Dr. Volt
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SCP-1516 outside of its anti-static bag.

Item #: SCP-1516

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1516 is to be kept inside an anti-static bag in a locked, rubber-lined safe in the office of Dr. ████. Any personnel wishing to perform experiments with or on the object must obtain permission from Dr. ████.

Personnel are advised that SCP-1516 can emit upwards of 1000 volts and is highly unpredictable. Proper precautionary measures should be taken.

Description: SCP-1516 is a small glass vial, containing several watch components and an unidentified metallic fragment. The vial is attached to a brass chain. Suspended under the vial is a brass pendant in the shape of an octopus. On the reverse of the pendant is an inscription consisting of the phrase "███████ ██ ██████" and a large "N." The inscription is latin, and translates roughly to [DATA EXPUNGED]. The components inside the vial include one (1) watch hand, and two (2) gears.

The objects exhibit anomalous electromagnetic properties, and will arrange themselves atop the metallic fragment when unimpeded. The gears and watch hand rotate autonomously, completing one (1) circular rotation in sixty (60) seconds.

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