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Image of SCP-1212 and all of it's components

Item #: SCP-1212

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1212 is to be kept within it's foam-lined container when not undergoing experimentation. At no time will the SCP be allowed to vibrate when not conducting an experiment. The container will remain in it's 15m x 15m cell under constant video surveillance, and minimum four armed guards.

Description: SCP-1212 appears to be a matching set of three tuning forks of differing colors. Forensic analysis of the forks revealed nothing of importance besides the unidentified metal that the SCP is comprised of. Each fork contains the engraved stamp of "The Factory."

The tuning forks that make up SCP-1212 are labelled SCP-1212-1, SCP-1212-2, SCP-1212-3.

Metallic Green in color, it is considered the 'control' fork. Used to stabilize SCP's effect.
Metallic Red in color, it is called the 'past' fork. Used to generate a portal to the past.
Metallic Blue in color, it is called the 'future' fork. Used to generate a portal to the future.

Addendum 1: SCP-1212 was discovered in ███ ████ ████, ██, ███ after an incident involving a severed semi-truck. The truck was found with it's driver deceased after colliding with a building, and the truck divided halfway through it's trailer. Contents of the trailer were similar to a normal refrigerated produce truck.

Addendum 2: Produce obtained from the damaged truck later found to have turned into [DATA EXPUNGED] after approximately three days in normal storage condition for fruit. It has been determined by Experiment ██ that the truck and its contents are not from this universe.

Addendum 3: View SCP-1212 Experiment Log

Note: "Because of the coloring of each fork, I wonder if there's other colors?" - Dr. ███████

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