Object #: SCP-XXX

Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is located on Site ** in the [REDACTED] Wing. Access to the corridors on all floors leading to the [REDACTED] Wing is strictly prohibited. The areas on each floor surrounding SCP-XXX are sectioned off by floor-to-ceiling chain link fences secured by industrial padlocks.

Description: SCP-XXX is a passenger elevator car with inner dimensions of 8' depth, 6' width, and 9' height. The design of the elevator is consistent with the design of the building, with buttons numbered from B-4, and an LED window that indicates the current floor number. It should be noted that due to the nature of SCP-XXX, its dimensions and appearances may change. Consistent across all instances of SCP-XXX are the presence of buttons for floors, and an indicator displaying the current floor number. (See documents XXX-I to XXX-IX) Among those familiar with SCP-XXX, the term "possessed" is used to describe SCP-XXX's location. For example, "SCP-XXX possessed the elevator at the Sears Tower."

The first recorded instance of SCP-XXX was in 1934, in the [REDACTED] of Albany, New York. Service reports were filed regarding several incidents in one of the building's elevators. (See Document XXX-I) According to the service reports, passengers in the elevator first reported the feeling of the elevator speeding up upon descent. The elevator was checked and found to be mechanically sound. A second incident report was filed reporting a swaying feeling in combination with increased speed in descent. Subsequent service reports detailed incidents of increasing intensity, including the feeling of the elevator rocketing up past the top floor and down past the ground floor, which were both seemingly confirmed by the floor indicator displaying numbers far greater than the building's structure. Service reports also detailed incidents where passengers felt the elevator was dramatically swaying from side to side, or ascending/descending in diagonal or twisting directions. The incidents stopped after the elevator crashed into the ground floor, killing its sole passenger and decommissioning the car.

In 1945, a similar series of incidents occurred at the [REDACTED] building in Goshen, Indiana. (See Document XXX-II) The incidents followed a similar pattern; speeding descent, swaying, ascending and descending past the structure of the building confirmed by the floor indicator, twisting or diagonal movement, and finally a crash into the ground floor, resulting in the death of a single passenger.

Other incidents have been recorded (See Documents XXX-III - XXX-IX) which have led to speculation about the pattern of behavior of SCP-XXX. SCP-XXX centers around one person. Upon closer examination of the recorded instances of SCP-XXX, all incidents occurred in the presence of a specific person, who would then go on to be killed in the final crash. Each time the target enters the elevator car, the intensity of the movement of SCP-XXX escalates. SCP-XXX never crashes until the target is alone in the car. It is speculated that if a target travels in the elevator with another person, he or she may infinitely postpone the final crash.
Upon the death of the target, whether by natural causes or in a crash, SCP-XXX "depossesses" the elevator car, until the next target is "chosen." It is unsure how or why the target is chosen, but it is known that it will manifest in an elevator the target has no choice but to use on a regular basis. Usually, this will mean the elevator in the target's residence or work building. It appears that SCP-XXX only "chooses" its target when he or she is alone in the elevator. Once SCP-XXX chooses its target, the target will experience a noticeably more rapid decent, followed by the increasingly intense behaviors as described previously.

SCP-XXX manifested on Site ** in the [Redacted] Wing on //. Dr. ** reported unusual movement in the elevator consistent with that of SCP-XXX. Dr. ** was moved to Site ** to minimize the risk of death and to contain SCP-XXX.

On //, Dr. ** passed away of natural causes. The current location of SCP-XXX is unknown.

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Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is kept in an airtight, locked incinerator. No personnel are permitted to access SCP-XXX for any reason, as it has been determined it has no redeeming qualities that are worth studying. Any living organism that has come into contact with SCP-XXX must be immediately incinerated, along with the staff member(s) accompanying the affected individual(s) to the incinerator.

Description: SCP-XXX is a mutated strain of Nelumbo Nucifera, more commonly known as the Lotus Flower. SCP-XXX is visually identical to all common strains of Nelumbo Nucefera. However, individuals who are visually exposed to SCP-XXX report a strong desire to touch or pick its flower, leaves, and seed pod. After visual exposure, individuals report a lingering desire to come into physical contact with SCP-XXX that lasts up to a week. Behaviors in various animals visually exposed to SCP-XXX indicate the same desire is present.

Individuals who come into physical contact with SCP-XXX report immediate satiation of the desire, and lose interest. Within one week of physical exposure to SCP-XXX, clusters of red, itching sores similar to severe mosquito bites appear on the individual's body where it came in contact with SCP-XXX. The individuals report a strong compulsion to itch or pick at the sores. Over the course of the next several days, the sores will scab over and open up into clusters of holes averaging 1 cm in diameter and 2 cm deep. Encased in each of these holes is a single lotus seed. Individuals become obsessed with picking at and digging out the seeds, which is an extremely painful process likened to ripping off deep scabs. Testing shows full nerve connectivity in the holes and seeds. The seeds removed from individuals will sprout into lotus plants, exhibiting the same qualities as SCP-XXX, and are thus designated as such. Once a seed is removed from a sore, it will remain a gaping hole for approximately 3 days before another seed pushes through.

Any organism coming into physical contact with the clusters of sores will develop sores of its own. It is also possible for an organism to spread the sores from one part of its body to another, eventually covering the entire body in clusters of holes. The sores eat through all tissue beneath the skin, including muscle, fat, bone, and organs. Despite this, no deaths have been reported as a direct result of exposure to SCP-XXX. Physical contact with the cremains of SCP-XXX or of affected organisms will result in the same manifestation of clusters of sores. Despite the absence of water or sunlight, at least one instance of SCP-XXX will sprout within 2 weeks following incineration.

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