you know who I'm talkin' about. The big guy. 682. So I radio back to my commander. 'Uh sir, we have what appears to be a large lizard in the target area. Requesting permission to engage." I'll spare you his reply. Suffice to say, we opened up on the bastard. I have to say it was a pretty sight, the shell bursts and HE impacts tearin' him to shreds. Pretty right up until the point it grew wings and came up after us. I threw the plane into a banking ninety degree turn to avoid the ten-ton mass of pissed-off lizard flying at us. I could actually feel the airframe around us vibrate and complain. Somehow, we made the turn, and the next two.

Now, I don't know if you know this, but the AC-130 is not made for dogfighting. We're juking all over the sky trying to keep this asshole off our backs, while he does his damn best to shoot us down. Did I mention he's shooting some sort of crystals at us? I can hear them pinging off the hull. Eventually, I decide to end this bullshit. I pull the AC-130 around to give my gunner the shot. That man was the best damn gunner I ever had. He was with me before I was officially attached to the Foundation, and he lasted until he contracted some sort of memetic agent through the sights of his gun. I hadda put him down myself. Damn shame. So anyways, my gunner, he gives 682 two shells right down the throat. That bastard screamed so loud I figured it was some sort of sonic attack, but that did the trick. 682 started falling to the ground. When he hit he musta made a crater deeper than I am tall. That was the last I saw of him, just lying there in that crater. Looked almost peaceful.

We spent the ride back to base in silence, just tryin' to process what we'd seen. When we got back the commander told us in no uncertain terms that we had seen nothing, heard nothing, and most of all, we had certainly shot at nothing. I spent the next two weeks off duty, tryin' my best to forget that shit. Just a tip, but alcohol works just as good as any class-C. Just when I hit bottom a man came to see me. Said he had a job offer for me, and here I am.

What? Why go through all the bother of hiring me? Why didn't they just give me a class A? I actually asked the brass about that a couple years ago. They told me that we actually weren't expected to take down 682 that first day, just delay him. Said it was a suicide mission, that they were impressed I survived. That's right, the asshole actually said to my face my survival was "unexpected." Hell yeah, I was mad. Now, though, after seeing what we're up against, I think I understand. We need suicide missions sometimes, and at least I don't have to order people on them. Besides, they're not so bad. 682 was my first suicide mission, but it sure as hell wasn't the last. Maybe I'll tell you about them sometime.

Say hello to evolution, goodbye to reason

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Evolution of a single Virion of SCP-1242 at t=0s, t=0.15s and t=1s

Item #: SCP-1242

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Single living sample to be contained within a sealed glass vial suspended within a vacuum. Vial must be exposed to an equivalent dose of at least 0.1Sv/s of radiation from appropriately high energy source.
Warning: Any other samples, outbreaks or suspected infections of SCP-1242 must be handled with extreme caution. All other instances of SCP-1242 should be sterilized at no less than 790 Kelvin, surfaces exposed should then be treated with absolute ethanol and monitored for several days for any continued growth.

Description: SCP-1242 is a virus capable of extremely accelerated evolution. This is attributed to its rapid reproduction and its ability to transmit genetic data both vertically, to its offspring and horizontally, to other virions or the cells of other species.
SCP-1242 multiplies at an incredible rate, roughly doubling its population every 38 nanoseconds, and is able to do so even without the benefit of a host cells further separating it from what one may deem a "normal" virus. This rapid genetic advancement coupled with its DNA sharing abilities allow SCP-1242 to accelerate its own evolution, reaching sentience after mere hours.
It is thought that SCP-1242 is able to assimilate beneficial qualities from any host it currently resides within, this in turn leads to it's evolution being manipulated by the hosts it possesses, aiming more directly at survival in hosts such as rodents as opposed to intelligence and adaption when infecting higher mammals.

SCP-1242 is thought to have originated in Research Cell 109-B where SCP-914 resides. It is believed a tennis ball was not correctly sterilized before being placed into the machine, which was then set to very fine. While the tennis ball [REDACTED] and hence became SCP-████, The unknown contaminant is believed to be the first known instance of SCP-1242.
This led to the 15/3/████ outbreak, as well as the deaths of ██ personnel.

Following repairs after this outbreak, attempts were made to control and better understand SCP-1242. Having initially met with failure, scientists noted increasing [Redacted] Leading to the events on the ██/█/████ (See log L-1400-0A Through log L-1400-0E)
This incident is responsible for most of the current understanding of SCP-1242's behavior, which is as follows;

  • SCP-1242 is capable of resuming its evolution regardless of the current state of it's DNA so long as one virion remains alive.
  • Any surviving virion from a given outbreak retains some form of genetic memory of any information and evolution gained during that outbreak, the exact method by which it achieves this is unknown.
  • Separate instances of SCP-1242 are able to communicate, but do not share the same knowledge or evolutionary progression.
  • SCP-1242 is able to evolve without the addition of suitable host cells provided 2 or more virions are functional and in close proximity.
  • SCP-1242 is vulnerable to mutations caused by mutagenic chemicals or highly ionizing radiation, this is effective as a means of containing it as its own evolution is unable to "keep up" with the unwanted mutations caused by said sources.
  • SCP-1242 is capable of learning and consequently, deception and manipulation.
  • SCP-1242 will only multiply when it is beneficial to continued evolution, it's primary motivation appears to be exclusively evolution to an, as yet, unknown destination.
  • SCP-1242 is currently contained as per an agreement reached with the virus on the 21/5/████, it should be noted that while harmless at present, SCP-1242 still poses a strong threat.

Addendum 1: Usage of SCP-1242 has been considered as a method to eliminate SCP-682, however with evidence to suggest SCP-1242 is able to use beneficial DNA from those it infects, even if it DID work, the risk of getting something more dangerous is too high a risk.

Addendum 2: Experiment designed to see the effectiveness of SCP-500 on SCP-1242 has been planned, request sent.

Addendum 3: Consider reduction of logs, these entries should contain minimal information exclusively for the purposes of containment and protection.

How to do every cliche at once

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Item #: SCP-869

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-869 is to be contained within a secured toolbox which must remain at all times within the office of Dr.██████ unless it is being tested on. Testing is to be authorized by Dr.██████ and can be conducted by any Level 1 or higher testing personnel.

Description: SCP-869 is small rusty iron crowbar, which, unless handled by a living organism, exhibits no anomalous properties. SCP-869 was recovered from the residence of ██████ ███████, a construction worker living in ██████, California on 21/5/1995 after a news article was released detailing the destruction of his entire home. Mr. ██████ was relocated with memories altered. Foundation agents were dispatched to search the rubble of the home for anomalous objects, to which point Agent ██████ discovered SCP-869 within an unlocked toolbox.

As mentioned above, SCP-869 exhibits no anomalous properties when not being handled by a living organism. However, when handled by a living organism and thrusted against any flat surface, it will cause atomic structure in the surface to fall apart effectively causing the surface to crumble away within a span of up to ten (10) seconds. The effects of the object have proven effective in destroying almost or completely unbreakable material such as Titanium, Platinum and Diamond. SCP-869 appears to be of some potential benefit to the Foundation, although it is currently being debated whether it should be used as a renovation tool or just simply remain under containment as it poses a threat to containment if it were to be used inappropriately.

Addendum: Whether or not SCP-869 effects should be tested on living matter is currently under debate.

SCPF has no standards anymore

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2 instances of SCP-1403, deprived of electricity.

Item #: SCP-1403

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-1403 are to be contained in a room constructed to contain medium to high levels of radiation, with appropriate shielding in place. All personnel involved with SCP-1403, with the exception of D-class under test conditions, are to wear protective radiation gear at all times.

Each instance of SCP-1403 is to be connected to a standard 9-volt battery, which should be replaced every 2 weeks.

All instances of SCP-1403-B-1 are to be contained in the magnetic containment chamber specifically constructed for their containment (see attached schematics). A backup generator should be on standby to supply the chamber with power in the event of an outage.

Description: Instances of SCP-1403 include thirty one1 thirty light bulbs of non-standard design. The base of each is of the double-contact bayonet design, yet lack a filament. Inside the bulb of each object is approximately 118mL of water, and one creature resembling a common goldfish. These entities do not eat or defecate, subsisting solely on electricity. The bulbs themselves are designated instances of SCP-1403-A, and the fish instances of SCP-1403-B.

The creatures can be removed from the bulbs by dismantling the bulb; however, they will not live longer than 5 days outside their bulb, even while supplied with electricity. Dissections have revealed that the creatures are not common goldfish, though they share 96% identical DNA. They possess no digestive tract, and in its place is an organ that is theorized to be responsible for converting electricity into sustenance for the creature. It is probable that they were genetically engineered.

Replacing an instance of SCP-1403-B with a common goldfish yields no anomalous results.

An instance of SCP-1403-B will function nearly the same inside a modified non-anomalous bulb as when contained in an anomalous bulb; however, the water must contain a small concentration of salt or a similar mineral to facilitate the electrical current's flow. The water contained in the objects is nearly pure water. It appears that the objects lower the electrical resistance of the water by an unknown means.

Whenever an instance of SCP-1403-A is connected to electrical current through the two pins on its side, the object manifests its anomalous properties. The instance of SCP-1403-B within will glow with an orange bio-luminescence. When the electrical current reaches greater than 70 amps, the creature begin emitting gamma radiation as well as visible light. The strength of this radiation is directly proportional to the amplitude of the electrical current, reaching levels harmful to humans at around 200 amps.

At 100 amps, the fish begin to emit an unknown form of radiation similar to that emitted by SCP-████. No connection is theorized at this time.

At 200 amps, the radiation is strong enough to kill a human after 30 minutes of continuous exposure. The creature’s glow is sufficiently bright at this time to blind anyone without protective eye-wear.

At 400 amps, the creature undergoes a transformation. It will emit an intensely bright flash of light, exceeding 140,000 lux, and an accompanying burst of gamma and Cherenkov radiation. The creature then converts most its body into thermal energy, electrical energy, and radiation. How this conversion is accomplished is unknown. In this state, the creature is designated as an instance of SCP-1403-B-1. The SCP still retains the same shape, but possess the ability to levitate. Spectral analysis of instances of SCP-1403-B-1 have revealed their internal structure to be composed of little more than a loose cloud of electrons, which maintain the creature's shape. Electrical and thermal energy is contained within this electron cloud by an unknown means. The radiation manifests as a blue glow of visible light and a small amount of gamma radiation. While an instance of SCP-1403-B-1 is surrounded by air, the air within its electron cloud will become a plasma in a manner similar to lightning.

Instances of SCP-1403-B-1 can pass through solid matter without any kind of resistance. Their passing through an object in this manner causes the object to become very hot, heating it to an average of 260 degrees centigrade. The Foundation is currently in possession of eight seven instances of SCP-1403-B-1, though three four more are estimated to still exist outside containment2. It is unknown how long the creatures can survive in this state, but specimens have been in containment for ██ years and show no signs of deteriorating.


-Recovery Log 1403: SCP-1403 was initially discovered during a Foundation raid on █████ Pet Store in ██████, TX, on ████████ ██, 19██. None of the store's records made reference to any products fitting the description of SCP-1403. The shop had 10 instances of SCP-1403 on display connected to a standard electrical outlet. A sudden power surge caused all 10 of the creatures to enter their energy state. 6 serious injuries and 3 fatalities resulted from the raid. Though 7 instances of SCP-1403-B-1 were recovered, 3 have not yet been located.

-Incident Report 1403-A-1: Following a containment breach of SCP-████, the SCP-1403-B-1 magnetic containment chamber was critically damaged, allowing for the escape of all 7 instances of SCP-1403-B-1. All but one were re-contained. The seventh was observed descending through the floor of the facility, and has not yet resurfaced. Unique radiation signatures resembling that of the creature have been recorded from just below the Earth's crust, in the upper layers of the mantle. It is theorized that the other 3 un-contained instances of SCP-1403-B-1 also reside in the mantle. Methods of capture and containment are under review.

One way ticket.. i mean glass.

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Item #: SCP-1241

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: For same monitoring, SCP-1241 is contained in an 8 x 8 meter cell, constructed of non-reflective, one-way glass. SCP-1241 does not require any provisions for continued existence; however, it must be supplied with ultra-violet light during testing to become fully active.

SCP-1241 must never be viewed without some form of a visual filter (treated glasses, sunglasses, goggles, etc.), as viewing it unfiltered will result in death severe corneal damage, resulting in blindness in most subjects.

Description: SCP-1241 is believed to be fourth-dimensional life form. SCP-1241 is only visible when viewed through treated filters. The form visible while observing SCP-1241 appears to be a that of a tesseract surrounded by a transparent, spherical field. The field is orbited by two, opaque rings that rings continuously rotate around SCP-1241, giving the object a gyroscopic appearance.

SCP-1241 was discovered after it appeared in SCP-████’s containment chamber, causing the SCP-████’s destruction through unknown means. A side effect of this destruction was the deaths of 6 D-class undergoing experimentation with SCP-████

It appears that SCP-1241 is sentient, as it transported itself into a containment chamber that met its containment requirements perfectly.
I would like to test SCP-1241’s sentience -Dr.█████

4D containment

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Item #: SCP-286

Object class: euclid

Special containment procedures: SCP-286 is to be kept in a 200m²X200m² room made of concert. SCP-X is to be provided 200 megawatts of electricity at all times to continue running at optimal speed.
any beings that are collected by SCP-286 must be immediately brought to a recording room to be interviewed. they must then be administered an amnesiac then removed from the site SCP-286 is currently on the premises of.
any objects collected by SCP-286 should be sterilized then sent to storage for future use. any personnel that enter SCP-286 containment area is to avoid making any physical contact with SCP-286 unless a supervisor has instructed the personnel to do as such. any personnel attempting to tamper with SCP-286 is to immediately be terminated and then despised of.

Description: SCP-X resembles a monitor connected to a hard drive and a randomized number generator. on SCP-286's screen are a pair of two sets of numbers, one that will represent the date of time that it wishes to take something from, and the other which represent the precise X, Y and Z coordinates of whatever it is about to retrieve.
SCP-286 seams to be, on one level or another, aware of its surroundings as it will send anything it demes a threat to one of the other SCP-286 that exist at any point in time until it is no longer deemed a threat.


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Item #: SCP-274

Object Class: Safe/Keter

A SCP-274 specimen under radiations

Special Containment Procedures: Item must be contained in a living human's skull and has to be continuously kept under any type of radiation (except for light radiations) in order to prevent it to gain 100% of its abilities.

