Dr. Woot
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Picture of SCP-XXXX

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX should be kept in a secure storage locker in Sector-28. Access should restricted to Level 2 personnel assigned to SCP-XXXX's weekly visual verification, to ensure the object is not exhibiting any unknown effects. For use in research, contact Dr. Woot to obtain access to the object. Research with SCP-XXXX is temporarily prohibited unless given written permission from a Overseer.

Description: SCP-XXXX was discovered when a local newspaper in ██████, North Carolina published an article describing a pencil with paranormal properties in possession of a student at ████████████████ University. A Foundation agent was sent to investigate. Upon confirming the unusual properties of SCP-XXXX, the agent posed as an exorcist who wanted to remove the paranormal entity from the object. By swapping the object with a common no. two pencil, the agent was able to convince the locals that he had expelled an entity from the object.

SCP-XXXX resembles a common writing utensil, a no. two pencil, measuring approximately 19 centimeters in length and 1.6 centimeters in diameter. Lab testing has confirmed that the object contains the same material found in a typical no. 2 pencil, however SCP-XXXX contains a much larger percentage of ████████ making its physical attributes slightly unique.

The anomalous properties of the object become apparent when a person attempts to write with the utensil. For unknown reasons the person is unable to write in lowercase letters or cursive but prints in all uppercase. If a person attempts multiple times to write a sentence correctly it results in physical exhaustion and varying damage to Broca's area and the motor cortex. In one circumstance, SCP-XXXX manipulated its [REDACTED] (See Addendum XXXX-C).

SCP-XXXX also seems to attract other people into using the object, although this effect is not certain nor fully understood (See Addendum XXXX-B).

Document XXXX-01:

Due to the results from the last experiment conducted on SCP-XXXX, I am suspending all research with the object for the time being. SCP-XXXX is to remain contained unless written permission from a overseer is granted. I am also implementing a weekly checkup on the object in the Special Containment Procedures to ensure it does not start emitting a unknown effect. - O5-█

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