Voro D
SCP-XXXX after cleaning and containment.


Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be stored in a negative pressure glove box installed in a Biosafety Level 4-rated containment area measuring 3m x 3m x 3m. In addition, the interior of the structure is to be lined with ASTM F138-compliant steel, in order to facilitate sterilization procedures. Two armed guards are to remain outside of the containment zone at all times to provide entry control.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a meteorite of unknown origin that measures approximately 72mm x 25mm x 50mm. It was originally found in a corn field on the outskirts of a small town by the name of ███████ in the state of ████ after it was found by a farmer who found it while plowing his field. After containment, researchers were allowed into the room for examination of the object. They found that the object was made out of a conductive metal that did not match any element that could be found on earth. After the use of a microscope, they found that the meteor was covered in tiny spikes made from the same material as the meteorite. These spikes are known to inject a lethal cell into what is now referred to as the host. This cell is known to made of many components such as [DATA EXPUNGED]. Other elements, such as the elements that make it lethal, are unknown. The cell will attach to white bloods cells to make copies of themselves. Once they overpower the immune system, they will start attacking vital organs of the body i.e. heart, lungs, liver, and brain. Using an acid that is made of materials unknown, it will slowly liquify the organs. This process is long, usually lasting 7- 9 days, and is extremely painful. After the host has died from the liquification, the cells die along with the host and can no longer be passed from person to person via bodily fluids.

SCP-XXXX's toxin as seen under a microscope.

The first witness to the meteorite crash was the owner of the field. Mr. ███████ walked out into the field to observe the object after contacting the local police. When SCP personnel arrived at the site after being contacted by the local police, they ordered Mr. ███████ away from the object. He reported that he touched the object and felt a slight tingling sensation. After standing around the object waiting for the police for 15 minutes, he began to feel nauseous and decided to sit down and relax. He was taken by SCP personnel and examined. After his examination, he was placed in a containment chamber for safety reasons. After a week and a half at site██, he was declared dead.

Infection Effects:
Day 1: Mild headache.
Day 2: Stomach cramps.
Day 3: Stomach cramps and severe headache.
Day 4: Nausea and disorientation.
Day 5: All above and severe pain of the chest.
Day 6: All above and feeling as if subject is "being stabbed repeatedly by knives."
Day 7: All above and host is unable to stand.
Day 8: Host is immobile and major body functions begin to shut down.
Day 9: Internal organs are completely liquefied and host is dead along with infection cells.

Literal Voodoo

Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX is a red voodoo doll made out of a string like cloth. — The object, when pricked in the heart with a needle by a D Class personnel will emmit a sound that can only be heard by the person who physically touched the object. The reason for the objects abnormalities is still unknown.

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