Description: Object is physically similar to an average mammal brain.When under any type of radiation,Object will not evolve and will continue working as usual. When not under radiation,Object will evolve (time for complete evolution is 20 minutes) until the host that is containing it can use 100% of its abilities.Such abilities are: telekinesis,telepathy manipulating (at molecular levels) everything that has a mass. It can also [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subjects in this state also seem to become much more intelligent and shrewd than before. To send radiations at all SCP-274 specimens 13 Foundation satellites,that emit non-lethal radiation,are in Earth's atmosphere.There are approximately 8 billion SCP-274 specimens under radiations and, therefore, safe.

Addendum: SCP-274 can only evolve when the host is an adult. Reasons of this are yet unknown.

Revenge of the Cubes

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Item#: SCP-1908

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No known containment has been available up to this date. From the first sightings of SCP-1908 in [DATA EXPUNGED] there has been no ways of stopping, containing, or even properly controlling SCP-1908, or even possible to conduct tests on the containment of SCP-1908.

Description: SCP-1908 has been described as simply a glass box, its size can varying and correlates from the time and date of the year. It has been commonly referred to as the “container” which has so far only gone as far as being an urban legend. It has the ability similar to SCP-106, however remarks no moulds similar to SCP-106, and can pass through any objects without deterring it. The rate at which SCP-1908 shrinks is still in question, however it has been recorded that SCP-1908’s speed of shrink can vary from time to time. It has been recorded that there are no ways of properly breaking SCP-1908, however gunfire has been able to crack the glass of the box.
Rumours of SCP-1908 started to arise to the Foundation in [DATA EXPUNGED] however there no solid evidence such an item existed as no recordings was ever sited. Few news reports had been listed subjecting SCP-1908 as a [DATA EXPUNGED], however it appears that no footage was ever revealed showing SCP-1908

The awareness of SCP-1908 began to rise as low level police investigations began to take place in Brazil, around the streets of [DATA EXPUNGED] and later on in New Zealand, around [DATA EXPUNGED]. Both the foundation and other groups such as [DATA EXPUNGED] searched the apartment in Brazil which SCP-1908 was reported to surround and enter a random house in the street, regardless of the law which restricts objects passing each other. The evidence was not solid that such an object existed, however one person always went missing after SCP disappeared.
In New Zealand, SCP-1908 had become even less noticeable, however the victims [DATA EXPUNGED] happened to notice a strange glass box of a red substance, without realising what it could’ve been, and at first suspected that the victim had been related to a new variety of drug smuggling. When the foundation had been sent there, the glass box had been reduced to no more than the height of a garden pea, with little red that had been described left in the box. Before there could be any photos of SCP-1908, the glass box had disappeared.
However, the most intriguing of all collisions with the investigation of SCP-1908 came from within the foundation itself, on [DATA EXPUNGED] when a Class D-923 Personnel hadn’t been able to move forward, and described that he was unable to move out of the perimeter. (See Addendum-1908-A for a written recording of SCP-1908’s killing.)

On [DATA EXPUNGED] a group of class D personnel surrounded Class D-923 who couldn’t seem to move into his office. There had been a few other suspected methods for why he couldn’t move, mainly a few suspected that an SCP had gotten loose, but then there were no alarms that had gone off, so that was ruled out.

Class D-923 began to say he felt like a goldfish in a box, many of us had laughed at the remark, but to be honest I can see what he meant, we all would’ve. The availability of movement for him was becoming more and more restricted, until it had been reduced to only about two square meters. We’d noticed Class D-923 had begun crouching all of a sudden. Many of us had suspected the worse already, but we didn’t know what that was. How many of us really knew SCP-1908? Wasn’t like there were any recordings back then.

A security force had come down to try see if they could do something about it. It was figured that if Class D-923 could see the glass box, what would stop them from trying to shoot it open. Even if it still didn’t make a difference, they’d even considered shooting the poor guy as he would be suffering his way to heaven before he’d even be dead. But it was no use. All that had happened was revealing a couple of cracks, the glass itself had become more visible due to this, but no bullets had penetrated the box. Come to think of it, none of them were still there.
So all we could do was watch really. Even some of the higher staff came along. It was like a funeral really, I just wish that we couldn’t help him. Many of us closed our eyes and prayed for him. I don’t think many of us in the foundation tend to be Theist’s, but any chance of this guy doing alright would’ve warmed us up. A few photos were taken of when SCP-1908 had turned Class D-923 into nothing more but his own crushed blood and bone, and then it was simply gone.

SCP-1908 with a victim squashed in.

Since Addendum-1908-A has taken place, all foundation staff has been given awareness of SCP-1908, and a moment of silence has been scheduled on [DATA EXPUNGED] for Class D-923. So far, research is on-going for any theories on how to destroy or even contain SCP-1908.

Addams Family

Dr. Quinn T. Addams Personal File

Security Clearance Level: Level 3 Clearance Level.

Profession: Researcher, Agent, Deranged Lunatic, Site Manager, Scientist, Programmer, Writer, Writer Of Erotica For Others, Anything that needs to be done.

Location: Most likely to be found in his office…Where ever it’s scuttled off to… It could be anywhere now.

Profile: Dr. Addams is often found to be a withdrawn, hardworking and quiet person, but with a cheeky, joking nature just a coin-scratch away. Dr. Addams has also been found by Dr. Glass, the Psychologist of Site 19 to be “…a bloody menace, I don’t care what O5 say’s if you don’t kill him, I will!” Yeah…About that…

Dr. Addams often causes arguments, but only with Dr. Glass, during his monthly Psychological examinations. And you can buy a full documented highlights video from my office for $9.95! - Dr. Bright.

Dr. Addams seems to get on especially well with Dr. Clef, and Dr. Bright. “He seemed to think that when I terminated SCP-531 I shouted ‘Don’t Fuck with the Clefster!’ That freaky guy. ” - Dr. Clef

Dr. Addams does not like to talk about his life before his joining to the SCP Foundation, and no one has the curiosity (or bravery) to ask properly- Dr. Addams is often found to be rather withdrawn, and when found angry or frustrated has often [REDACTED BY O5 COMMAND, THOSE WITH LEVEL 4 CLEARANCE CAN ACCESS THE FILE “That’s Some Scary Shit Right There”]

Or I lend you a copy to watch on the couch when you’re stranded in Alaska with 895 crunching away nearby - Dr. Bright

While programming Dr. Addams has been accused on several occasions of leaving open holes for himself to view high-level clearance documents, and other such nonsense. Even though this is punishable by O5, it keeps everyone with some topic of gossip, subjects that aren’t ‘“Detrimental to mental health, like death and slaughter, and ‘When 1827 is going to breach containment again?’…” -Dr Glass

Things like:

“Who’s Rights sleeping with now?”

“Is the videos of 682 and 999 still going around, and are they as good as they sound?”,

“Was Dr. Clef really found standing in a pentagram drawn out of his Assistants blood, and muttering under his breath?”

Example of usual gossip that’s floating around Site 17.

Dr. Addams also appears to have an unfriendly relationship with Dr. Rights, but the reason of this is something that shouldn’t exactly be discussed in public places.

Additional Notes: Dr. Addams currently claims ownership of several instances of SCP-2558-J.

Dr. Addams has a habit of insulting someone without realizing, and then laughing at the shocked expression on their face(s). He is also well known for attempting to use the solutions “Use more guns”, “Use even more guns”, “Use a gun gun”, “Use a chainsaw gun” and “Use a chainsaw gun cannon”. Just because this has worked 80% of the time doesn’t make it right. He is also no longer allowed to use the solution “Use Rights’s panties”.

Dr. Addams should be aware that no matter what his .44 is loaded with, it’s still a gun, and should be used as such, no matter the circumstances. Dr. Addams is no longer allowed to offer Dr. Rights a cup of “extreme sexual willingness” from SCP-294 or to any other female staff.

Just because there was a Pyro update in TF2 doesn’t mean that you can strap a pair of lab goggles to your head, grab the nearest fire-extinguisher and threaten to “Sparkle” staff with your “Rainblower”. It just isn’t right.

The natural hair color of Dr. Addams hair has been proven to be white, and only on two occasions has he not dyed his hair to hide this, neither of them willing.

SCPs Work:

SCP- 1338- The Daedalus Crab

Addendum A-

Dr. Bright is no longer allowed to edit personal files.
-O5 Command

Didn’t you try that before? Somehow, I don’t think that’ll stop him, but if you would let me rewrite the filing system…
-Dr. Addams

-O5 Command

Chains of love

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Item #: SCP-1183

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1183 is to be contained in a 5 by 5 meter concrete room with windows barred shut with steel. Within the room is to be a single bed, and multiple bars on the ceiling and walls which can be used by the object to exercise to keep from boredom. There are to be no class-D personnel within ten meters of SCP-1183, unless they have been given strict orders to do so.[Edited 8/1█/█3]

SCP-1183's containment procedures have been increased to being chained to the walls with chain, and it is to be contained in a 3 by 3 meter concrete room with no windows. Because of the incident in which it “teleported” outside of it's containment chamber(See addendum-1183-2.) [Edited 4/2█/█7]

SCP-1183 has been deemed as unable to be contained after displaying the capability to break the chains containing it and kill multiple personnel, some of which include [DATA EXPUNGED](See addendum-1183-5). SCP-1183's class status has been debated, but left at euclid. Object is no longer in containment.

Description: SCP-1183 appears as a Caucasian human male in his late teens, and is roughly 1.75 meters tall, with gray eyes and orange-red colored hair. Upon very close inspection, object is not human, despite it's convincing guise. Because of it's other characteristics, some personnel which keep watch of it refer to it as a demon lord.

SCP-1183 is capable of thinking using both human methods and and another unidentified method which seems much faster than the human method of thinking. This foreign method of thinking was discovered in an interview with the object(See interview #1.) This method of thinking is also known to increase the object's fighting abilities and reaction time, with reaction times reaching over ███% the average human's reaction time. In other interviews, the object has been noted to have knowledge of the world outside the Foundation, even during it's containment(See interview #2.) SCP-1183 expresses a desire to change the course of the human race for the better. This has been explored further to be seen as malevolent, despite the benevolent outcome.

The object has been noted to mutter in a foreign language when not being engaged in conversation with personnel or occupied with some other task. When asked what language it was speaking, Dr. ██████ was told “[DATA EXPUNGED]”(See interview #3.) Further research in this language has found that the object refers to itself as “Kliha Varkovia”, with no current translation, except that there may be other beings similar to it. Along with this discovery, class D personnel have noted that SCP-1183 is capable of using this language to force changes in it's environment. There are no other occurrences of this language in any historical or biblical records.

Addendum-1183-1: While transporting SCP-1183 to it's containment chamber, it expressed a desire to have interaction with multiple other objects, all of which where denied, including SCP-███, SCP-███, and SCP-████. Upon all of them being denied, the object broke away from the personnel leading it, turning to find some of the objects specified. Upon attempt to prevent this from occurring, multiple personnel attempted to attack SCP-1183, which ultimately lead to them being unable to hit the object, and several broken limbs on the accounts of the personnel.

Addendum-1183-2: SCP-1183 has been been seen bursting into flames and burning away, only to reappear outside it's windows a few seconds later. This has been discovered after decision to keep watch on it at all times to learn how it knows of the outside world despite it's containment.

Addendum-1183-3: SCP-1183 has been engaged in conversation by personnel, in which it was to be referred to as “Kliha Varkovia” to attempt to translate the phrase. Attempt was unsuccessful, ending up with the interviewer being vaporized and a large portion of the Foundation nearby the containment area of the object being set on fire. Object is not permitted to be experimented with or engaged in any way given it's increasing hatred for containment.

Addendum-1183-4: SCP-1183 has been noted to speak telepathically to personnel around it's containment unit. Personnel have been noted to, if exposed for long enough, be driven to madness. This behavior has increased slowly, eventually becoming instantly maddening. Despite attempts to keep the object contained, SCP-1183 has been deemed too dangerous, and has been marked for destruction.

Addendum-1183-5: Personnel opened SCP-1183's containment unit to destroy the object. All attempted to neutralize the object have been useless. While the chamber was opened, SCP-1183 escaped from it's containment area in a state of rage, killing multiple personnel. Any survivors found were [DATA EXPUNGED]. Those that had not been found report hearing the phrase “[DATA EXPUNGED]” repeat over and over in their heads. Multiple suicides have been noted to be caused by this phrase.

Interview #1
Interviewed: SCP-1183

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Foreword: SCP-1183 has requested to speak with one of the personnel, and has been granted this request, as to appease the object and to experiment with the object's thinking method, which has been seen to be advanced due to multiple instances of it answering questions for personnel regarding other objects which would usually require a large amount of time to figure out.

<Begin Log>
SCP-1183: Thank you for hearing out my request to speak with personnel, Dr. ██████.

Dr. ██████: I've seen what you're capable of, didn't think it would be good to deny you this request, as it can be beneficial for both of us. Surely you understand why we had to deny you your request for interaction with the other objects, however.

SCP-1183: Yes, yes, I understand. I know this may sound crazy, but are my current containment procedures going to be like this as long as I'm here?
Dr. ██████: If you don't cause problems, they might get better, otherwise they will only get worse if you make problems.
SCP-1183: No interaction with the outside world, either?
Dr. ██████: Not unless we're sure that the interaction will not be dangerous in any way, no. And yes, you'll be here for as long as we can or want to keep you here. Now, I've answered your questions, please let me know how you could solve the containment issues regarding SCP-████ so quickly, as we could use a thinking method like that.
SCP-1183: Simply disregard what you know of it and come up with a crazy way to contain it, and then reapply what you know about how to contain it. Or, if you wish it to be in simpler terms, think outside the box, find a new box, and then put the new box into the old one, or the old one into the new one.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-1183's method of thinking has been noted, and applied to multiple objects. The method has not worked for any personnel in charge of containing objects and was quickly disregarded for broken logic.

Interview #2
Interviewed: SCP-1183

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Foreword: Further investigation has been decided upon to see how the object's thinking works.

<Begin Log>
SCP-1183: You're back, Dr. ██████.

Dr. ██████: I'm here to request further understanding as to your thinking and mind in general, and how it works.

