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Item #: SCP-1377

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1377 is to be contained in a sealed Standard Humanoid Containment chamber at Bio-Research Area-12, with standard furnishings for two people, and one D-class jumpsuit, to be replaced as needed. Once per month, a D-Class subject is to be placed in containment with SCP-1377. After approximately fifteen minutes, the remains of the prior month's D-Class are to be removed from its containment.

All contact with SCP-1377 is to be limited to interviews, replacement of D-Class subjects, and regular meals. Any person entering SCP-1377's chamber must wear a class 2 sealed biohazard suit to prevent physical contact.

Description: SCP-1377 appears to be a slim, pale-skinned humanoid, standing at 1.92m in height. It possesses no gender-defining physical traits, its proportions having an arm's reach of 1.3 meters, and fingers 15 cm long, while otherwise similar to a human of its height. Its face is featureless with the exception of a pair of white, pupilless eyes, possessing no ears, mouth, or nostrils.

SCP-1377 requires a living humanoid as a host, hereafter referred to as SCP-1377-1, for survival. Its method of parasitization requires that it acquire physical contact with SCP-1377-1 with one hand, preferring the back of the skull. The bonding process is described as extremely painful during the period 1377-1 can still communicate, as the subject bonds itself to SCP-1377-1 on a cellular level. The second phase of the bonding process involves extending and grafting portions of SCP-1377's nervous, cardiovascular, and lymphatic systems into that of 1377-1. Once this grafting process begins, 1377-1 ceases all voluntary muscle function for approximately five minutes as SCP-1377 completes the process.

Once grafting is complete, SCP-1377-1 will resume motor function, entirely under the control of SCP-1377, which will now use 1377-1 for communication, eating, and waste functions. MRI scans taken of 1377-1 at this point show that SCP-1377 has connected its nervous system to the motor and speech centers of the brain, while disconnecting the host's own control of these functions.

While SCP-1377 consumes nutrients via SCP-1377-1, 1377-1 receives the minimum necessary nutrients to survive. However, 1377-1 will die of malnourishment in approximately 4 weeks, resulting in a separation of SCP-1377 from 1377-1 in a process involving forced extraction of its linked bodily systems from SCP-1377-1, resulting in extensive physical trauma at the connection site, and loss of blood, lymphatic, and cerebrospinal fluid. Once this process is complete, the subject will begin searching for a new host. It is imperative that a new D-Class subject be immediately provided upon death of current SCP-1377-1, as SCP-1377 is easily capable of overpowering an average human.

Recovery Log: SCP-1377 was captured in ██████, █████ on ██/██/19██ following reports of malnourished corpses possessing extensive cranial trauma, later found to be the result of SCP-1377's separation process. Agents investigating the case for potential SCP involvement found SCP-1377 undergoing its bonding process with a homeless man hereafter listed as 1377-1-1. Agents were able to peacefully approach SCP-1377, and convince it to willingly enter Foundation custody to prevent any further civilian deaths.

SCP-1377 has since remained in Foundation custody, and has made no attempts at this time to breach containment. As of ██/██/20██, its current host is listed as SCP-1377-1-246

Interview Log 1377-1

Interviewed: SCP-1377, via SCP-1377-1-1
Interviewer: Dr. ██████
Subject is being questioned on place of origin, and to establish if there are any others of its kind.

Dr. ██████: SCP-1377, you understand that I'm going to ask you several questions?
SCP-1377: We understand, but that is not our name.
Dr. ██████: What is your name?
SCP-1377: [Incomprehensible]
Dr. ██████: I'm not… able to pronounce that. We will need to continue referring to you as SCP-1377 in order to ease communication.
SCP-1377: Very well. Question, and we will answer.
Dr. ██████: Where are you from?
SCP-1377: [Incomprehensible], the Home of the Mother. We are banished, as were all our kind. We angered the Mother, were stripped of all but basic ability to survive, and abandoned here.
Dr. ██████: You say "were". Are there any others of your kind left?
SCP-1377: We are the last.
Dr. ██████: How long have you been among humans?
SCP-1377: Since Before.
[SCP-1377 refused to answer any further questions after this point, and was returned to containment.

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