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Photo a day after bonding with test subject

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a locked container in storage unit C when not under testing. The only key is kept by Dr █████ and no access is allowed without O-5 authorisation.

Description: SCP-XXX when not bonded resembles a small 15cm by 10cm photograph mounted on a clear glass frame. Photo contains a negative of a human face but other details are unrecognizable.

Whenever any living human being looks at the negative for five consecutive seconds they became bonded with the photograph and the negative begins to become clearer showing an image of the bonded human (henceforth the subject) in a basic pose. This picture is extremely blurred at first and only small details, such as hair colour, can be related to the subject.

The more time the subject spends looking directly at the photo, the more clear it becomes, showing less blurring and more definite details. If the subject continues to look at the photo it will eventually become a perfect replica and soon after that it will being to animate. Analysis of the animation has shown similarity to how the subject acts, for instance test subject 073 was known to lick his lips often, and the photo reflected this. After approximately 48 total hours of watching the photograph will be fully animated, and will even be capable of speaking through an unknown means.

There is an inverse relationship between the clearness and how animated the photo is with the subject’s mental capabilities. Subjects who have spent a large amount of time looking at the photo show problems remembering things and on occasion can become delusional, thinking people around them are people from the subject’s past. MRI scans of the subject’s brain at this point show deterioration similar to that seen in Alzheimer’s patients; SPECT analysis also shows similarities between subjects and sufferers of Alzheimer’s. Once the photo has become completely animated the subject is no longer capable of higher functions and unless fed intravenously will eventually die.

Bonded subjects often try to seek out the photograph claiming that they find it "interesting", and often spend long periods of time simply looking at it. Subjects seem incapable of recognising that the photo is of them and instead seem to think that is a relative of theirs. Comments made by the subject when looking at the photo are often of a reminiscing nature often mentioning “the good old days”. Subjects also seem incapable of recognising any diminishing of intelligence unless it is pointed out to them by others.

Addendum 1: The only known way to remove the image on the photograph is the death of the subject, at which point the photo reverts to its previous negative form. Attempts to analyse the material of the photograph have proved inconclusive, showing it to be identical to normal photos. It is suggested that the photo be kept in it's frame for safety as it is fragile and showing slight signs of wear.

Addendum 2: Conversations with the animated version of the subject are possible and they seem to have all the memories of the subject, however communication has proved difficult as the photograph is largely unwilling to talk, showing signs of depression.

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