SCP-1183: So now the personnel request of me? That's nice.
Dr. ██████: Enough of the sarcasm, and just please tell me what I wish to know.
SCP-1183: But I wanted to talk of the state of the human race as it is, Dr. ██████.
Dr. ██████: The Foundation requires that you ans-
SCP-1183: Does it look like I wish to appease the Foundation? No, you're the ones who locked me here, so I have the right to go on about what I choose, which right now happens to be the human race. Really, please just look at yourselves, Dr. ██████, you're slowly falling into economic destruction, potential world destruction, and not to mention that humans are in general weak. Given a leader, such as me, who is unlike them, I could fix all of these problems. Make humans more and more like my race, and fix their economy, halt their wars, it would be ama-
Dr. ██████: That's enough for today, 1183.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The decision to stop attempting to understand the object's thinking has been agreed upon, and SCP-1183 will only be engaged to translate it's foreign language. This will only occur once unless the object is agreeable, as the object does not seem willing to give information unless given it's own turn to do so.

Interview #3
Interviewed: SCP-1183

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Foreword: Dr. ██████ has been assigned to translate the language the the object is known to mutter.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██████: Before you say anything, I'm going to say right now that if you are not agreeable with me, there will be no further interaction from this point on.

SCP-1183: Alright, fine.
Dr. ██████: Now, personnel have noted you to mutter a language while not occupied in your unit. Would you mind telling me what language this is?
Dr. ██████: If you won't speak English when speaking of your language, I am done here, Kliha Varkovia.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After referring to SCP-1183 as “Kliha Varkovia”, the object shouted another foreign phrase, obliterating Dr. ██████ and setting most of the surrounding facilities on fire.

Terminating nightlights, baby.

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Item #: SCP-1538
SCP-1538 during an interview.

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1538 is to be kept in a locked 4 x 3 meter cell at all times. No physical contact is to be made with the subject without prior written approval. Personnel may access SCP-1538's cell upon completion of Form 33-b, but any communication with the subject must be made in the presence of a Level 3 researcher or higher3

Description: SCP-1538 appears to be a late 19th century diving apparatus containing a live entity of possible European descent. It is unknown what the subject looks like due to light being blocked from entering its visor by an opaque black liquid, but it has claimed to be a human male. Any attempt for more information about this has resulted in it stating that it does not remember its appearance.

SCP-1538 was moved to Site 17 in 1994. The subject was found exiting the Mariana Trench in the Pacific ocean. A private scientific organization was first to spot it during their surveys on the trench. They called in to confirm that no other organization was conducting research, and upon further study of the subject, they discovered its air tubes were not connected to any oxygen source. They relayed the message back to local authorities at which point the Foundation was alerted.

The Foundation then asserted ownership of the suit and claimed it was a mechanical replica of an old exploration unit and advised the company to avoid contact. Upon retrieval it was discovered that SCP-1538 still had full functionality and the ability to speak. It stated it was a human male and that it hailed from Britain. The specimen then alleged to have been part of the original HMS Challenger which took sail in 1872. The subject had stated that during the original discovery of what is now known as Challenger Deep the crew had elected to explore the depths and SCP-1538 had decided that it would to be the first one to go under. It was lifted up and over the side of the ship, at which point it broke free of the ship harness and sunk into the trench. Further attempts to understand how it survived for so long have yielded no results due to the specimen not being aware of what caused its current state.

SCP-1538's suit is 2.3 meters tall and has a .5 meter extension from the top of its visor to its peak. Any attempt to shine light into SCP-1538’s visor has resulted in mild physical pain to the subject. It seems that the inside of its suit is full of a black liquid. Staff have reported the sounds of shuffling water coming from inside the suit and during conversations SCP-1538's voice can become inaudible. It is believed the subject cannot survive outside of its suit, the cause of this is unknown but the speculation is that either the liquid or suit itself keeps it stable. Until the Foundation can find the source of the black liquid it is required that all staff leave the specimen contained in the suit.


I got vans full of telekill, baby

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Item SCP-1835

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures

Containment of SCP-1835 is an ongoing concern. Several proposals for containment are under review. (see Addendum A) A surveillance team has been stationed across the street.


SCP-1835 is a restaurant located at ██ Primrose Street, █████, █. ███. SCP-1835 periodically undergoes event SCP-1835-alpha, in which architecture, cuisine served, signage, ornamentation, and staff all shift to alternate forms. SCP-1835 displays the memetic ability to alter perception so that to the vast majority of people nothing appears out of the ordinary. SCP-1835's memetic effects can be counteracted to a degree through use of Telekill. SCP-1835 produces very strong, appetizing aromas. Diners invariably describe the food served in the highest possible terms.

SCP-1835 is staffed by entities classed SCP-1835-1s. SCP-1835-1s appear human, but appear to have no need for rest or nourishment. No SCP-1835-1s have ever been observed to leave SCP-1835. When event SCP-1835-alpha occurs any customers inside SCP-1835 are converted to SCP-1835-1s. If an SCP-1835-1 encounters a person known to them before conversion, neither will recognize the other.

Foundation staff are strongly discouraged from attempting to dine at SCP-1835.

Addendum A Containment Proposals for SCP-xxxq currently under review.

Dr █████ proposes obtaining the properties adjacent to SCP-1835 and constructing a superstructure to enclose SCP-1835.

Dr ███████ proposes parking vans loaded with Telekill in front of SCP-1835 to counteract SCP-1835's memetic properties.

Agent ████ proposes using Foundation personnel to commit muggings, assault, vandalism and other criminal acts in the vicinity of SCP-1835 to deter potential customers from the area.

Operative ████ proposes simulating a man-made disaster involving radiological or chemical contamination, triggering the evacuation of the general area.

Addendum B Failed Attempts at Containment.

Foundation agents attempted to bribe a health inspector to close SCP-1835. Inspector █████ left raving about the calamari, refuses to follow through.

The Foundation attempted to purchase SCP-1835. The owners could not be identified, SCP-1835 does not appear to exist on paper.

Agent ████ is sent into SCP-1835 introduce food-borne pathogens into his and other customers' meals. Event SCP-1835-alpha occurred. Agent ████ subsequently observed serving as a fry-cook.


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Item #: SCP-1403

Object Class: Safe


Special Containment Procedures: Preferably on a USB key or exterior hard drive, if not possible keep it on an older PC or one without any access to the Internet, or other world widely spread elements; (Prof. ██████ suggested a generator capable of self-preservation powered by a [DATA EXPUNGED] energy source) it must be contained as far away from any electric object as possible, surveillance should be feasible with 4-5 Class-D personnel shifting each other. If any abnormality is sighted Containment Facility-███ must shut down, and evacuation should get started as soon as Task Force ██████ arrives to eliminate any threat and recover SCP-1403.

Description: A torrent file that, if willingly downloaded, takes over the host computer, and emits a [DATA REDUCTED] field with the diameter of 13 ms. It grows as the more devices it overtakes, the larger each individual fields get. The field does not appear to have any effect on organic material, but any electronic devices that come in contact go haywire, emit the same field or [DATA EXPUNGED].


Addendum-1403-02: Dr.██████ ████████████: After the previous failure to keep SCP-1403 contained, security has been tightened. And the reason “to check if it’s just porn” to conduct any research is punished by termination. Also SCP-1403 should be moved onto a disc or some exterior memory from the PC it is inhabiting now


Item #: SCP-1992

Object Class: Unknown. originally Safe/Keter, Keter when in someone possession.

Said object is not currently at any of our sites, breach containment date: [REDACTED]

Special Pontainment Proceduers: SCP-1992 is to be kept in a double contained in a 20x20 room. no personell are aloud in the room at any time (because there is no need) except for the time alotted (thirty Minutes) to study the device, every 72 hours, although at any time within the room, no one is aloud to touch SCP-1991 in which case two class d personell will go in with the Dr. assigned to it

Description: SCP - 1992 is a weapon that can be used at all ranges, stopping at (approx) 4.23 miles. It changes its form depending on how close the desired target is, although form ranges 4.00 millimeters to .6 miles, it will be weapons seen and created by man, after that new unknown weapons will be formed.

Dr. [REDACTED], Deceased, see appendix a, was the lead for containment of SCP-1992, under the authority of Dr. Petersen breaches in containment would be made almost once a weak, by mostly class d personnel trying to use the weapon for there own use. Dr. Petersen was terminated after the fifth breach of the conatainment, which then was the containment then handed over to Dr. [REDACTED].

SPC-1992 was found by a Jack Miller while trying to escape the [REDACTED] prison in [REDACTED], floating in the lake.
Miller then used the weapon to free the other prison and burn down the prison with the guards in it.

Origin: Unknown

Appendix a, Dr. [REDACTED] was in his quarters when a class d personnel broke in with murderers gold, and killed him, further investigation show, (3) knife wound(s), and (1) shotgun blast(s).

Last fart before departure, posted as former SCP-1850

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Harmless mite

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Item #: SCP-1219

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The object must be contained within a room having no windows doors or other access's to outside.SCP-1219 should be guarded only to prevent intrusion.

Description: Object is a tiny mote of dust floating in the exact middle of the room.

Addendum:1219a Object is completely harmless and is by Foundation standards,completely banal.The only reason for its containment is to prevent other organizations from studying it.

Addendum:1219b guard comment directed to upper management: You know I'm guarding an empty room right?


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Item #: SCP-071

Object Class: Keter (see Addendum 071-03)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-071 is contained in a soundproofed 5m x 5m x5m cell devoid of direct viewpoints. Cell door and anteroom must remain locked at all times, with guard stationed at the exterior side of the anteroom door. Cell activity is remotely recorded via analog CCTV with 30 second delay; storage capacity is 72 hours, with automatic overwrite. Such footage does not require monitoring or review by personnel prior to overwrite, though footage may be temporarily retained and viewed in VR-43-071 if deemed necessary by senior research staff. Removal of surveillance footage from VR-43-071 is prohibited without prior Site Director approval. Under no circumstances should digital copies of surveillance footage be made.

No regular contact with SCP-071 should be necessary as it appears to require no nourishment or interaction in order to sustain itself. If access to SCP-071's enclosure is needed for maintenance or other non-research purposes, personnel entering SCP-071’s containment area must do so in groups of no less than 4 comprised of both male and female personnel. Direct contact with SCP-071 is strictly prohibited, and any attempts by SCP-071 to initiate contact with any personnel must be emphatically, but nonviolently, rebuffed. All personnel entering the enclosure—Class D Personnel included—must be briefed beforehand on the nature of SCP-071 in order to dissuade personnel from initiating contact with SCP-071. Under no circumstances should SCP-071 be permitted to leave its enclosure.

All testing involving Class-D Personnel must be approved by senior research staff beforehand. Any tests requiring captured images or audio recordings of SCP-071 (SCP-071-1) must not store such testing materials in a digital format (approved testing materials include standard 8mm film, compact cassette and photographic paper.) Any such images or audio may not be removed from designated testing area and must be destroyed immediately after the conclusion of testing.

Addendum 071-04: Access to SCP-071 for testing purposes or creation of SCP-071-1 is suspended indefinitely. Requests for temporary access by researchers may be granted pending O5 approval.

Description: SCP-071 is a humanoid of indeterminate sex and age. SCP-071 appears to possess approximately average human intelligence; it displays complex expression and evincive non-speech vocalizations, though it has yet to reveal any linguistic ability. SCP-071 also possesses expanded awareness, responding to viewers even when separated by barriers designed to prevent SCP-071’s knowledge of their observation (such as remote monitors or one-way mirrors). It does not demonstrate this ability when viewed through remote monitoring systems with added delay of 10 seconds or more.

SCP-071 is capable of assuming different forms, and does so with the apparent intent of enticing human onlookers to engage in sexual activity. Thus far it has assumed a myriad array of forms consisting of males and females of ages ranging from prepubescent to middle-aged; in rare cases it has assumed non-human forms (see Test Log 071-01.) Test subject interviews have prompted the conclusion that it assumes forms based upon the principal sexual desire(s) of the individual it is attempting to seduce; how it is able to discern such desires is currently unknown. While this ability allows SCP-071 to present an appearance that is highly arousing to its intended target, testing has uncovered no abnormal compulsion created by the entity (see Test Log 071-03.) SCP-071 appears unable or unwilling to assume different manifestations without external stimuli, remaining in its last assumed form when left alone.

Class-D personnel allowed to engage in sexual relations with SCP-071 suffered rapid atrophy of muscle and neural tissue, with onset occurring 1-3 days after contact; those allowed to achieve auto-gratification through use of images and/or audio containing SCP-071 suffered the same effects (see Test Log 071-02.) In all instances the atrophy persisted for roughly one week, with the stabilized state characterized by decreased musculature, decreased organ function, sharply decreased brain function, little if any linguistic ability, and—in 91% of cases—sterility.

In a small minority of subjects (4%), approximately 25-35 days after initial stabilization ███████████████ ████████████ ████ ██ ████████ ███████ ███████████ ████ ██ ██████████, ████████, ██████, ██ █. ████████ ██ ██████ ████ ████ ██████ ████████ █ ██ ██████████. █████ ██ █████████ █████████ ███████ █████ ██ ████████ ███████ ██ █ ███████████ ████████. 120 days after first occurrence all such affected subjects were terminated and their remains incinerated after autopsy as per Dr. ███████'s orders. Full autopsy reports on record as MR.A.071.12 - MR.A.071.17.

Researcher's Note: Medical symptoms arising from sexual contact with SCP-071/SCP-071-1 have been designated SCP-071-2.

Efforts to track down and remove all instances of SCP-071-1 from the internet and other areas are ongoing (see Addendum 071-01.)

SCP-071 was initially recovered from ███████, ██████ in ██/██/1999.

Test Log 071-01:

Test Log 071-02:

Test Log 071-03:

Addendum 071-01: Special Task Force Phi Alpha Pi has been created to find and remove all instances of SCP-071-1 outside of the Foundation's control, as well as track and obfuscate instances of SCP-071-2. Additionally STF-ΦΑΠ is tasked with retaining a master record of all SCP-071-1 encountered in an effort to determine whether such instances of SCP-071-1 were created by SCP-071 prior to containment or produced by other identical entities not under foundation control.

Addendum 071-02: D██████-███ is to be retained for the purpose of entering SCP-071's containment unit. D██████-███ was inadvertently killed during an unrelated SCP-███ containment breach, but in the highly unlikely event that another cooperative Class D Personnel with the same or similar disorders finds their way into Foundation hands, they should be retained for the purpose of entering SCP-071's containment unit. —Dr. ███████

Addendum 071-03: While for site management purposes SCP-071 itself may be considered a safe object, the nature of SCP-071-1 precludes downgrade from Keter. All instances of SCP-071-1 must be treated according to Keter status guidelines.

