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Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Embla

Special Containment Procedures: Site-Ω is built to house SCP-001-X. Site-Ω is itself concealed within the sublayers of Site-17, and no personnel without Level 5 access is to be made aware of its existence.

Incursion into SCP-001 requires full qualification in temporal navigation and handling of pseudo-paradoxical events. Research of SCP-001's interfaced universes requires all standard static-universe precautions.

Any evidence that one of the universes has lost stasis relative to SCP-001 is to be immediately communicated to O5 Command.

Description: SCP-001 is an extrauniversal space that interfaces with our universe through a door (SCP-001-X) located at (tbc)

SCP-001 itself is a labyrinth of rooms and corridors that extends from SCP-001-X for at least 10 km in all directions.

Causality is affected within SCP-001; Janus events and other temporal dysfunctions are common.

Other doors exist in SCP-001's walls. Each of these doors is branded with a number and date, and interfaces with another timeline; in most cases, one where planet Earth has undergone a XK-level or more extreme extinction event, and the Foundation or an analogue organization has pruned the timeline via a Reality Restructuring event. Due to the timeline pruning, these alternate universes are in stasis, at the date marked on the door.

  • Door #2, dated 02/09/2005: Earth has been covered or replaced by tumorous flesh. Gates open into the depths of the planet reveal endless floors of mundane 21st-century offices, crafted from the same fleshy material. Records reveal this to be the work of what we know as SCP-002, which was the only known anomalous object. The timeline pruning was performed through a reality bending artifact crafted by a group named the Containment Society, composed of stone and SCP-002-doped circuits.
  • Door #3, dated 11/01/2205: The planet is tightly encircled by grasping tentacles, several kilometers in diameter, similar in form to those of echinoderms. This timeline arose from the restructuring of that in Door #2: the artifact used to prune that timeline was the source of the extinction event on this timeline. An organization of scientists named Protectors evacuated this timeline's Earth, through the creation of a inter-universal doorway.
  • Door #446, dated 11 of March of the year of the consul Flavius Iustinus Augustus XI, 2530 ad urbe condita: Humans of this timeline appear normal in static space, but records describe a 'mannequin disease' that reduced 99% of humanity to vacant, unmoving figures. Those free from the disease were identified and evacuated by the Caesar's Scientific Precinct with the aid of a substance that interacted in some undescribed manner with the disease's carriers.
  • Door #681, dated 17 of Elul, 5784: The sun has transformed into a living and aggressive creature, and is about to engulf the planet. Records of the Science Covenant indicate the sun was colonized by a form of sentient helium, and that they intended to cross the restructuring event with 'a biological ark [missing] endure past all our failings'
  • Door #871, dated with an undecipherable sequence of notches: Earth is about to collapse into a star, weighted by trillions of cakes and similar pastries. Cave paintings indicate the human population of this timeline to be reduced to a single member, who performed the restructuring event with the help of a device used to control animals in a shamanistic ritual.
  • Door #24XX,

dated 21 Oct 2018 09:34:

SCP-001-X, opens to our timeline.
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