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Item #: SCP-XXX

Special Containment Procedures:

The building SCP-XXX is located in has been appropriated and designated Site-118, and is currently in use by the Foundation administration branch. Other elevators on the same site can be used normally.

SCP-XXX is to be kept locked and unused aside from research and maintenance of its onboard measuring suite. After each event the measuring suite must have its records unloaded and radioactive markers exchanged. After a Kalpa event, the SCP is to be cleaned and the measuring suite replaced.

13/05/2016 Revision: SCP-XXX is a known target of Chaos Insurgency operations. As SCP-XXX's internal threat potential has been null, security teams are instructed to focus on external incursions. An armed response team is to be stationed at Site-118 during expected events, with an additional contingent during Kalpa events.


SCP-XXX is an elevator of brand █████████, maximum capacity 6 people, located within the regional Drexler Financial Group offices in █████, Wisconsin. Investigations suggest the elevator did not become anomalous until after Drexler's bankruptcy in the banking crisis of 2008. The building was shuttered and eventually invaded by squatters and urban explorers; a viral video by one of these explorers1 led to discovery and following purchase of the building containing SCP-XXX by the Foundation.

During 98% of operations, SCP-XXX exhibits no abnormal behaviour. Its anomalous behavior appears to occur in synchrony with events of the Western tropical astrological calendar2. During these events, the elevator's speed, distance travelled and time of travel vary drastically. During an event, SCP-XXX is completely isolated from the outside in regards to matter, sound and electromagnetic waves (although the sound of the elevator machinery is audible), and air pressure and gravity within remain static.

The events documented since appropriation are documented below:

  • 20/11/2012 - Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius, Mars-Venus sextile - Maximal vertical speed of 62 km/h.
  • 04/03/2013 - Moon-Venus-Mars conjunction in Sagittarius, Venus-Ceres opposition - Distance traveled between 3rd and 8th floors was estimated at 700m.

[13/05/2016 edit - Further exact dates and astrological data have been moved to classified documentation]

  • ██/██/2013 - Travel lasted an estimated 4 hours within SCP-XXX, 35 seconds without.
  • ██/██/2013 - SCP-XXX left 4th floor, moved down for 7 minutes, and arrived at 11th floor.
  • ██/██/2014 - SCP-XXX left the 9th floor accelerating downwards at 9.8m/s² for 12 minutes, leaving the occupants in effective freefall. Upon arriving at the 3rd floor, SCP-XXX shed its entire speed within 0.3s, causing heavy damage to all occupants.
  • ██/██/2014 - Ground to 7th floor. Maximal vertical speed of 0.02 km/h, distance travelled 1.5 m.
  • ██/██/2014 - First recorded Kalpa incident. D-Class passenger of SCP-XXX missing; pool of crude oil covering SCP-XXX's bottom to a depth of 12 cm. Oil composition points to biogenic origin, except Carbon-14, as well as any other radioactive isotopes, missing.
  • ██/██/2015 - 6th floor to 1st basement. SCP-XXX arrived instantly with no perceivable movement.
  • ██/██/2015 - Travel took 45 minutes, during which SCP-XXX switched directions 33 times. Travel distance estimated at 4km.
  • 13/05/2016 - [DATA EXPUNGED]
  • ██/██/2017 - 2nd basement to 8th floor. SCP-XXX accelerated at a rate of 15m/s² upwards for 3 hours, yet upon arrival at 8th floor, it retained a neutral movement vector.
  • ██/██/2017 - Travel lasted 3 seconds within SCP-XXX, 7.5 hours without.
  • ██/██/2017 - Estimated travel time of 10 months, acceleration of 88m/s² throughout, switching acceleration direction halfway through. Calculated maximal vertical speed of 3.2c.
  • ██/██/2018 - Third recorded Kalpa incident. Measuring suite reduced to oxide dust and fully decayed radioactive markers on floor of SCP-XXX. Decay of tellurium sample points to an elapsed time span of at least 1027 years.

Note: The viral video that led to the discovery and subsequent acquisition of SCP-XXX shows [DATA EXPUNGED]: This effect has not been replicated during Foundation custody, and is tentatively correlated with the conjunction of four planets in Gemini at ██/██/2011.

Level 4 And Above Only

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