Addendum 071-05: It has been hypothesized by some researchers that instances of SCP-071-1 may cease to exhibit anomalous properties upon termination of SCP-071. In the event of a major outbreak of SCP-071-2 (>1,200,000) or protracted inability of STF-ΦΑΠ to adequately contain SCP-071-1 leading to unacceptable sustained casualties (>160,000/y) termination of SCP-071 is to be immediately attempted. Followup testing of SCP-071-1 on Class D Subjects is to be commenced immediately afterwards to determine effect of termination upon SCP-071-1.

Addendum 071-06:

Blast du past

Item #: SCP-1447

Additional Designations/Codenames: Specs-14, ‘The Achilles Drug’

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: storage should consist of a modified incubation chamber kept at a consistent 305.37 Kelvin. SCP-1447 should not be handled without the authorization of Dr. Jordan Beck and/or Dr. Chris Wheaton, and only by personnel who have undergone proper sterilizing and decontamination.

Description: SCP-1447 consists of eighteen (18) uniform, glass test tubes labeled with masking tape bearing the words ‘Specs-14’ in black marker, individually designated as SCP-1447-1 through 18. Each test tube contains an average an average of 50 milliliters of a transluscent blue fluid. The fluid is pH neutral and has a viscosity of .072 Poiseuille Units. These properties are not what make 1447 of note, however.
What is truly interesting about the unidentified substance is its ability to take a subject’s physical or mental flaws and reverse them, effectively turning a perceived weakness into an actual strength.
Three previous cases of exposure have been recorded (see Acquisition, 1447-Alpha, Beta, and Gamma), with the Foundation having produced three more successful test subjects designated 1447-Delta, Epsilon, and Zeta. The subjects in question were supervised by Dr. Jordan Beck, who also initiated testing. The test subjects were specifically chosen out of a population of several hundred Class-D personnel in order to gather new data to compare to the three existing cases.

•1447-Delta is an overweight, uncoordinated Caucasian male in his mid-twenties. He was chosen for his inability to move quickly and his difficulty controlling his movements.

•1447-Epsilon is a middle-aged Hispanic woman with a history of hemophilia. She was chosen for her difficulty recovering from injuries.

•1447-Zeta is a tall, thin African-American male in his late 50’s. He was chosen for his weak immune system and wide array of allergies.

The test subjects were given steady doses of SCP-1447 over the course of three weeks, the estimated extent of exposure by Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. At the end of three weeks the personnel were told to resume their daily lives for a week. At the end of the week, tests were conducted to ascertain the nature of the genetic changes theorized in Delta, Epsilon, and Zeta. As previous data indicated, the subjects had acquired anomalistic abilities:

•Delta’s balance and coordination had become highly fluid and his mobility levels had increased by 350%.

•Epsilon was found to possess accelerated regenerative abilities, recovering from normally fatal injuries ranging from a .45 caliber gunshot to the stomach to vertical knife wounds over the wrists at such a rapid rate that she showed very little distress at being injured in the first place.

•Zeta was found to be immune to most poisons, toxins, and other foreign agents. Substances tested thus far include cyanide, ricin, V-Series nerve agents, and chlorine gas.

The vials are currently under extensive research and testing is isolated to the current three subjects (pending six if recovery of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma is successful).

Acquisition: initial knowledge of SPC-1447 came to the Foundation via a water treatment ordinance posted in 19██ in [REDACTED] Township, Detroit. Three locals had admitted themselves into hospital care, fearing mental unbalance. Doctors at [REDACTED] found no sign of delusions, but did discover that the three patients had undergone benevolent mutations on a genetic level.
The first, a 33 year-old paraplegic named ████████ █████ (1447-Alpha), found that he was slowly regaining sensation in his legs, and was up and walking unassisted several hours before Foundation agents arrived for retrieval.
The second case was ██████ ████ (1447-Beta), a young girl whose records indicate she suffered Werner’s Syndrome, but according to doctors her skin was suddenly flawless and withstood penetration from a high-gauge IV needle.
The final case to emerge from [REDACTED] Township was ████ █████████ (1447-Gamma), a Vietnam veteran who was previously deemed terminally ill. █████████’s condition was soon withdrawn, as an examination revealed that his internal organs had regressed in age by approximately 20 years.
Agents were immediately dispatched to the hospital upon notification, but all three patients were already gone from the hospital, last seen on security footage leaving the hospital together in the company of man in a blue denim jacket. A retrieval effort is underway, but has yet to yield results.
The only known link between Alpha, Beta, and Gamma was found to be a local well which remained connected to only the three subjects’ houses. The well was disconnected from the city lines, and a retrieval team soon recovered a storage canister containing twenty (20) vials, two (2) of which were shattered and had entered the water supply. The remaining vials were placed into Foundation care, and the soil is checked twice annually for any trace elements.

Addendum 1447-A: after extensive debate, Dr. Beck and Dr. Wheaton have agreed that SCP-1447 is a living protein of unprecedented complexity. Further research will be conducted.

Addendum 1447-B: further testing has yielded theories of a possible connection between SCP-1447 and SCP-500. Any interconnecting data is still technically hypothetical.

Addendum 1447-C: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should ANY amount of SCP-1447 be exposed to the following SCP designations:

The author's word:

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Dr BeckDr Beck 19 Jul 2012, 23:29 CEST

I have removed the contents of SCP-1447. It has been moved to SCP-1324. Also, before anyone blows up the new page with comments about spell-check:

I WORK AT A BIOTECH LAB. I AM USING REAL WORDS, AND I KNOW HOW TO SPELL THEM. And yes, I performed spell-check in both Microsoft Word AND on this site.

Additionally, I KNOW that a protein is not a living organism: I typed 'Protozoa', and Chrome corrected it without my knowledge. Excuse my blunder.

I know that this is effectively leaving 1447 with a pre-existing negative, but if anyone can suggest the best way to contact the administrator in regards to resetting 1447's votes, I would be more than happy to resolve the issue.

Stupiding gas

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Item #: SCP-1174

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1174 and any similar object must be placed in a large, sealed containment chamber, completely airtight, with a cooling system capable of bringing the inner chamber's temperature near conditions of absolute zero. For additional stability, the chamber needs be surrounded by electromagnetic devices. Atmospheric pressure must be as low as possible, never exceeding 337 mbar.

SCP-1174 must be monitered each hour, in an effort to secure the temperature of the chamber. Slight changes in temperature are relatively harmless, while larger shifts can be potentially life-threatening. In the presence of a large shift in temperature, staff members are instructed to open the chamber, fill it with water, close the chamber, and follow up with keeping the water cool, as to stay frozen.

Any staff member needing to manipulate, move, study, or in any case come in contact with SCP-1174 must have been informed of Protocol-1174. Protocol-1174 comes as follows:

-Enter the chamber, wearing one of the specially designed suits given at the time of instruction for Protocol-1174. This suit is seperated into two sheets, electromagnetic liquid covering the middle ground.

-Stay within 5 meters away from SCP-1174; Any contact must be made with a rubber pole given at the time of instruction for Protocal-1174. Any contact with a type of conductor with SCP-1174 can be potentially dangerous.

-If the manipulation of SCP-1174 requires movement to a new chamber, deactivate any magnetic devices in the vicinity of SCP-1174, place a magnet inside an airtight, metal container, and when SCP-1174 glows white, seal the container. When leaving the current chamber, cool the metal container down and transport it to it's new containement chamber.

-If the manipulation of SCP-1174 was mobility, release SCP-1174 into the new chamber. Proceed to create a magnetic field superior to that of the metal container's magnet, exit the chamber, seal the chamber, and cool off the room. If the manipulation was not mobility, simply cool off the room.

Description: SCP-1174 is a gas, that, while will react normally to temperature changes and pressure, and is affected by magnetic fields, possesses radical traits. When kept at temperatures near absolute zero, almost no contact with any other particles, SCP-1174 will act as a normal gas, spreading across the empty room. At this stage, SCP-1174 has no colour, odour, or taste. When the temperature rises, SCP-1174 will appear condense into a different object or person. Each time the temperature rises up approximately a half Celsius, SCP-1174 will again change forms. This behaviour is accompanied with a small sound wave each time SCP-1174 changes. At lower temperatures, SCP-1174 will assume normal, banal forms. A few tests had a spoon, a faculty member, and a music cd as forms. However, upon reaching higher temperatures, SCP-1174 will change into more violent or depressing forms. In one test, upon reaching █°C, SCP-1174 changed forms into that of a little boy with no face, with spikes wrapped around his neck and arms. When reaching█°C, it was that of a bound man with no legs or head. Each sound pulse becomes louder and louder, to the point where the form at █ °C deafened a staff member for a month. The furthest tests have gone to were █ °C, where glass in the vicinity of the testing area was shattered; the form was that of a little girl with two heads visibly sewn on, with multiple nooses around her necks, and 7 swords transpiercing her abdomen. In her hand was an identification card of [DATA EXPUNGED], a serial killer. 3 staff members were permanently deafened suffered concussions, while all staff in the vicinity were dazed, while their ears bled.

SCP-1174 has very strange inherent traits; While the visible form is in effect, passing a solid object through it will cause SCP-1174 to disperse like a gas, and to reassemble a few seconds later. Testing so far has concluded that SCP-1174 will never pass to a liquid or solid state. Injection or ingestion of SCP-1174 during it's visible form is b understood; Subjects exposed to SCP-1174 tend to develop an addiction to whatever SCP-1174 was mimicking at the time of ingestion. The addiction tends to cause victims to go on violent crime rampages, until they themselves commit suicide. One addiction case had shown a man repeatedly carving out nightshade flowers on his body, until he committed suicide by ingesting the very same type of flower. An another had a woman steal all the rubber bands from a nearby shop, and the proceed to strangle all the faculty staff with those same rubber bands. All attempts to communicate with those infected with SCP-1174 have been futile, as the subject would incessantly use their 'attributed addiction' as an answer.

O5 from da hood

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Item #: SCP-1152

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1152 is to be fitted with an embedded locator chip at all times. This chip is set to be activated by the electrical discharge emitted when SCP-1152 enters an “active state”. If SCP-1152 enters an “active state” all Foundation staff are to immediately vacate the room currently occupied by SCP-1152 and lock it down in accordance with the containment of memetic kill-agents. If SCP-1152 is outside of a Foundation site at time of activation all available Foundation staff are to oversee the evacuation of civilians in a 1km area around SCP-1152 and then vacate the area themselves to await the arrival of any personnel of Level-5 or higher clearance. Any Foundation staff that hear SCP-1152’s vocalisations during an active state must be administered a class A amnesiac immediately by their commanding officer. Failure to do so will result in severe sanctions as dictated by on-site O5 personnel followed by the forcible administration of class A amnesiacs.

Description: SCP-1152 is a ██ year old human male formerly known as Agent ███ Price. Agent Price had worked for the Foundation for many years, at one time operating as a handler in MTF Omega-7, after which he was promoted to his own command, MTF Epsilon-9 (Blade Runners). On █/█/███ Agent Price was reported by his team to have vanished without any trace, and a concerted attempt to locate him yielded no other evidence.

On █/█/███, Dr. ████ made note of a peculiar [DATA EXPUNGED BY ORDER OF O5-█] outside of site ██. MTF Epsilon-9 were dispatched to investigate the phenomenon, discovering a [DATA EXPUNGED] in which sat Agent Price. Agent Price was henceforth granted SCP classification as SCP-1152.

SCP-1152 is completely devoid of all body hair and all of his skin cells have had their melanin removed by unknown means, giving him the skin tone of an albino. Despite the physical differences SCP-1152 is mentally identical to the former Agent Price in every way, including long and short term memory. When questioned about the ██ weeks in which he had vanished, SCP-1152 becomes suddenly fazed and unfocused, and after several seconds of inactivity asks the speaker to repeat the question. Upon recovery multiple psychologists diagnosed SCP-1152 with severe cases of anablephobia (fear of looking up) and photophobia (fear of bright lights). However several weeks of therapy have been successful in alleviating these issues.

After several weeks of observation it appears that SCP-1152 poses no threat to the Foundation. He has been classified as safe and allowed to return to active duty as leader of MTF Epsilon-9.

Object has been reclassified as Euclid following incident 1152-A during which several anomalous effects were discovered (See addendum 1152-1). As SCP-1152 continues to show nothing but complete loyalty to the Foundation he has been permitted to resume active duty, however rather than allow him to operate in the field he has been reassigned as a senior aide to Dr. ████ in his research. Containment procedures have been revised accordingly.

Addendum: 1152-1
At seemingly random intervals, SCP-1152’s body will become suffused with approximately ████KJ of electrical energy, emitted from an unknown source, and begin to pulse with ███ radiation. Both effects cause no permanent damage to SCP-1152, but during an “active phase” he will immediately collapse and [DATA EXPUNGED BY ORDER OF O5-█]. Since these events have started occurring, SCP-1152 has begun to show signs of clinical paranoia and his previous phobias have resurged. Therapy for these conditions is ongoing.

A letter from the O5 council:
The O5 council held a debate for several hours regarding your request, Dr. ████, and the council would like to assure you that if you were anything less than a site administrator we’d have busted your ass back to D-Class and shipped you off to 682 for the tone of voice your email addressed us in.

However your arguments held sway and the motion passed by two-thirds vote, so you’ll get your explanation regarding SCP-1152. As an administrator we are aware you know the value of discretion, but the divulging of this information could result in nothing less than termination of all staff at site ██ to ensure the security of information. Read on if you wish to bear this responsibility.

SCP-1152 is extraterrestrial in origin. We are relatively sure that he is the actual Agent Price, however we cannot provide any certainty, nor can we guarantee that he has not been memetically altered in some way.

SCP-1152’s ribcage has been fused together into a smooth sheet of bone, centred around a complex transmitter/receiver that all attempts at scanning have failed to penetrate, as have any physical attempts to breach the shell. When a transmission is incoming (all attempts to activate the device and transmit from our end have been fruitless) SCP-1152’s body will emit large amounts of electrical energy and radiation. He will display signs of extreme agony for a several minutes before passing out and collapsing. Approximately sixty (60) seconds later the energy emissions will briefly increase, after which SCP-1152 will be animated by unknown means and seek out the nearest sapient creature, repeatedly vocalising the demand “Take me to your leader”. If a sapient announces his or herself as “the leader” SCP-1152 will stop and examine the subject for several minutes. It is assumed that in this time he is evaluating his or her claim. If he finds it to be correct (Anyone who holds any rank of authority can be deemed sufficient, even if they only have the power to command one person) SCP-1152 will enter into what appears to be a complex and lengthy negotiation regarding the “price” at which various astrological bodies be sold. The list of astrological bodies that have been negotiated over include, but are not limited to;
Sol, Earth, Luna, Jupiter, Halley ’s Comet, Mars.

