Vibration Expander Ball
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First photo taken of SCP-1697

Item #: SCP-1697

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The SCP-1697 is contained in a small room of 5m² with and electromagnetic force field that nulls vibrations. It is over a small post of 45cm.

Description: The SCP-1697 consists on a metal ball with holes on it. It was created to make easier the turbine movement in electric centrals. separated from it, there is a control pad with a screen and a regulator pad; the screen shows the actual expansion level, the regulator pad changes the expansion level. It was found on Villa█████, Spain with the regulator pad at x1, no one knows when, where or who changed the setting to x100000000

SCP-1697 multiplies the vibrations it receives by the number in the screen, the regulator pad is set on "x100000000", that means, a very quiet step, in SCP-1697 chamber is like an earthquake. Any try to change the expansion level can result in an earthquake.

The door of the containment room of SCP-1697 can't be opened, that's because the anti-vibration force field needs to be deactivated to avoid any problem outside the chamber and, if the door is opened withouth the anti-vibration force field, the vibration of the mechanism that opens the door on ██/04/201█ caused a huge earthquake that affected a big part of the laboratories.

Addendum 1697-00: "It looks like we can't even open the door, i hope nothing happened on other containment rooms, it would be horrible if SPC-███ escaped…" -Dr. Álvarez, on the earthquake of the ██/04/201█ caused by SCP-1697

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