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Site ██ while studying SCP-XXX occurrence

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All reported Sites and a surrounding perimeter of 30 (thirty) meters must remain completely illuminated with white LED flood lights at all moments, regardless of weather. Experiments to be conducted on any of the rooms at any of the Sites require signed authorization and physical presence of at least two (2) Level 3 personnel. Complete disconnection of lighting system at any of the Sites is strictly prohibited in all cases.

Description: For all purposes of this document, SCP-1392 is a phenomenon that has been reported to occur at Sites [REDACTED]. Although statistical data reveals that, on each Site, there is one particular room that concentrates the great majority of occurrences, on most Sites, episodes of SCP-1392 have been observed on other, previously disregarded areas.

All ██ Sites are houses of varying antiquity. In all cases, examination of Sites showed no significant physical signs suggesting any sort of [REDACTED]. Upon removal of furniture and carpeting, SCP-1392 was reported to continue occurring.

Effects of exposure of D-class subjects to SCP-1392 was observed to range from slight unrest to physical mutilation, the latter being extremely uncommon, with an occurrence of [DATA EXPUNGED]. No significant, irreversible psychological consequences were observed other than those directly related to exposure, although at present it is believed that some mutilations might have been self-inflicted. In other cases, mutilations were reported to be caused by as of yet unidentified external agents (for all intents, this will be called SCP-1392-1).

Measurements of [DATA EXPUNGED] showed no conclusive evidence of presence of beings other than study subjects in spite of reports of contact with SCP-1392-1.

To date, no other significant features of SCP-1392 have been observed.

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