Said astrological bodies are valued in rare minerals and the price can exceed millions of tonnes. In the most recent “active state”, Sol was valued at its own weight in gold, but luckily O5-█ was aware that it is worth slightly more to us.

It is taken as given that SCP-1152 has been adapted to act as a mouthpiece for extraterrestrial entities of unknown nature or origin. We advise you keep D-class personnel away from him at all times, or indeed any staff you would consider “untrustworthy”. Someone saying “yes” to his offers could trigger at the very least a CK if not an XK class event. On the other hand, it is also imperative that he is quickly given a “leader” to negotiate with when he enters an active state. We do not know if there is a time limit in which he must find a leader, or what will happen if the limit expires, but any force that considers something like Halley’s comet as something to barter and trade with is not something we want to ignore.
And there you have it. Good luck with him, Dr. ████, we’re all watching you.
We Secure, We Contain, We Protect

100% focused, and not a 1% less.

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SCP-1151 at discovery site

Item #: SCP-1151

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1151 is to be kept in a sealed chamber 30m from the nearest water source. Chamber is to be airtight and watertight. Testing with SCP-1151 has been banned due to the instance at [DATA EXPLUNGED]. Any subjects exposed to SCP-1151 are to be burned as soon as possible. All interaction with SCP-1151 is to be done with full hazmat suits and all personell are to take chemicle showers upon entrence and exit.

Description: SCP-1151 was recovered at [REDACTED] on ██/█/████ SCP-1151 is a virus by the scientific name of descanedat retondebat contained in a glass vial sealed with a common cork. SCP-1151. Upon removal of the cork SCP-1151 is spread via air and contaminates water that touches infected air, but is only spread through bodily fluids when spread from a carrier. When subjects are exposed to SCP-1151 the effects take action withing 5-10 minutes. First visable symptoms are sweating, nausia, and hemmoraging of abdominal area. Within 2-3 hours after exposure subjects epidermus begins to decay. Subjects begin to feel like they are alone, and are the only of their species. 8-10 hours after exposure infected personnells skin is almost completly decayed and subjects become highly resistent to standered firearms. Thus becoming resilient enough to lose several limbs and puncuring of many major organs before ceasing movement. Subject feels the compulsive need to harm or kill whatever human life it can find. Subjects then become emotionless and 100% focused on killing.

WG fapfiction is now an SCP guyz

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Item #: SCP-1139

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-1139-1 are to be contained in one of ██ specially marked food cabinets in Research Sector-██. These cabinets are to be kept separate from any standard food cabinets used by personnel and locked with a numbered password padlock accessible only to personnel with Security Clearance 2/1139 and above in order to minimize risk of unauthorized individuals accidentally coming into contact with SCP-1139.

SCP-1139-1 items are only to be consumed by Class D personnel for experimental purposes. Individuals affected by SCP-1139 are to be monitored in the minutes following ingestion of SCP-1139-1 items until the digestion and absorption of said items is confirmed to have ceased, after which they are to be weighed and measured. Afterward, affected individuals are to have periodic health checks to detect any possible cardiovascular issues or other health problems resulting from the effects of SCP-1139.

Any Foundation personnel, other than the assigned Class D experiment subjects, found to have consumed SCP-1139-1 items themselves or deceived other Foundation personnel into unknowingly consuming said items are to be moved to another facility. Personnel whose psychological profiles indicate tendencies toward fat fetishism are to be preemptively restricted from accessing any SCP-1139-1 items.

Should individuals affected by SCP-1139 surface outside of containment in the general populace, a Mobile Task Force is to administer Class A or B Amnesiacs to the local civilians and to disseminate a cover story to account for the affected individuals. In cases where any cover story would prove implausible, those affected are to be detained and put through a diet and exercise program until they have returned to their pre-SCP-1139 state; surgical procedures such as liposuction and abdominoplasty are to be enacted in the most extreme cases.

Description: SCP-1139 appears to be a species of fungus-like microorganisms, genetically and behaviorally similar to mold, that is capable of forming colonies on food consumed by humans. Unlike common molds, the fungus has not been observed to spoil food nor form colonies large enough to be visible without microscopic analysis. SCP-1139 seems capable of residing dormant in any food item (designated SCP-1139-1) indefinitely, provided the food is not damaged by decomposition, dissolution, or burning from temperatures exceeding those used to cook. Whenever any SCP-1139-1 item comes into contact with non-infected food, SCP-1139 will spread to the other food. Researchers have been unable to transfer SCP-1139 to any inedible object.

The organism’s anomalous effects manifest when food containing SCP-1139 is ingested by a person. SCP-1139 reacts with SCP-1139-1 and the enzymes in the individual’s stomach to produce material that is quickly absorbed by the body and used to produce adipose tissue. The amount of material produced and the rate of absorption vary depending on the amount of SCP-1139 present, the mass and composition of SCP-1139-1, and the metabolism of the individual; however, the amount of mass produced through this process far exceeds that which is consumed.

Individuals who have consumed SCP-1139-1 items gain this weight over a period that has yet to exceed 30 minutes, much faster than would occur with a person consuming unaffected food to achieve the same effect. The largest recorded amount of weight gained as a result of SCP-1139 consumption is █████ kg.

During the process of and in the immediate aftermath of this weight gain, the rapidity of the increase in mass can potentially have secondary results such as ripping of undersized clothing, the fracturing and breaking of bones, and immobility. Over a longer period of time, individuals affected by SCP-1139 can also experience health issues that typically stem from obesity such as clogging of arteries (as well as the resulting risk of cardiac arrest and other cardiovascular diseases) and diabetes.

Addendum 1139-1: Reports of individuals affected by what came to be known as SCP-1139 first came from the █████ region of the Sahel, where there was a severe famine following a period of drought starting in 19██. Embedded Foundation agents heard local rumors of certain clans and businesses whose individuals “got very fat” during this period in spite of the general lack of food.

A Mobile Task Force sent to investigate these reports first came across instances of SCP-1139-1 while visiting the family home of the █████ clan, said to be among those affected by the anomaly, in the town of ███████ in ████. Upon dining with the family to gain their trust and collect any information concerning anomalous objects, Agent M███████ experienced the effects of SCP-1139 after consuming some yam; she was subsequently put under medical supervision and has since recovered. A subsequent inspection of the family’s food supplies yielded the first identified instances of SCP-1139-1.

Further investigation of the town led to the discovery of a large inventory of the items in a brothel, whose owners had been appropriating the food from other town inhabitants for use by the establishment’s workers. Many of the prostitutes were found to have become confined to their beds due to morbid obesity. The enlarged corpses of 2 women were found in an advanced state of decay in their quarters on the premises; the brothel owners claim that the women had suffocated under their own weight (autopsies by Foundation medical personnel corroborated this account) and had become too heavy for anyone to relocate their bodies for burial.

Interviews with the █████ clan, the brothel owners, and other locals indicate that the first SCP-1139-1 items came to the town in famine relief packages delivered by the Manna Charitable Foundation. None of those interrogated knew anything about the location of the headquarters of the Manna Charitable Foundation or about the identity of any members of the organization. Following confiscation of all identified instances of SCP-1139-1, the inhabitants of the town were given Amnesiacs and a cover story was produced in which the government of ████ was investigating food bandits who were gorging themselves on their pilfered goods to the point of obesity.

Addendum XXXX-2: More recent reports of abnormally obese individuals inhabiting regions in the proximity of the initial discovery site of SCP-1139 seem to indicate that instances of SCP-1139-1 remain uncontained. Further investigation into and containment of any remaining SCP-1139-1 items is required.

At least the class is spot on

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Item #: SCP-1994

Object Class: Annoying Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1994 is to be kept in a sound-proofed holding chamber furnished with an auto-tuning radio when not in testing. All non-testing personnel entering chamber must wear ████ specialized sound canceling headphones. No personnel are allowed to converse with SCP-1994 for more than 15 minutes, in the case any personnel do converse with her for more than 15 minutes, chamber is to be immediatley flooded with 200 db of non-memetic sound for 77 seconds (1minute-17 seconds) until SCP-1994 ceases vocalizations.

Description: SCP-1994 is a 1 cubic metre cube composed of a metallic wood like substance. Gathered samples are unable to determine exact composition. Although it has been suggested that substance is of extra-terrestrial orgin, moleculer scans have shown it is terrestrial.
The anomolous property of SCP-1994 initiates when audio stimulous (10+ db) is brought into a 5 meter radius of SCP. Upon which "she" will began talking to the stimulous for 1 minute then become silent if no feedback is presented, if feedback is presented SCP will begin conversing about either topics and subjects related to its current situation or just begin randomly talking. See test log 1994-2

The "voice" of 1994 appears to be that of a post-adolescent female, dertermined to be aproximatley ██, and has a west ████ish accent. Voice pattern is entirely unique and has returned no known matches. Prolonged exposure (aprox. 17 minutes) to SCP-1994 causes unprotected staff and personnel's ears to bleed, if affected individual is not removed within five (5) minutes they will attempt suicide. In this case affected subject must participate in 3 months of intense psycological rehabilitation and is not allowed near SCP-1994 unless proper forms and paperwork are submitted 1 month prior.

History: SCP-1994 came to foundation in 19██, when numerous calls from an apartment building in ████████████,Co complaining of hearing a voice in the basement were intercepted by local undercover agents ██████ and ████. Subject was obtained and brought in without complication. Locals were convinced it was a prank involving a tape recorder, no amnesiacs were administered. SCP-has been in foundation custody for █8 years.

Addendum: Under no circumstance is SCP-1994 allowed to converse with any other sentient SCP's unless approved by 05- █.

Sword of Chernobyl. No, really.

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Item#: SCP-1151

Object Class: Euclid

SCP-1151-1 unactive state

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1151-1 is to be locked in a standard size walk-in vault at all times (except during testing) and is to be guarded by at least one armed guard. The walls of the vault are to be made of a high carbon titanium-steel alloy. SCP-1151-2 is to be kept in an anti-gravity field, or in the event of a containment breach, a small box made of any organic material. Permission to experiment with SCP-1151 is to be granted by Dr. ██████.

Description: SCP-1151 consists of two parts, labeled SCP-1151-1 and SCP-1151-2. SCP-1151-1 is a sword that is about 121.9 cm (48 in, or 4 ft) in length the blade of which is 101.6 cm (40 in). SCP-1151-1’s blade is made of an unknown black substance that absorbs almost all light that shines on it, only reflecting back about 5%. As of yet, obtaining a sample has been imposable as the blade has broken every tool used to try and extract a sample, it has also wounded Dr. █████████ in the process as he was careless enough to grab the blade. SCP-1151-1 bends the light around it by unknown means to make it appear closer to some people it has deemed "unworthy" of wielding it, has now been classified as semi-sentient.


SCP-1151-2 is a black crystal that emits a black glow. It is made of a substance similar to the blade of SCP-1151-1 but reflects 15% more light. When held in the hand it feels like a normal crystal would, smooth and cool to the touch. However when exposed to any inorganic material SCP-1151-2 emits a destructive wave of energy that turns all inorganic solids within a █████ (█) meter radius to what has been identified as dark matter.

SCP-1151-1 has a cavity in the end of the hilt that looks to be designed to have SCP-1151-2 fitted into it. When this is done the blade of SCP-1151-1 enters its active phase and emits a purplish glow (similar to that of a black light). What this does is currently being tested. In light of incident-1151-A, further testing with the combination of SCP-1151-1 and SCP-1151-2 is strictly forbidden.

Experiment log SCP-1151-1:

SCP-1151-1 is given to agent ██████ and watermelons are thrown at him. SCP-1151-1 slices through the watermelons slicing them cleanly. (Dr. ██████ reports, “although this experiment was tasty lets be serious about what we test from now on.”)
Block of steel
SCP-1151-1 is given to agent ██████ and he is then instructed to slice the 1.5 m block of steel. SCP-1151-1 slices through the block of steel like nothing. (Dr. ██████ reports, “I knew it was sharp but I didn’t know it was that sharp.”)

Incident log 1151-A:

Subject D-1135 was instructed to combine SCP-1151-1 and SCP-1151-2, after doing so SCP-1151-1 entered its active phase. D-1135 was then told to slowly swing SCP-1151-1, no results. When D-1135 swung the sword at full speed it created a ███ megaton nuclear blast that destroyed about ██ kilometers. It is theorized that [DATA EXPUNGED]. The cover story was that a neuclear reactor went critical, events took place at site-156, more commonly known as chernobyl. Further testing with the combination of SCP-1151-1 and SCP-1151-2 is strictly forbidden.

Nobody expects the spanish inquisition assimilating virus!

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Item #: SCP-1309

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1309 should be contained within a 20 x 20 foam lined room, preferably a mild blue color so as to repress aggression. The containment cell walls are required to be constructed of stainless steel, three feet thick. Ventilation must be allowed only through a double set of doors, the outer door required for the sake of precaution. D-class personnel are recommended to enter containment cell and clean away any dust that had accumulated. The aforementioned personnel are to be protected by three guards, each armed with electroshock weaponry. For SCP-1309's contentment the containment cell is recommended to be furnished with spartan accommodations; a single bed, coffee/dining table and two chairs all of which bolted down into the floor of the containment cell.

Description: SCP-1309-1 is a 6'5" tall humanoid, 24 years old and weighing at the most 250 pounds, resembling a Caucasoid male. SCP-1309-1 is not to be referred to as human nor is he to be titled by his American citizenship as James T. Thorn. He is at most to be only regarded as humanoid and only for the sake of physique. Genetically he is no longer human and nor should he be treated as such.

SCP-1309-1's activity was first noted by the Foundation March 19, 2007 when the aforementioned was witnessed to have eliminated a Central African town's defenses. SCP-1309-1 was apprehended on March 29, with the lost of 9 out of 13 of the Task Forces elected to track and capture. Upon arrival SCP-1309-1 was immediately processed through a series of genetic tests. Said tests revealed SCP-1309-2(information detailed in paragraph three). On March 30 SCP-1309-1 was officially listed as contained. Over the course of four days a week SCP-1309-1 was administered various tests, both physical and genetic. The inquiry of SCP-1309-1's personal history and detailed existence has been listed below within the enclosed text logs.

