A letter for My Manager

Sent: January 27 2008
Received: January 28 2008
Three months ago, Agent Edwards was sent out to North Carolina to investigate a series of strange deaths. He constantly checks in, as if the wrath of God would descend upon his bald head if his report were even one minute late. It’s been two days and nothing has been come in yet. I’m not the only one who is worried. However my Superiors (you) disagree. Not enough time has passed to raise real warning flags. He could be focused on a lead, or buried in his work, but need to know for certain.
My request for transfer to Pottsdale, North Carolina was denied. So I should get off this flight from Seattle to Charlotte. Darn, it seems we have taken off, I guess I will have to stick it out.
Mathews will be taking on my caseload while I’m away. I may be too deep to report on a regular basis, but I am going to find out if Edwards is alright. You can punish me when I return.
Very Respectfully,
Agent Wessen

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