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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is located within Site-388, composed of the evacuated and secured XXX Aquatics Center. Sections of the center have been adapted for use by researchers


SCP-XXX is a diving pool located in the XXX Aquatics Center in XXX, Florida. The pool is 25 meters by 15 meters long, and slopes from 2.5 meters deep to 6 meters deep at the platform side.

The pool is filled with stagnant water from the local shallow water table - the water pump and drainage systems appear to be entirely non-functional. The water’s turbidity reduces visibility to less than half a meter.

At the bottom of SCP-XXX’s deepest end are a number of animals (here termed SCP-XXX-A-1 onwards), cemented by either their heads or rear ends to the pool floor with organic material XXX. Apparently, any vertebrate animal (research with other chordates is ongoing) that falls into SCP-XXX sinks to its bottom and attaches to the floor in this manner.

All SCP-XXX-A instances show signs of an ongoing biological process presumably triggered upon attachment to the SCP-XXX floor. Limbs are shrivelled and partially reabsorbed into the torso, which then is covered with longitudinal “stripes” at regularly spaced intervals. These stripes mark areas of the torso, neck and head that progressively constrict themselves, separating the SCP-XXX-A’s body into “disks” of tissue connected by thinning strands. Finally, these strands snap, and the disks (termed SCP-XXX-B) detach from the SCP-XXX-A body.

Only a few instances of SCP-XXX-B have been recovered, not enough to account for the full biomass of the captured SCP-XXX-A instances. It is assumed at this time that they’ve decomposed or were pulled through SCP-XXX’s drain system.

Extraction Log


Species: Rattus norvegicus

Status: Attached by head to SCP-XXX floor. Hindquarters missing, tissue band between abdomen and upper torso nearly detached, tissue band around neck beginning to constrict. Upper limbs reduced in mass by more than half.


Species: Canis familiaris

Status: Attached by rear end to SCP-XXX floor. Only hindquarters were still attached.


Species: Canis familiaris

Status: Genetic match to SCP-XXX-A-11. A cross-section of a canine torso half as wide as it is long, ringed by canid fur, sealed with bare flesh at both ends. Knobs of flesh grow assymetrically from the bare flesh that now covers the cross-sections. It floats with no particular direction in water, but exhibits weak peristaltic motion when removed from it.

Vivisection reveals SCP-XXX-A-11’s heart, part of the ribcage and part of the lungs to still be partially intact within the entity. The heart was active for several minutes after vivisection, but arrhythmic to the point of non-functionality.


Species: Homo sapiens

Status: Attached by head to SCP-XXX floor. Lower abdomen missing, constriction around lower sternum halfway complete, constriction at armpit level beginning to constrict. Subject expired three minutes after being extracted from SCP-XXX.


Further research will focus on how SCP-XXX keeps its subjects

- attention - perimeter breach. blackbox protocol active, all feeds set to full-auto recording.

- room 2 video feed active.

Dr. Furniss is typing at a terminal. Agent West is standing by one of the room's doors, agents Nowak and Sullivan are off-camera.
Agent West: What the — Doctor.
Dr. Furniss: Busy.
West: [shouted] Nowak, get the heavy arms from the locker, Sullivan, perimeter check! Doctor, that's not the lunch bell, that bell says we're going to move fast.
Furniss: Oh, alright, let me save
The door explodes inwards, knocking West to the floor. Nowak and Sullivan emerge from the opposite door and fire through the breached door, as West is dragged off by some manner of cabling attached to his leg.
Furniss: —What the hell

Agent Nowak: It got West
Dozens of long, thin tentacles emerge through the door and lash around. Gunfire rings out as the room's lights go out shortly before the video feed is cut.

- room 2 video feed deactivated.

- searching for active feeds...

- searching for active feeds...

- searching for active feeds...

- bodycam 4 video feed activated.

Close-up of Dr. Furniss's face. Location is a minimally lit closet.
Furniss: [whispered] Right.
Furniss: Allow me to register my deep dissatisfaction at whatever group of mouthbreather agents that claimed to have secured this site.
Furniss: West and Sullivan are gone. Novak was torn in half, and the hostiles just… gave up on him. Dropped his corpse right there.
Furniss: Now, if I remember my protocols correctly, a breach in an allegedly secured Euclid site, that's maybe fifteen more minutes for backup to arrive, then maybe thirty more for anyone to even consider walking in.
Furniss: So, I judge the best option available for me, is to retreat on my own.
Furniss: Now, that posits a problem.
Furniss: There's a whole mass of the hostiles around the auxiliary exit. Too many to just pick off. And the only other exit is the main aquatic center exit.
Furniss: Just have to go through the showers… then halfway around the pool. Then a clean break for the exit.
Furniss: So. My assets.
Furniss: I have Novak's rifle

Furniss: Or maybe it is not their fault? Maybe our mighty Foundation has gotten so used to

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