SCP-1309-2 has been given the scientific name of Furentis Trichuris, it is a parasitic virus that has been revealed to have been the sole purpose for SCP-1309-1's inhuman capabilities. SCP-1309-2 is noted to have immense evolutionary capabilities and its sole purpose is theorized to not just propagate it's "species" but to develop the perfect species. Microscopic testing has revealed that it targets only human cells and unlike other viruses which use cells as shells for propagation, SCP-1309-2 is instead mutative. Testing on adult human subjects has revealed that SCP-1309-2 clings to the brain and will then spreads itself throughout the host body; mutating it to suit its needs. SCP-1309-1 showed immense complexities in muscle formation, giving it inhuman strength and agility. Once mutation is finished SCP-1309-2 will do the unexpected and assimilate itself completely with the host and the two will become one, with the host having sentience over what was SCP-1309-2.

It has also been revealed to the Science Division that SCP-1309-2 is one of three strands of this virus. These strands have been labeled as Furentis-1, Furentis-2 and Furentis-3. The first has shown to be a rarity compared with the other strands and that the more the common the strand the more base and brutish the outcome is. Furentis-1 showed no change in the personalities of the hosts, Furentis-2 and 3 showed significant change to the point of unseasoned aggression. It is theorized that SCP-1309-2 is extraterrestrial and shall be classified as such until contrary evidence is discovered. The virus is transferable only through blood and that the smallest amount is only needed to spread infection. SCP-1309-1 is not desired to be destroyed for reasons of satisfactory containment. Tests shall continue. — Dr. Weinberg


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Item #: SCP-1139

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1139 is to be kept in a 15X15X15 titanium cage with miniature televisions that play a loop of a small forest in Brazil, believed to be origin of the creature. All personnel (besides D-class subjects) are to refer to SCP-1139 as "Redips" while cleaning it's containment unit or while interviewing it.

SCP-1139 with offspring, unknown human/animal used as hatchery.

Description: SCP-1139 is a large (between 1cm. to .01 km if it has giantism) arachnid of unknown genus that tends to lay it's eggs inside of human/animal orifices. However, if a human is within 10 km, it will choose to go after that human rather than an animal in the same vicinity. It has telekinetic abilities that allow it to implant ideas in the minds of others, usually causing mass paranoia and mild suicidal/homicidal thoughts in the target. Attempts to communicate with this particular SCP cause any and all people within the vicinity of it's chamber to either hate or love all other SCPs. This is believed to be a form of entertainment as the telekinetic waves that are used to communicate with the victims are used to project whatever the person thinks and sees on the various screens around the room.
The spider was found in ███, Texas (an entire country away from it's believed origin) in the hands of one Mr. █████ and one Mrs. █████. SCP-1139 was discovered when one of the victim's nephews stepped on it. The spider then proceeded to bite onto the child's leg firmly, somehow surviving the crushing force, and laid eggs in the boy's ankle. Boy recovered after having surgery to remove the eggs. Eggs burned, entire family administered class-1 amnesiac. "Redips" as it likes to be called for some unknown reason, enjoys communicating with staff in a most calm yet devious manner (implying that it's intent is nothing but trouble), but upon seeing, or even hearing about SCP-███, it immediately [DATA EXPUNGED]. There is usually a lot of psychiatric evaluations involved after an incident such as this. The televisions were added to the room after a broadcast of subject D-9427 was displayed in the office of Dr. █████. Subject was observed walking into SCP-173's containment unit and blinked, apparently mocking it's intelligence, or supposed lack thereof. Subject was viciously murdered in the typical way that SCP-173 kills. No breach, SCP-1139 reprimanded. See Document ███5 for further experiments concerning this behavior.

Science fail forever.

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Item #: SCP-1197

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1197 is contained with a yellow-tinted hollow square 17x17m. It is made from 5-inch thick glass, which has thouroughly inspected to be completely unmarked.

The container is airtight.

The container has an artificial gravity field on 2N, which has been enforced by a continously active hadron collider.
SCP-1197's abilities have known to have accelerated upon being fed gas based chemicals and/or compounds though a rubber tube at the base of the container.
Carbon Monoxide and any dissolved citric acid with the same ratio of consistancy and amount as the Carbon Monoxide applied. If another gas and/or chemical(s) are applied, a deafening white noise emits from SCP-1197, shattering the glass container. The air of the facility increases by 1 ph every 19 minutes the item exists without a suitable container.

The yellow tint has still not been identified to have any difference on the interior chemicals for imbalance, though it keeps the item at its most containable reactivity. Though SCP-1197 has proven to be incredibly hostile towards shades of pink and brown. It has been shown to be indifferent towards other colours and shades.

Description: SCP-1197 has the appearance of a revolving cuboid, however there is a black heart stamped in the centre of its surface. The stamp has been known to drip ink as the temperature increases. It is luminous purple which appears greenish-copper at certain angles.

There is folded playing card crammed into a hole in the centre of the the shell. Any pictures taken of SCP-1197 have proven useless, as any personnal that attempt to capture footage have [DATA EXPUNGED]

Although outside the range of its abilities, D-class subjects often breakdown with symptoms of advanced depression upon approaching SCP-1197. 2 out of 17 subjects reacted in such a way.
Any D-class personnal which are within a 9.1 metres of SCP-1197 begin to act hysterical. Subjects have to be forcibly removed from the contaiment facility and restrained from returning to SCP-1197 or staff whom were present at the time, regardless of whether the member of staff in question was seen or not.

Legions appear on the skin around the affected subjects mouth and wrists. Subjects whom are not treated become extremelly hostile.
Any personnal that touch any untested infected tissue without precautions have been known to develop similar symptoms, only more aggresively.

SCP-1197 has unexpectedly rose in reactivity and a suitable container is to be changed every [REDACTED]

The air in SCP-1197's containment facility has become uncontrollably acidic and has been abandoned. Methods to contain this sudden and violent spike in reactivity is currently being disscussed.

What is this I don't even

Procedures for containment

Containment procedures are to be a simple pedestal unardorned and made of any material not considered to be precious E.g gold or platinum, it shows a serious dislike of any kind of special treatment but will not tolerate poor treatment.


SCP-1139 appears as a simple leather bound diary however upon having anything written inside the text vanishes and a response appears any questions ask even those relating to secrets only known by those asking are answered with amazing precision the following questions have been asked to SCP 1139

Dr J█████ S███: can we kill SCP 682?
SCP-1139: Yes.
Dr J█████ S███: How?
SCP-1139: Now now that would be cheating I can't just tell you that would spoil the fun of you discovering!
Dr J█████ S███:Get me a D class in here i wanna try something.
D1139-1 Enters
Dr J█████ S███: Make it talk
D1139-1: How? i could tear out a page
SCP-1139 flips pages rapidly dislodging several light fittings and causing them to [DATA EXPUNGED]
Dr J█████ S███: Oh well if you won't tell us then I guess you couldn't possiby know about how to create SCP-500
SCP-1139: Why you can already using your little cloning tree
Dr J█████ S███: you know about our other contained SCPs that is interesting

Transparent aluminium

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Item #: SCP-1740
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: Object must be kept in a 30m by 30m titanium atrium with a transparent aluminum roof. 4 fiber-optic spotlights flush to the walls are to provide natural sunlight when available. The floor is to be covered to a depth of 1m with soil. Once a week no less than 10kg of intact rodent carcasses are to be left in the atrium. These carcasses are to be placed by D class personnel. At no time will any machines or weapons be allowed into the atrium unless for the direct purposes of testing. Any instances of SCP-1740-1 discovered outside of testing must be destroyed by fire.

Description: The object is a superorganism made from three different plants. The center plant resembles a tree but on closer inspection is more closely related to the genus Hedera Linnaeus (Ivy). A system of crawling parasitic vines cover the trunk and branches as well as a 10m radius around the roots. Genetically these have been placed in the order Santales and may be distantly related to the mistletoe. The third part of the superorganism is an orchid-like plant with an invasive root system. Samples taken show the roots reaching into every branch and vine of the object. The third plant is high in metals such as iron, copper and nickel. The root structures bear a striking resemblance to dendrites and clump together in nodes beneath each flower.
The first instance of SCP-1740 was discovered in a junkyard in ███ ██████ ██. Reports of a leafy bulldozer rampaging through the junkyard alerted the Foundation to the presence of an anomaly. It was initially thought that the SCP was the bulldozer, which appeared to be constructed entirely out of plant material until the base plant was identified as the culprit. SCP-1740 was found to be able to mimic any machines that it could cover in vines. The faux machines hereafter labeled SCP-1740-1 are created by the flowers on the object to facilitate seed dispersal. Each machine carries 4-10 seeds in a cavity within it. These seeds are a fused pod with a specimen of each of the three plants as well as a few of the parasitic roots of the flower. Once SCP-xxxx-1 finds a suitable spot near a good supply of machine parts it will cease moving and rapidly rot into fertile mulch.
It was only discovered after containment that SCP-1740 is partially carnivorous. The vines will actively seek out small rodents and suffocate them. If denied a steady supply of carcasses the entire organism will steadily wilt. If denied meat for too long (roughly two (2) weeks.) SCP-1740 will start an active hunting cycle by forming half made machines that lack seed pods. These tend to be fusions of any machine the plant may have copied in the past cobbled together with the intent of gathering prey. The hunters have been designated SCP-1740-2. The atrium roof was installed to keep flying instances of SCP-1740-2 from escaping.

Addendum: The object seems capable of learning from the past. Each hunting cycle shows a marked improvement in the design of SCP-1740-2. Additional security measures may be required.

I wonder if writing like this has legal ramifications.

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Item #: SCP-1508

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1508 is to kept in a standard locked cell. Personnel are forbidden to engage in conversation with SCP-1508.

Description: SCP-1508 appears to be an elderly African American man. The subject attempts to start a conversation with staff concerning mundane topics. Upon that staff member's death medical experts will disagree on the causes of death for that person. Opinions vary wildly, with one example ranging from a broken neck, to toxic exposure, to hypothermia. Subject is to remain contained until the legal ramifications of such consequences have been fully explored.

Morning wood

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SCP-1131 in containment

Item #: SCP-1131

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1131 is to be stored within a conatiner that is at least twice the subject's size, and with a material no weaker than plastic. This container must be clear, allowing constant observance of the subject. All personel handling SCP-1131 are required to wear protective gloves. If protective clothing (besides gloves) are not worn, personel are strongly cautioned to not allow SCP-1131 to touch any exposed skin.

Description: SCP-1131 is described as being a basic 2X4, made of standard oak. The subject was discovered by Robert █████ on 5/█/19██ inside of an abandoned barn in ██████, Texas. Robert █████ was taken to ██████ National Hospital after recieving several splinters, with one puncturing his left lung. After the incident, SCP-1131 was taken into the Foundation's custody for further observance, and is currently being held in Site █.

SCP-1131, when touched, gives a splinter to the person that touched it. The size of the splinter varies in length, from 3 cm to the largest observed being 1/2 foot (causing a substantial wound). Each splinter has a width of 1 inch. After █ days of testing, it is concluded that a splinter is given every time SCP-1131 is touched by exposed skin. The reason for this is still unknown.

On one side of SCP-1131, the serial number 2344-█████ written in black ink can be found. Upon further investigation of the serial number, it was discovered that SCP-1131 came from a supply of one-hundred and fifty (150) 2X4's. Attempts to locate the other one-hundred and forty nine (149) 2X4's have failed. It is unknown if they also contain the same ability as SCP-1131.

Boa NoahBoa Noah 25 May 2012, 23:57 BST

This is exactly the kind of article I enjoy reading once a day, something that really makes me think. Did the author actually think it was a good idea? I wonder if, when they were typing it up, they had dreams of this being the new 682, the new 914, the entirely improved 173?

I don't even have to make a detailed post picking out the mishaps and errors, it doesn't matter, it's a bad article about a chunk of wood.

Boss D-class

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Item #:1288

Object Class:Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1288 is to be contained within a 10m by 10m chamber made of reinforced steel and iron plating beneath it. Three small holes on each side of the cell are the only openings to be in it's confinement for ventalation purposes. The creature's confinement is to be watched by 10 guards with explosive ammunition. All vents are removed from it's cell. Class D personnel with Level 4 clearance are to enter it's cell. When entering it's chamber, no fewer then five Class D subjects are allowed to be within it. When inside it's cell, all subjects must carry 120 watt tazers incase of attack, as shocking it is the only means effective of stopping it in mid-charge. When SCP-1288 has spotted out a subject, the subject must slowly retreat incase of attack. All personnel are to stay behind a range of five meters when in it's cell. Incase of breach, subjects must refer to Class 5 lockdown procedures. When cleaning its preffered side of the cell, subjects must attempt to scare it away. The most effective way is to bang on the wall three times due to it's extremely sensitive hearing levels.

Description: SCP-1288 is an organic being of human origin. It lacks hair (though it does obtain keraltin), eyes, and in any case, blood. When shot at, dust emits for an amount of 3 seconds before the wound is closed with scar-tissue material. Due to it's lack of eyes, it's sockets are empty and it is unable to see. It's hearing and smell are extremely keen, and can immediately spot direct movement. It's claws are of a mixture of bone and keraltin material. The rest of it's body is made of bone material. It's claws are 8 inches long and 1 inch thick. It is incredibely quick and strong, and all it's movements happen in a range of .2-6.00. On it's back has a long stretch of bone-like needles. The creature is capable of [DATA EXPUNGED]. It is capable of regeneration, but only to jointed body parts.

Guards report the item to emit a loud screech every sixth day of every month. This is considered normal. When feeding it, subjects must bring in live organic material for it to hunt, as it is only capable of eating raw meat and it will eat only what it kills. It's cell must be cleaned every two weeks.

Universal Standard Fail

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The appearance of the card. Note the unremarkability of it.

Item #: SCP-1598

Object Class: Safe/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1598 is in a locked vault 200 meters under the pacific ocean. Security consists of thirty (30) Class-4 employees lining a 300-meter hallway at ten (10) meter increments. The doors to SPC-1598 require an optical scan by a Class-5 employee. Class-4 analysts are allowed to enter if they are under strict supervision of a Class-5 employee. OC-10 is to be monitoring the specimen chamber at all times on CCTV. Any and all devices that can connect to the internet (iPhones, portable gaming devices, laptops) or can be used for mass-storage (Flash-drives) are to be removed before entering the chamber and put into a nuclear-grade briefcase which will be held onto by a Class-4 employee.

