The Pillow
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored on top of one end of a single bed within a standard containment chamber within site-04. All access to SCP-XXXX must be overlooked, and details of the access logged. Subjects within the containment chamber must be accompanied by a guard at all times, and the guard must be briefed on what SCP-XXXX does and what to do when it activates. Guards must be equipped with non-lethal weaponry and tranquilisers.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a plain white pillowcase with no discernible zip or any means into the case, but it is possible to access SCP-XXXX through cutting with sharp impliments like scissors. Upon inside inspection SCP-XXXX appears to be filled with down feathers, identified to originate from gallus gallus domesticus, the chicken. If SCP-XXXX is left unobserved for a short while after being cut open, the opening will disappear and the pillow will return to its full, previous state. If any feathers had been removed, SCP-XXXX would refill itself; how it does either of these is unknown.

SCP-XXXX's anomalous features activate two hours after a subject has fallen asleep, their head resting on it. During activation, the subject awakens in a state of sleep paralysis. In this state, 95% of all subjects recall that they are completely alone, and that the room is evenly lit, even if there are no light sources. During this time, subjects report as feeling comfortable although paralyzed. A short time after entering sleep paralysis, subjects report that they are slowly regaining controls of their limbs, although any outside onlookers can see that the subject is still completely paralyzed. During this moment, the subject slowly starts feeling uncomfortable and gain a desire to place their hand under the pillow for comfort; again, during this time the subject's body is still completely paralyzed.

Shortly after the subjects report placing their hand under SCP-XXXX, they enter a state of great distress, stating that they feel a small rubber hand underneath the pillow. A few seconds after experiencing this, the subjects snap out of the sleep paralysis. After fully waking up, subjects often gain short-term insomnia along with a temporary phobia of pillows.

The 5% of subjects that report different hallucenations experience different, more exaggerated symptoms. In these cases, subjects again enter a state of sleep paralysis, but this time they report that they are able to move their head. Subjects in these cases experience feelings of unease, until hearing a soft clicking sound behind the pillow, opposite to them. At this point in the dream subjects recall a strong smell of burning rubber and witnessing a puppet toy on the pillow, which was previously out of sight, labelled SCP-XXXX-1. SCP-XXXX-1 takes on the appearence of the rubber puppet toy "Drool" from the Boglins puppet line. After viewing SCP-XXXX-1, subjects seem to forget the remainder of the dream, although during this time the subject's body regains movement. Any subjets that survive this must be kept under constant surveillance and must be accompanied by two guards. Surviving subjects are to be placed in constantly lit observation chambers without any pillows or any small openings like drawers or bags.

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