I wonder sometimes. What am I?

I have brothers and sisters. I think. We’re not normal. We were made. Like an old monster movie. The magic of science. Lightning in a castle. Magic science.

It's getting cold outside.

Dr Wondertainment made us and can remake us. But I wonder. When we die, are we changed? Was I changed? Am I the same person from back then or was that one changed? Will I be brought back or will I be lost? Can I carry memories on? Or are they just little knobs on a machine that you can switch on and off?

I know there’s been more Misters made since the first edition. Mister Redd’s the only original one left.

It's raining now. I like the rain.

I don’t think I should have said his name. I should hide somewhere.

I’m scared sometimes. I’m scared of what’s coming. I’m scared that I’ll be recycled if I’m caught again. I don’t want to be recycled. I want to stay…

… But I still wonder. Am I an option or a miracle? What am I?

… I think I know what I am. I am Mister Fish.

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