Description: SCP-1598 first came to the Foundations attention in 20██. SCP-1598 came into Foundation possesion in September 20██, one month after incident SCP-1598-002. SCP-1598 is a standard SD memory card, rectangular in shape and blue in colour. There are no identifying markings on the card, making it easily mistakable as a safe-to-use card. There is a strange program written on the card under the title ████████.txt. The code is unlike any other code processed before in the Foundation, as it is a composite of many different languages. Of the fifteen percent (15%) of the code that has been deciphered, twenty percent (20%) is in English, five percent (5%) is in Latin, sixty percent (60%) is in an unknown runic language, not matching any know runic alphabets of current or past human civilization. The remaining fifteen percent (15%) is in a strange language consisting of bleeps and bloops. It is not known how SCP-1598 communicates its "kill" command to its victims, but is hypothesised that they are transmitted through radio waves and into the cerebellum of the victims brain, destroying their brain stem. Dr. █████████████ has been analyzing the data for ██ years, and have only been able to decipher the currently known fifteen percen (15%). SCP-1598 has been in containment for ██ years, and there have been ██████-███ (██) unsucessful attempts at removing the data from SCP-1598. SPC-1598 has been formatted, electrically discharged, submerged in both positively and negatively charged ion baths for twenty-four (24) hours, and has been through the digestive tract of Subject D-24568, and all attempts at destruction of SPC-1598 have proved unsuccesful, and caused the death of Subject D-24568. Please view the attached incident reports.

Subjects are to spend no more than two (2) hours inside of SCP-1598's chamber per day, with each "session" split into thirty (30) minute chunks of time. Due to the specialized nature of the laptop holding sCP-1598, all work done on SCP-1598 is to be kept on the computer that is in SCP-1598's chamber.

Any employees found with technology of any kind in the room; this includes cell phones, PDA's, pagers, laptops, Bluetooth headsets and anything capable of transferring or holding data, will be eradicated immediatley, and the technological device destroyed. Eradicated employees and devices are to be burnt in Safety Chamber 005.

After intensive research, detailed in Lab Report 001, it has been found that SCP-1598 kills by overloading the neuron receptors inside ones brain, eventually leading to the rupturing of the victims brain stem.


Incident Report

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SCP involved: 1598

Personnel involved: Jordan ██████

Date: April █, 1███

Location: ████████, ███████, Canada


Jordan ██████ purchased SCP-1598 in an open-box sale at a local ████████ Drug-mart for $4.99. The subject took what is believed to be no more than three photgraphs at the overlook on ████████ Park in ████████, █████████. The police found the body five (5) hours later, at aproximately eleven (11) P.M. local time. Police seized the camera, which at that time was carrying SCP-1598, and brought it back to Evidence to be examined at a later date. Upon initial examination by Dr. ███████ at the City Of ██████ Morgue, it appeared to be a suicide, as his skull had been crushed in from the impact of his 96 Kilogram (211.6 pound) mass falling from the 13 meter (42.6 feet) peak. His face, upper body, arms, and hands were torn apart by the jagged rocks near the river. Upon closer inspection, it was found that the COD was a ruptured brain stem.

Failworm of fail

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Item #: SCP-1128

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Description: SCP-1128 is non-sapient, exempt of 3 life functions. Reproduction, Hibernation, and Mutation. The creature's primary function is to reform itself by a series of drastic biological mutations. During these mutation sessions, SCP-1128 gains size, limbs, strengths, and █████. It is not susceptible to any modern weapons during this time. Under no circumstances is SCP-1128 allowed to undergo a mutation phase. There are four (4) known mutation phases and five (5) known physical forms. These forms are hereby referred to as "SCP-1128-(1-5)." All forms of SCP-1128 are severely inhibited by extreme pressure and extreme cold. If any two SCP-1128s are together, they can converge together in a "reverse reproduction that leaves only one SCP, but induces a mutation phase.

  • SCP-1128-1: All reproductions of the original SCP-1128 (Deceased █/█/████) and its successors appear to be "born" into this form. Approximately 8.89 cm in length, SCP-1128-1 is a yellow parasite with lava red eyes, a razor-sharp pincer mouth and an exoskeleton made of pure █████████ Zirconium. When a death order is issued on SCP-1128-1, nothing short of a standard military handgun short can pierce its skeleton. However, it possesses a spectacular survival instinct. SCP-1128-1 can sense when it is the last remaining species, and it instantly enters a comatose state. In this hibernation state, its exoskeleton is hardened twenty-fold and it gains nutrients through the surrounding air until it can reproduce itself, in which case it will exit the comatose state. The only known object to pierce a hibernating SCP-1128-1's exoskeleton is a diamond-tipped bullet. SCP-1128-1 displays no aggression.
  • SCP-1128-2: The most abundant and stable form of SCP-1128. Through the first mutation it has gained considerable size, (almost doubled) grown poisonous feeler hairs and 6 legs, and its skeleton has hardened. The first form of SCP-1128 that requires a host organism to reproduce and mutate, usually bovine or equine. The parasite attaches its pincers to the neck of its host, inserts a █████ into the spine of the victim, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. The only aggression displayed is when the host refuses to cooperate with its procedure.
  • SCP-1128-3: Again double the size of 1128-2, 1128-3's exoskeleton has hardened to the point of 1128-1's hibernation state. SCP-1128-3's legs have grown to triple their previous size and its pincers can crush most steel alloys as if they were toothpicks. It requires a human host to reproduce and mutate. See Data log 1128-A for debrief of the only subject to have lived this procedure.
  • SCP-1128-4: Almost nothing is known of SCP-1128-4 as it has never been observed.
  • SCP-1128-5: SCP-1128-5 is quadruple the size of SCP-1128-4. Its exoskeleton is that of no known material. It cannot be penetrated by practical weaponry. In this state is is the size of a small house. SCP-1128-5 is extremely aggressive, any contact with SCP-1128-5 with intentions other than immediate termination should be kept to a minimum if not erradicated. SCP-1128-5 has only mutated once in known history on 12/10/19██. Subject eliminated 12/22/19██ with the introduction of a supersonic diamond tipped missile that can reach mach █.

Special Containment Procedures: Any and all known forms of SCP-1128 should be kept at or below sector █. Specimens must be locked in a cage of solid titanium, size relative to form number. Gaseous nitrogen must be pumped into and around the holding cells at all times to cool. Temperatures of above -70 degrees Celcius and pressures of below 80 Psi must be reported to Class D personnel with level 4 or higher security clearance immediately and the cell block must be vacated until the aforementioned holding requirements are met. Only those with level 2 or higher security clearance may visit SCP-1128 when it is in a stable condition. If multiple subjects are in containment, they should be kept 20 meters away from each other for risk of emergency reproduction.

Data Log 1128-A: Interview with the only living survivor of an attack from SCP-1128-3. (Hereby referred to as 1128-A-D)

Dr. ████████: Can you tell me how SCP-1128-3 attacked you?

1128-A-D: Yes, of course. I was on active duty to observe the specimen, and the nitrogen tank failed.

Dr. ████████: So you thought the best course of action was to enter the cell and check it out?

1128-A-D: Well, yes… no.. not exactly, see what I didn't know was that the tank had been empty for 15 minutes before I got the failure error. 1128-3 had already thawed, but it would have been safe if that wasn't the case. -He pauses- Am I under investigation sir?

Dr. ████████: No, we just want answers. So you entered the cell, then what happened?

1128-A-D: Right, I went over to the tank, and the room was misty, from the Nitrogen, you know? So I didn't see it come back behind me and jump on my back.

Dr. ████████: And Then what happened?

1128-A-D: It took these huge pincers and [DATA EXPUNGED] but I stumbled over to my control panel and alerted the containment breach before going unconsious.

Dr. ████████: And what happened during your little nap?

1128-A-D: Don't call it that, it was terrifying. I was hallucinating but the weirdest thing was that I could HEAR the thoughts of the parasite, inside my head.

Dr. ████████: And what did it want? Did it say anything?

1128-A-D: -His face turns a slight shade of green- I don't feel comfortable answering any more questions. This interview is over.

Addendum-A: Subject officially reclassified from Euclid to Safe on October 13th, 199█ after intensive research over the course of ██ years.

Avatar: The Last Bloodbender

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Item#: SCP-1437

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be contained at Site-██, 175 m underground in a sealed room made of a titanium alloy. Subject MUST be restrained at all times, connected to a mechanical straight jacket. Room is to contain two (2) sets of speakers, in the top four corners of the room playing a simple melody at all times. Should a power outage occur, a small music box is to be stored outside of the room in an emergency case. One (1) Level 4 or higher personnel is to be on hand at all times to monitor SCP-#s and is required to know said melody in case of malfunction. Room is to have one (1) two-way, clear window so as to be monitored at all times. No less than four (4) Level 3 or higher security personnel must be around to guard the subject at all times. Security personnel should be placed inside the subject\u2019s cell with at least one (1) personnel keeping an eye on her at all times.

All personnel must be checked by the medical division before reporting for guard and observation duty. Should any personnel receive a wound, they are to alert the rest of the staff on-hand immediately and must vacate the premises as soon as possible and should be replaced with someone uninjured.

Subject is known to sleep during most of the day, however is allowed outside to the artificial park for walks under the extreme supervision of staff and security personnel. The music box MUST be present at the time of outing otherwise subject is to remain contained in its cell. All pleas for going outside are to be ignored unless said music box is present. Please note that there is a small bathroom located in her cell, subject is to use that if the facilities are needed.

Should SCP-1437 become hostile, due to music failure or due to [DATA EXPUNGED], subject is to be tranquilized immediately and brought back to the subject's cell and restrained to minimize any damage and casualties.

In the event of a breach, full lockdown is to occur on Site-██ sending no less than ten (10) Level 3 or higher security personnel. Subject is considered extremely hostile and unpredictable and should not be engaged alone. Upon lockdown subject must be found immediately and incapacitated as soon as possible, using the least amount of force available. Subject is not, I repeat, NOT to be killed in the event of a breach. Simply approach the subject with the music box from outside of it's cell and it will be lulled back into a passive state. Subject is known to have massacred personnel in the past. Extreme caution is advised.

Description: SCP-1437 is a young girl of Caucasian ethnicity appearing to be eight (8) years old, has blond hair and red eyes, subject was found in an abandoned building in ████ ██████, ████ on ██/██/████, family appears to be deceased. Subject was not alone upon discovery, it appears the building was previously inhabited but has been cleared out by [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject was found in docile state before being captured. Subject stands around 1.14 meters tall, with a weight of 24.3 kilograms and wears a pink dress. Personality appears to be rather docile and kind and friendly towards staff, though subject is rather unpredictable in that personality may change drastically within moments to that of a psychopath, showing no remorse. It should be noted that once in the docile state, subject has no recollection of what happened while in psychopathic state. Subject is considered to have dissociative identity disorder, however further study is needed.

Subject has shown hemomantic prowess, or manipulation of blood, to the extent of being able to make solid objects out of her own blood, ranging from, but not limited to: [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject is able to manipulate her blood to the extent of being able to rid herself of blood-borne pathogens. Further study needed.

Subject can also manipulate the blood of others using open wounds of a large size, however SCP-1437s blood manipulation requires [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-1437 is capable of using its own blood as a weapon, and as a defense. Subject does not appear to create blood-weapons while in a docile state, however the density of said weapons range from [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject has slaughtered countless personnel upon breaching her cell in the past using what appears to be [DATA EXPUNGED]. Objects created from her blood appear to remain in solidified state when under her command so long as SCP-1437 wills it. It is unknown what provokes the subjects psychotic persona from appearing, however a simple melody seems to keep it at bay, while it seems to be more likely to appear while not being played. Further study into this personality and what provokes it is needed. Psychotic persona does not appear to respond to anything, only making a simple sound with it's tongue and teeth whenever it is about to go on a rampage. It is currently unknown if this ability can be utilized and passed on to another living being, further studies must be conducted.

Further study is currently underway into understanding why it is that this melody seems to pacify the other personality. Current information gathered from the subject itself suggest it is linked to an event from her past.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██████: Can you tell me your name? Your age? Where you were born?

SCP-1437: Um.. I don't have a name- (Subject fidgets and shows signs of discomfort) I'm.. (Subject holds up her hands to count its fingers).. this many! Eight!

Dr. ██████: Good, good. We'll call you Agana for now. How about where you were born? Do you remember?

SCP-1437: Okay! I like that name! All I.. um.. all I remember is that big scary place where the men in weird clothes found me-

Dr. ██████: I see. What happened to your knee there? (Dr. ██████ proceeds to point to SCP-1437s left knee)

SCP-1437: I fell while the lady in the white dress was playing with me- (Subject refers to Dr. ████)

Dr. ██████: Ah, how unfortunate. Could you do something with it for me? Can you move your blood?

SCP-1437: Um- I think I can! Watch! (Subject at this time produces a weak line of blood flowing freely from her wound) The people where I lived all ran when I did this- but one day I woke up and they were all [DATA EXPUNGED].

Dr. ██████: Good girl, you may stop now.

SCP-1437: Ouch- (SCP-1437s face begins to show that she is experiencing pain)

Dr. ██████: Is something the matter? Requesting security personnel come down with a medical team immediately.

SCP-1437 I-I- (SCP-1437s face begins show extreme pain)

Dr. ██████: What's wrong? Medical get in here! Something's wrong with [DATA EXPUNGED]. (Audio recording cuts out abruptly.)

<End Log>

Not unlike a jester

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SCP-1234 in his cell. Notice his apparel is not unlike a jester or a circus performer.

Item #: SCP-1234

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1234 is to be kept in confinement at all times. Cell block must always be locked and secured. All cells used for SCP-1234 must be made from refined, impenetrable metal and one window with iron clad bars. If for some reason he is to be transferred, at least four personnel must escort him. Subject must not come near anyone within a radius of two meters unless granted access to.

No potential weaponry or items that could pose a threat can be brought into his cell, in the case of any attempt of breaking out or killing personnel. Anyone entering his cell, let alone going near him, must wear protective clothing at all times. After interaction, protocol requires decontamination of anyone whom was in proximity of SCP-1234.

Subject is now confined in Containment Area-██ until further action is taken. SCP-1234 requires constant surveillance throughout the night. Subject is nocturnal, and is known to wail and scratch during the night. This is considered normal, and if this behaviour changes, it requires immediate reporting to an active supervisor.

