Item #: SCP-453

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-453 is to be kept in weapons locker ████. It is only as dangerous as any other normal firearm, so no special procedures are required other than exercising caution and trigger discipline when in use.

Description: Artifact is a foam dart gun of unknown origin. It bears several decals stating that it is an official Hasbro NERF blaster, of the model "NERF NS-23 RECON", but Hasbro does not currently produce this model. SCP-453 cannot be used as a normal blaster; when a NERF dart is loaded into the gun, it will slip out. However, when the blaster is cocked and the firing mechanism triggered, a real bullet will be fired. SCP-453 appears to draw its ammo from the nearest gun; the striations on the fired bullet will be consistent with those of the affected gun, and one round will be missing for every round fired by SCP-453. The mechanism by which this occurs is unknown.

Addendum 453-1: Acquisition Log
SCP-453 was acquired during an incident involving the [REDACTED] police department; during investigation of the murder of Chris █████████████ on ██/██/████, officers reported that witness William ██████ claimed to have accidentally killed his friend during a game of "dart tag". Due to the witness's age, testimony was dismissed, and a gun belonging to the victim's neighbour was determined to match the rounds recovered from the body of █████████ ████████. The neighbour was charged with murder. During routine monitoring of courtroom transcripts, the Foundation became aware of the defendant's testimony:

"It was that toy gun of Chris's. They were playing tag, and the gun went off…we couldn't figure out what happened."

A few days later the police showed up at my door, with a warrant to search my house. They seized my gun, and later they tell me that the bullets were a match to the one they pulled out of Chris. I haven't fired that gun in months, but they said a bullet was missing from the chamber, and somehow it ended up in Chris."

The defendant was found not guilty by reason of insanity, and committed to an institution. The Foundation dispatched Agents Angel and Wonderful Lizard to investigate; Agents recovered SCP-453 from the toybox of a young boy. Class B amnesiacs were administered to all parties.

Testing confirmed the artifact's properties, and it was classified as Safe and stored at site 17.

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