Zaratustra's Recycling Bin

Item #: SCP-1884

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1884 is to be contained within an enclosure separate from any containment sites. At least 200 kg of non-organic matter is to be shipped into SCP-1884's enclosure daily.

Description: SCP-1884 is a small icosahedron of an undetermined but quite dense (72 g/cm³) quartz-like crystal, 7 cm tall, transfixed by metal pegs at irregular intervals.

SCP-1884 is typically not active unless placed within 600 meters of an enclosed or mostly enclosed structure (such as a building), when it will spontaneously displace itself into the structure. When active, non-living objects within the same structure vanish at random intervals: the rate varies with the number and size of objects, but averages at 10 kg per hour. No object removed by SCP-1884 has ever been recovered.

Once all objects within the building disappear, doors and dividing walls are removed, and finally the building's internal dimensions start contracting. The effect concludes with the entire structure vanishing except for SCP-1884, which can be found near the center of the former structure.

Notes on recovery: SCP-1884 was recovered near the center of the Tanezrouft area of the Sahara desert, following the decoding of the [REDACTED] documents and Tuareg lore.

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