Description: SCP-1234 has the appearance of a jester, yet the skin tone and characteristics of a goblin. According to an interview, he is ███ years old. Subject’s eyes have been known to glow in the darkness, and decaying teeth are present. He is known to bear striped braces and a pyramid shaped hat. He responds to the name “Jester”.

Subject has been known to slaughter his victims using objects around him or his long fingernails. When SCP-1234’s enemies have been assimilated, Jester will use their blood and write a tally mark upon his cell wall. One, two, three, four…

Jester can scale walls using his adhesive palms, not unlike a spider effect. This was once seen during [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum: It seems we aren’t that different, Subject 1234. We both have some “humanity” left in us. – Dr. Nicole Berry before termination, due to contact

**Interviewed:** SCP-1234

**Interviewer:** Dr. █████████

**Foreword:** Introductory to the Foundation, basic protocol.

**<Begin Log, [██:██pm, ██/██/████]>**

** Dr. █████████:** Day one in confinement. We are metting SCP-1234 for the first time. Surveillance is active and functioning. Let’s begin shall we? How are you 1234?

**SCP-1234:** //<heavy breathing>// I’m not surviving if that’s what you’re asking.

** Dr. █████████:** Could you please elaborate, 1234?

**SCP-1234:** Don’t call me that lady. Call me //<cough>// Jester…

** Dr. █████████:** I’m sorry 1234, protocol requires me to-


** Dr. █████████:** 1234, please relax. We are just here to help.

**SCP-1234:** I’ve heard that before, believe me.

** Dr. █████████:** Let’s change the subject. Do you know why you are here, 1234?

**SCP-1234:** Don’t we all? I’m a murderer.

** Dr. █████████:** Yes, that you are, 1234. You know it was wrong, murdering those kindergarteners in broad daylight. Had you not known you would have been caught?

**SCP-1234:** I don’t care of the consequences. I care about the numbers, milady…

**<End Log, [[██:██pm, ██/██/████]>**

**Closing Statement:** SCP-1234 was tranquilized after attacking Dr. █████████, whom suffered minor scars to the face and neck and was immediately de-contaminated.

Incident: Death

SCP involved: SCP-1234

Personnel involved: Dr. McCallum, Mr. Meital, Mr. Mobbs

Date: ██:██pm, ██/██/████

Location: Area ██


Dr. McCallum entered cell for blood test, accompanied with two Foundation personell equipped with firearms, approved by overseer. SCP-1234 was noted to drop down upon the two personnel, instantly killing them with his sharp fingernails. 1234 shuffled toward Dr. McCallum and murmured “Welcome, number ██”. Video feed goes blank after that.

Fabled furry mirror

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Item#: SCP-1039

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1039 is to be kept in one empty room. A large curtain has been hung in front of the mirror and no one is to open it without permission from Dr.███. If a person does open the curtain, a lockdown must take place for at least twenty minutes before letting the person out. Anyone who does open the curtain will be subject to a psychological examination and will be working with SCP-██ for a week.

Description: SCP-1039 is a small red mirror with runes surrounding it's edges. The runes around are ███. The top side says 'Think hard.' and the bottom side says 'And you will become it.'. The sides of the mirror say 'Careful.'. Whoever looks into the mirror can become whatever they're thinking of, provided that the object is also an animal, and that the person knows exactly what they want to turn into. Inorganic objects can also only transform into inorganic objects, ex: a hammer can transform into something like a marker. However, inorganic transformations have only occurred when someone attempts to destroy SCP-1039.

Also, the person will only become that thing for twenty minutes. After that, the person will change back. The changing process is painful, as people will scream and vomit as the mirror changes and deconstructs their bodies to build them into something new, only to change them right back with the same amount of pain. Scars have been known to be left behind, and one subjects body was [DATA REDACTED] after trying to turn back. Several subjects have tried to smash the mirror in revenge, however all attempts to smash the mirror have failed, as the runes turn anything that tries to destroy them into something harmless-like a kitten-before transforming it back. This also happens with inorganic objects, and it is this behavior that has made Dr.███ think that the mirror can read the thoughts of others even when they aren't thinking about things to be transformed into. This is likely, however, there are no possible ways of testing this. SCP-1039 is currently being stored in Sector-██. This brings up the question of just how SCP-1039 gained telepathy without having a brain to begin with, which is still unknown.

Additional Notes: SCP-1039 was found in an abandoned house after several children had been proclaimed to have 'transformed into animals.'. A nearby agent heard of the story, and upon looking at it, started his usual daydream of being a lemur. After the painful transformation process and after returning to normal, the agent secured the mirror. The area was then administered amnesiacs.

Addendum 1039-B: Dr.███'s Test Logs

Subject: D-144, female Caucasian, 35 years old, 170kg, 166cm tall.

Actions: Subject looked upon mirror and went pale. Subject seemed to be frozen in place as the runes upon the mirror lit up in a blue color. Subject was covered by said glow and the subject started to scream and cry in pain. The glow upon the runes and the subject grew larger, and the larger the glow, the more the subject felt the pain, even puking once before the color obscured her for a few seconds before going away completely to reveal a cheetah. Subject limped around for a few moments, and scars were visible upon her. After twenty minutes, she changed back the same way with even more scarring on her.

Subject: D-149, male Caucasian, 44 years old, 180kg, 150cm tall.


Subject: D-156, male Caucasian, 42 years old, 160kg, 156cm tall.

Actions: Subject turned into a Komodo Dragon in the same way that D-144 did. Scarring has also been noticed upon the subject and vomit will now have to be cleaned up.

I don't think it would be wise to put anymore people through this thing. Quite honestly, something like this is probably more harmful than helpful. Termination tests shall be starting tomorrow. - Dr. ███

Subject: D-156

Actions: Subject attempted to punch the mirror, but the mirror somehow knew what was about to happen and turned him into a python.

I have no idea how the mirror knew what was coming. However, we cannot stop here. - Dr. ███

Subject: D-156 equipped with one Beretta.

Actions: Upon firing at 1039, the bullets changed to small grey beads.

Subject: D-156 equipped with one baseball bat.

Actions: Before the bat could hit the mirror, it was turned into a foam bat.

I think we can form a conclusion that 1039 knows when someone is trying to destroy it and will act in self-preservation. How it's able to do this is beyond me. - Dr. ███

It's private!

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SCP-1122 seen in an CCTV before being taken into S.C.P.

Item #: SCP-1122

Object Class: Safe

Special containment procedures: SCP-1122 is to be kept in a white medium-sized chamber, without any windows. A single metal-electrical bolted door is needed. Three (3) personnel MUST be assigned to take care of SCP-1122, equipped with Tasers and nothing else. If one guard is to contact SCP-1122, he must exit the chamber and get a psychological test. All personnel must switch duty in a circle of ten hours (10). Doing any contact with SCP-1122 is not permitted unless an order is given by Kraven ████.

Description: SCP-1122 is a female, average build, unknown age and cannot be predicted, is a cyborg, it cannot control itself well enough in certain situations, and before frenzy might twitch its eye, reported so by the O5. SCP-1122 is both humane and resistant to bullets for a short period of time.
SCP-1122 is named Cassandra ██████████. Currently owned by Kraven ████, from the Site 51 (Los Angeles / ██████).

SCP-1122 was built by professor ████████, and was programmed to copy human life and synchronize with it. Reports made by Kraven ████ (See Addendum #1 below) showed progress in Cassandra's life span, including Cassandra learning the ability to feel paranoia, pain, crying, and in certain moment’s frenzy.
SCP-1122 is known to be able to disguise itself as anything beyond its ability, report made by Kraven █████ showed that SCP-1122 easily disguised herself as an FBI agent, and proceeded to act like one. However, sometime after that, SCP-1122 had a new order sent onto its CPU, presumably from the Professor himself, to be taken into S.C.P. custody, however, custody or not, Kraven ██████ has not issued a Search and Destroy command but took Cassandra in himself, and he seems to be caring for it all this time, no matter the deed.

SCP-1122 abilities include:

Biological scan: SCP-1122 is able to scan any form of blood tissue, or DNA tissue. Its methods of scanning include getting a tissue of it from its finger, or simply looking at the individual and scanning it, revealing its inner-body structure, blood flow, and other functional parts.

Regeneration: False. Loosely studied.

Bullet resistance: SCP-1122 can resist bullets for a short period of time, but overshooting it will put her into a shutdown state where she cannot attempt anything. Tasers work well enough to make her shutdown, only three Tasers are suggested to be used, otherwise SCP-1122 will single-handedly take your accessories away.

An order issued from Site 51 O5 Kraven ███████, a message to most of the PDA's scattered across Site 51.

Greetings fellow employees, yes, you, I know what you did; you've talked with her, did you? WELL, you're dead, oh, but yes, you cannot hear this as well then-.. *Short pause* off to business shall we, I restrict any sort conversational acts between YOU and SCP-1122, the only people allowed to talk to Cassandra is ME, and █████, no one goddamn else! So before I throw you into a fire chamber, or murder your family whilst you’re sleeping, you shall follow this command. There are no excuses, except for one little excuse, WORKING ON HER, otherwise, off with your business you are. This ends my report, farewell and don't… farewell.

Addendrum 1#:

Hold… ah, yes, of course. Voice report made on- *A portion of sound is cut* -welve… now, I'm currently operating on a cyborg I've recovered, named 'Cassandra *Sound cut*' or, as known by officials SCP-1122, I, however, do not like this specific name whatsoever. On to the report, I have taken a few tours with SCP-1122 and recorded its progress, it felt paranoia, and, some emotions, or so I think. I and Cassandra seem to interact normally, however there have been some cases when she went on frenzy beside me, more or so, I did not get injured. I will continue to get to the bottom of her. Her CPU process has been running at approximately 90%, which I however do not like at all, that's why I've took her into custody to see if I can get some repairs done to it. Cassandra does not seem to hesitate to have a conversation with me, and I feel rather well beside her, probably because she's rather nice and mannered, I'd like to shake hands with her creator, he made a-… *Someone is heard talking outside the comm.* Ah, time flies, hm, I shall end this report with a saying… when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!

(This SCP page is strictly and rather privately made for a certain part of a community, I don't want it to be public or anything, I'll keep this more private than global.)

Distinct spinal feature

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Item #: SCP-xxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxx specimens are to be kept in a low light and high humidity terrarium, 10m x 10m x 10m. In addition to the terrarium, it must include dense vegetation and water source as to simulate the environment of the rainforest. Special tinted glass panels can be integrated to the chamber to study the specimens from the outside. SCP-xxx specimens must be fed only twice a day (preferably rats) and not more. Before any SCP-xxx specimens can be taken out of the chamber, all lights in the terrarium have to be switched off for at least five (5) minutes.

Only foundation personnel and researchers, with security clearance level 2/xxx or higher, have access to the specimens. If any SCP-xxx specimens are outside of the terrarium, all personnel on-site must avoid performing sudden movements like running. All lights must be dimmed as much as possible before trying to handle the specimen.

All SCP-xxx specimens are currently being housed in Sector-07.

Description: SCP-xxx is a hybrid spider species named Large-bodied Diamond Spine Spider (Latroneutria amplumcorpus). SCP-xxx specimens derived from the hybridization of the Black Widow Spider (Latrodectus mactans) and the Brazilian wandering spider (Phoneutria fera).

L. amplumcorpus was discovered in the Amazon Rainforest after one of the foundation personnel was bitten by it during field work. The spider, as first described by the personnel, has a distinct spinal feature going down from the prosoma to the end of the abdomen. In addition, the spider had lethal venom that could kill an adult male in less than ████. The potency of the venom is observed first hand when the bitten personnel died [DATA EXPUNGED] after the incident.

Upon physical examination, the specimens have the features:

  • Long abdomen; prosoma about 2/3 of the length of the abdomen.
  • Fangs of 2 to █ inches in length.
  • Iridescent eyes.
  • Spinal feature is incredibly rigid.

Based on early observations, the specimens display:

  • Incredible agility.
    • Able to leap about 1.5 meters ahead and about one meter high.
  • Heightened senses.
    • Observed when specimen reacted violently when exposed to bright light.
    • In the absence of light, specimens navigate by sensing where vibrations are coming from and by sound.

Despite the fact that SCP-xxx specimens have heightened senses, it was later observed that they show signs of lethargy in the absence of light as well.

After several attempts in trying to create an antivenin from the spider, foundation researchers were unable to procure a pure sample4 without tainting it. Due to the potency of the venom, no matter the dosage, no animals survived the creation of the antivenin.

The cause of hybridization between this the two species are still unknown to foundation researchers due to the complexity of the genetic structure. The spiders are now currently being studied in the fields of its venom, complex genetic structure and possibly, the creation of other useful products that can be obtained from this one-of-a-kind hybrid.

Addendum xxx-1 (Audio Transcripts)

Audio Transcript 1 Extract (First attempt in creating an antivenin, 15 minutes after the first dose is introduced.)
Unknown Male : Doctor, the horse is acting strange.
Doctor █████ : They all do.
Unknown Male : Doctor, i think it's dying.
Doctor █████ : They won't. Now stop worrying.
Unknown Male : No, doctor! It is dying!
Doctor █████ : What? That's impossible! It shouldn't. [DATA EXPUNGED]
Doctor █████ : It's dead.

Audio Transcript 2 Extract (Autopsy of dead horse by Dr. ██████ ████, VMD).
-After making incisions on the horses chest and abdomen-
Dr. ████ : What? Are these crystals?
-After extracting and studying the crystals-
Dr. ████ : It appears that the crystal in the body is blood. Crystallized blood. I believe that when the venom is introduced, it instantaneously reacts with ███████ to form a crystalline structure to protect itself from the antibodies.
Dr. ████ : I have also detected [DATA EXPUNGED] in the crystallized blood. If I have been properly briefed, the [DATA EXPUNGED] was ███ [DATA EXPUNGED]. The [DATA EXPUNGED] appears to be █████ of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum xxx-2 (Journal Entries)

Journal Entry 1 Extract (Doctor █████ on the Venom of SCP-xxx specimens)
16 February 2010
My team and I were able to extract a small amount of venom from the specimens. We discovered that the venom was not any ordinary organic compound. In the presence of [DATA EXPUNGED], it underwent Multiple Fission and reacts with ███████ to form a crystalline structure just as Dr. ████ hypothesized. We observed that the venom "created" multiple copies of itself, [DATA EXPUNGED] being introduced. The venom was a living organism, it adapts to kill.

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