SCP Name: Cretaceous Physicist (SCP-XXX)

SCP Class: Safe

Special containment procedures: SCP-XXX is to be housed in modified large-mammal quarters measuring 6m x 6m. SCP-XXX is permitted to leave its quarters, eat in the main cafeteria, and wander freely if accompanied by two (2) guards at all times. SCP-XXX is allowed free access to unclassified research material from the on-site academic library; all material selected for study by SCP-XXX should be recorded, as should requests for access to classified material.

Although SCP-XXX is permitted to converse with personnel about unclassified subjects, it is not permitted to hold formal interviews. It is not in a position of authority here, and should be discouraged from thinking otherwise.

SCP-XXX is not permitted access to electronics supplies.

Description: SCP-XXX is a sapient female dinosaur of a previously-unknown species of pachycephalosaurid. The subject claims to be a [REDACTED] and physicist, and to have traveled approximately 63 million years in a time machine; subject has described the time machine as being damaged far beyond its ability to repair without specialized equipment and a team of highly-trained coworkers. The seemingly-inert remains of the machine were recovered from [REDACTED] and are contained at site XX.

SCP-XXX is bipedal and 3m tall, and can lift +300 kg with ease. Subject is largely herbivorous, has prehensile digits, and has demonstrated conversational familiarity with English. Biochemical analysis (rhodopsins, mitochondria, homeobox genes, cytochrome P450) confirms that SCP-XXX shares common ancestry with current Earth life.

SCP-XXX has openly expressed its intent to "eventually" fix its time machine, return to its own era, and prevent the extinction event which destroyed its civilization, its species, and 98% of its biosphere; however, SCP-XXX has also expressed a profound fascination for this epoch and has stated that it would be "a shame" to eliminate humans from history without first learning as much as possible about this era — in particular, its zoology and botany. Psychological assessment indicates a 70% likelihood that this is a form of denial; a greater degree of accuracy would require access to other members of SCP-XXX's species, to serve as a basis for comparison.

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