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Most active area on SCP-XXX

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A radius of 60 meters must be maintained and guarded by Level 2 personnel at all times. Those below Level 2 clearance are not permitted access within a 60 meter radius. If non-personnel are found within the perimeter, they will be immediately escorted to the nearest urban area. A ████████ power generator must be brought to the site to provide sufficient power. After 1800 hours, ███ watt floodlights must be secured all around SCP-XXX, and are to be positioned correctly to ensure the area remains above ███ lumens until 0800 hours the next morning.

Due to the entity within the house, only Task Force Chi-7 are authorized entry to the building in groups of three. It is required that all members of TF Chi-7 bring a ██ watt flashlight when heading inside, and are only allowed in for 30 minutes each for expedition.

Description: SCP-XXX is a home from the early 1980's which has been abandoned for at least 10 years, located in ████████, Oklahoma. There are no other structures nearby, however, remnants and evidence of show signs of their previous presence. No power lines run near the property, leaving no known sources of possible eletricity. The outside consists of dead trees and plants, and no pathways leading towards it. In the back, there are no fences, giving the property no technical limits. On the right side, there is an old pen for holding livestock; most likely horses. The house itself is decomposing. The wood is extremely weak, enough to where it shouldn't be holding up the structure.

The inside of SCP-XXX, on the other hand, looks like any modern day house. It's clean, holds furniture, none of which are damaged; as if somebody comes in for house cleaning. On a strange note, every expedition report shown from TF Chi-7 tell how furniture is being moved upon re-entry (refer to Addendum A-C). There are no reports of any objects being held in desks, cupboards, and dressers; making the inside essentially "dead".

From the third expedition it is shown an entity, referred as SCP-XXX-1, is living in the house. When exposed to light; it's deemed "harmless", though when in the dark, it's extremely hostile and should not be approached. It has light-green eyes which appear to "twitch" when seen from a distance, and crawls on the ground like an infant. The tip of it's tongue seems to be razor sharp, and is used when it's attacking. It is also missing a left foot; which contains a mouth on the end of the stub that throws tentacles at the leg of it's victim. If approached, the eyes will lock onto it's victim, and will attack with extreme force. Light will not stop him from his phase of offense, making him extremely deadly.


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